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The Bulge

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The Bulge's current forum avatar.

This is the stats page for The Bulge. My original run was in 2011. This account was active 2014–2016 and I attended Kingsmeet in 2017. As of my return in 2020 I am taking the game more seriously as a player.

Player History

Games are in order by start date. Nothing before this year counts ok. A * denotes a game I replaced into.


Game Title Mod Status Role Outcome
Newbie 2021 Newbie* Micc Killed Night 2
Vanilla Townie
Town Win Night 3
Micro 961 Free Love Bee like Nancy Killed Day 3
Town Win Day 3
Newbie 2023 Hedgehogs beeboy Survived
Mafia Goon
Mafia Win Day 3
Micro 962 Geriatric Trio II* Aristophanes Eliminated Day 1
Town 1-shot Friendly Neighbour
Town Win Day 3
Open 792 Masons and Monks brassherald Survived
Werewolf Win Night 3

Mod History


Game Title Outcome Notes
Micro 369 Diamond Shreddies
Mafia Win Day 2
New and improved JK9... with a mafia majority? Tastes better than the original!
Mafia Win Day 3
Purge out evil in the name of our most holy deity, Pavo Deorum!
Micro 397 A Very Serious Mafia Game
Werewolf Win Day 5
Setup follows all of the Normal Game Guidelines. No shenanigans. (Bastard)
Newbie 1557 Planet Earth
Town Win Day 3
Featuring images from r/EarthPorn
Micro 445 Diamond Shreddies II: No Lynching Mafia
Town Win Day 3
Bigger. Better. More quadrilateral than ever before.
Newbie 1577 Baby Animals are Best Animals
Town Win Day 4
Featuring images from r/aww and r/Eyebleach
New York 182 Large Normal
SK Win Day 9
I believe this one ended with a Scummie win for Marquis.
Mini 1680 Mini Normal
Mafia Win Night 3
I got a last-minute job at camp and was unable to complete the final Night Phase, but the setup was neat.


Game Title Outcome Notes
Micro 963 Kids With Lungs, a back-to-school special
Mafia Win Day 2
Not nearly as action-packed as the setup allows, but the win was deserved.