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Apricity/2015 Games

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Completed Games

Micro 559: ETL's Brass & Shrapnel
Game Type Modded By Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Micro EspeciallyTheLies Town Bomb Started Killed N1 Win
We lynched obvscum D1, and since I wasn't as active as I usually was (so I guess my play wasn't the best) I got shot by a vig N1 =.= The remaining scum played a really good game, choosing not to kill anyone which was probably smart given this vig/bomb/supersaint setup. But fortunately our last remaining vig shot her N2 which won us the game ^.^ This setup is really cool; I wish I'd had more time to devote to it, and I'd want to play this setup again. Not much more to say since I died early and didn't follow the game closely after that.

Newbie 1660
Game Type Modded By Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Newbie Zaicon Town Vanilla Started NKed N3 Loss
Overall this game went pretty badly, and it was largely my fault. People got onto me a lot for one superficial inconsistency that almost led to my mislynch D1. A wagon formed between me and another townie and ultimately the other townie was lynched. I started out D2 with a strong scumread and drove it hard the entire Day, but it turned out to be wrong when we mislynched him. The doctor also claimed to be a PR out of the blue in D2. And then during D3 LyLo scum claimed doctor as well and there was a whole back-and-forth between them and the real doctor. I was going to vote the scum player, but then the doctor suddenly switched to claiming 1x BP near the end of LyLo, which caused me to hesitate. I ended up falling asleep from exhaustion and missed the deadline so we no-lynched during LyLo. Scum's NK during the night ended the game. Definitely not one of my better games >.<

Micro 545: Slavic Music Mafia
Game Type Modded By Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Micro Plotinus Town Bodyguard Started MLed D1 Win
This game had a really interesting setup of 7 town bodyguards and 2 mafia goons. There was also a "Get a Room" mechanic, which is something I had never seen before. It definitely had its advantages for both town and scum, but I personally felt that it hindered my ability to scumhunt since I wasn't in very many rooms and a lot of discussion was happening outside the main thread. I was also just busy IRL so my activity and play were both pretty sub-optimal and led to my first mislynch ever. Both town and scum played very strongly, and had one of them not had IRL issues things might have been different. There was a solid town bloc by the end. They caught one scum D2 and won after the final scum gave up on D3. I'd like to play this kind of setup again, hopefully when I have more time.

Newbie 1652: The Zar Show
Game Type Modded By Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Newbie Zar Mafia Goon Started Survived Win
This was my very first game on It was also the first Newbie game with Daytalk, although that ended up being a nonfactor due to my partner's inactivity. I was quite vocal throughout the game and became widely townread early on, which served me well in the later Days. I distanced my partner who was largely inactive/lurky and didn’t have the best play. We had a no-kill N1 because we missed the deadline, but that ironically worked in our favor by confusing the town. My partner was lynched D2. Luckily, I shot the doctor N2 and the confirmed tracker N3, which, combined with another ML, lead to my victory in 4-player MyLo. This was definitely one of my better games.