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Legends say that when Datisi enters a game, half of the player base replace out on the spot. That's right, not just players in that specific game, but half of the player base across the whole site, as if his entrance into the game sends waves of fear washing over all. The other half swear allegiance and immediately self-vote in order to appease him.

"One time I made it to LyLo with Datisi in the game. There was an Innocent Child, me, and Datisi left. Even though I knew I was town, I self-voted because it's more likely that I misread my role PM over Datisi being scum." - Hectic

"Me and Datisi were very unlikely to doubt each other, we town-locked Day 1 and everything that came out of his mouth I agreed with - I wouldn't yeet him even if he suddenly gave a page long monologue confessing to be scum." - Cometbright

"Datisi - extremely valuable townsperson" - shiki

"Wow, if we had only killed [Datisi] instead, what an incredible difference that would have made. Imagine if Datisi wasn't around to help." - bji

"How can I justify voting for Datisi when even his 1v1 opponent can’t do it?" - Wickedestjr

"but it's just so easy to go with townreading you. i sleep better. like, actually, irl, sleeping better just townreading you" - Iconeum


"If GC and Datisi did this as partners they are psychopathic, I doubt it" - RLotus

"I'd be hella jealous of that scum play." - VP Baltar

"don't feed Datisi's ego. he's a monster enough already." - Green Crayons

"yah i don't know if i am going to ever townread you ever Datisi sorry" - innocentvillager

"I think if he is a scumtisi I will have a difficult time trying to limtisi him" - Ausuka

"It’s far too early to townbin Datisi, he plays a very strong scum game." - Menalque

"ty mena for being the voice of reason here" - Vex Vience

"And what scum (fake) claims PR number 4 like that? What does that achieve?" - Iconeum

"I like it when Datisi is scum because a Datisi scum pt has the best memes" - Kanna

"Datisi freaking out in pts continues to be one of my favourite forms of entertainment on (NB: apart from when he's like genuinely upset when I then feel guilty about being entertained)" - Menalque

"I never know what I'll find when i see a new post in your notes PT, only thing i know is that i'll come out with concerns for your sanity" - Gypyx

"Datisi tries to roll town in games with mods who are silly ppl and then he requests a notes PT and posts tons of crazy musings and frantic ravings and then knowing that at least one human can read it but also not getting frank feedback about his untethered madness only emboldens him and it's like a drug he gets high off. Then, sometimes, scum sends him to eLo" - Isis

"watching datisi flail in LyLo might be the most valuable product that forum mafia is capable of producing tbh" - popsofctown

"I genuinely forgot several times that Datisi was even in the game." - Korina

"[Datisi is] some newbie who kinda sucks tbh" - RadiantCowbells

"did you guys know that Datisi is really easy to bully" - Alisae

About me:

been playing mafia in various forms since 2014

got addicted to this dumb website in 2019, send help

if you ever wanna hit me up, discord's Datisi#6868

get to know a datisi!

part two!

i genuinely enjoy playing as either alignment. what's up.

i hate this game, both alignments are shit, don't @ me

Games played:

Main Account:

Game W/L Moderator Role Team Death / Status My play
1  Newbie 1924 Win Micc Town Jailkeeper Town  Survived GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
2  Newbie 1929 Loss Micc Vanilla Townie Town  Killed Night 4 FUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
3  Micro 878: Chain of Command Loss ChibiBear Town Captain Town  Killed Night 4 GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
4  Open 761: Grey Flag Nightless Loss NotAJumbleOfNumbers Vengeful Mafioso Mafia  Yeeted Day 1 A
5  Newbie 1945: EdPsych Win teacher Town Doctor Town  Survived GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
6  Newbie 1949 Win Skitter30 Mafia Goon Mafia  Survived HUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
7  Newbie 1952: Government Loss teacher Vanilla Townie Town  Endgamed FUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
8  Mini Normal 2095 Loss Chemist1422 Vanilla Townie Town  Yeeted Day 2 BUNhalfstar.png
9  Micro 892: TemporalLich's Micro Normal Win TemporalLich Mafia Neighbor Enabler Mafia  Survived JUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
10  Micro 900: Autumnal Mafia Win Plum Vanilla Townie Town  Killed Night 3 HUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
11  Guns & Roses III Loss FakeGod Town Night 3 Rose Town  Endgamed DUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
12  Newbie 1976 Loss Xtoxm Town Mason Town  Endgamed EUNstar.pngUNstar.png
13  Micro 919: just don't die Win Alisae Mafia Goon Mafia  Survived FUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
14  Mini Normal 2119 Loss the worst Town Roleblocker Town  Killed Night 3 GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
15  Micro 927: Hectic's Ultimate Conspiracy (round 1) Win Hectic Mafia Goon Mafia  Survived FUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
16  Micro 927: Hectic's Ultimate Conspiracy (round 2) Loss Hectic Vanilla Townie Town  Non-Liberated DUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
17  Micro 932: A Normal Blitz Win Micc Town Neighbor Town  Survived JUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
18  Newbie 1992 Loss Karnage Vanilla Townie Town  Yeeted Day 3 EUNstar.pngUNstar.png
19  Mini 2131: Furret's Bizzare Adventure Part 2 Win Alisae Vanilla Townie Town  Killed Night 2 FUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
20  Micro 935: Chain of Command (Mandlebub Edition) Loss GeorgeBailey Doctor Commander Town  Killed Night 2 BUNhalfstar.png
21  Micro 940: A Normal Blitz II Loss Micc Town Mason Town  Killed Night 2 CUNstar.png
22  Open 779: Pick Your Power X/Y Win Elmo TeH AzN Vanilla Townie Town  Survived DUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
23  Micro 947 - Comet 1: Kill Switch Loss Hectic Mafia Goon Mafia  Collar exploded Day 2 A
24  Open 781: JK9++ Win ofrhz Vanilla Townie Town  Hammered Day 3 FUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
25  Smuggler's Port Loss FakeGod Mafia Smuggler Mafia  Executed Day 5 CUNstar.png
26  Why Gun?? Win beeboy Vanilla Townie Town  Survived JUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
27  Micro 960: A Year of Miccros II Loss Micc Town Lover Town  Endgamed Day 3 DUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
28  Mini Normal 2157: Succulents Win Raya36 Town Mason Town  Killed Night 3 GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
29  Open 794 Pick Your Power X/Y Win davesaz Town Cop Town  Survived IUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
30  Mini Normal 2169 : random facts Loss Gypyx Mafia Goon Mafia  Vigged Night 5 HUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
31  Mini Normal 2166: Dog Show Champions Loss NoPowerOverMe Town Even Night Cop Town  Killed Night 1 FUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
32  Mini Normal 2175 Win Sirius9121 Mafia Roleblocker Mafia  Survived JUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
33  Micro 981: Chain of Command 2004 Camry Edition Loss GeorgeBailey Town Commander Town  Endgamed CUNstar.png
34  Mini Normal 2180: Fake Peoples Loss Gypyx Town Backup Roleblocker Town  Killed Night 2 FUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
35  Micro 988: 09:12 Win Umlaut Mafia Goon Mafia  Survived GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
36  TM 2021: A normal roguelike Win Isis Town Mason Town  Killed Night 2 GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
37  Mini Normal 2192 - Korean Pop Artists Loss JacksonVirgo Town Informed Macho Cop-Enabler Miller Town  Endgamed BUNhalfstar.png
38  Open 806: JK9++ Loss SirCakez Mafia Goon Mafia  Eliminated Day 6 EUNstar.pngUNstar.png
39  Mini Number 2195: Brutalism Win OutWorldER Mafia Goon Mafia  Survived IUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
40  Mini Normal 2201: Silly Stock Photos Loss Gypyx Vanilla Townie Town  Killed Night 5 EUNstar.pngUNstar.png
41  Mini Normal 2207: Snowflakes Loss Sirius9121 Town Doctor Town  Killed Night 1 CUNstar.png
42  Open 816: C9++ Win Menalque Vanilla Townie Town  Survived HUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
43  micro 1017: mbos12: plant based potions Win schadd_ Mafia Goon Mafia  Survived GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
44  Open 819: The Mindmeld Theory Win humaneatingmonkey Vanilla Townie Town  Alive in the Endgame CUNstar.png
45  Micro 1020: To Tell the Truth Win Umlaut Vanilla Townie Town  Survived EUNstar.pngUNstar.png
46  Mini Normal 2224: Garfield Minus Garfield Win Gypyx Town Lazy Roleblocker Town  Killed Night 1 JUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
47  mini normal 2226 Win tris Town Traffic Analyst Town  Survived HUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
48  White flag #834 Loss cyrus62 Vanilla Townie Town  Killed Night 1 FUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
49  Micro 1026: 09:12 Win T3 Vanilla Townie Town  Survived IUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
50  Open 829: Nightless Exploder Pandemonium II Loss Not_Mafia Town Novice Exploder Town  Exploded Day 3 CUNstar.png
51  Mini Normal 2246 Win ChaosOmega Mafia Watcher Enabler Mafia  Survived HUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
52  Mini Normal 2239: AQAtPimP Loss Gypyx Vanilla Townie Town  Endgamed Day 6 FUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
53  Open 836: Pick Your Poison Loss Something_Smart Town 2-shot Vigilante Town  Killed Night 1 CUNstar.png
54  Micro 1037: A Normal Blitz IV Loss Micc Vanilla Townie Town  Eliminated Day 2 EUNstar.pngUNstar.png
55  Anything uPick Loss RadiantCowbells Knowledgeable Self-Governor Town  Killed Night 3 FUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
56  Mini Normal 2253: Frogs Win Quiet Owl Town Mason Town  Survived JUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
57  Holiday Dance Party Win PookyTheMagicalBear Town Gentleman Town  Survived HUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
58  Mini 2261: Grand Idea: Deflated Bubble Win TemporalLich Town Chocolate Neapolitan Town  Killed Night 1 HUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
59  open 841: pick your power X/Y hint of something smart Loss schadd_ Vanilla Townie Town  Endgamed DUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
60  Micro 1046: SUCUBUS Mafia Loss Not_Mafia Town Clodpole Hunter Clodpole Neighbour Town  Endgamed EUNstar.pngUNstar.png
61  Open 844 – Cults With Guns Loss Cook Vanilla Townie Town  Eliminated D1 CUNstar.png
62  Mini Normal 2258: Bunnies Win catboi Vanilla Townie Town  Survived JUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
63  Open 846: Murmurings in the Fortress Loss implosion Vanilla Townie Town  Endgamed EUNstar.pngUNstar.png
64  Micro Micro 1052: Lake Melancholy Win Flavor Leaf Vanilla Townie Neighbour Town  Survived FUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
65  Mini 2270: Spring Fling! Loss PookyTheMagicalBear Mafia Lady Mafia  Left in the Second Dance BUNhalfstar.png
66  Micro 1054: Fuzzy Friends Coalition Win Ydrasse Mafia Goon Mafia  Eliminated Day 1 HUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
67  Mafia Invictus Redux Loss Prism Tesla Fanatic Town  Killed Night 1 DUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
68  Open 858: NEP Nep Nep. Win Enchant Town Novice Exploder Town  Exploded Day 2 IUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
69  Mini Normal 2276: Around the World Loss PookyTheMagicalBear Town One-shot Novice Complex Vigilante Town  Killed Night 3 DUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
70  Open 857: Frienemies Loss Catboi Mafia Goon Mafia  Eliminated Day 4 GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
71  Micro 1059: Micro & Normal Stuff Win Irrelephant11 Mafia Complex Cop Mafia  Survived JUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
72  Large Normal 241: Random Pictures and Other Stuff Loss T3 Town Mason Town  Killed Night 5 EUNstar.pngUNstar.png
73  Mini 2284: The Thing Anonymous Win petapan Town One-shot Cop Town  Survived JUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
74  Warrior Cats Mafia Loss Ydrasse Town One-shot Recharger Town  Eliminated Day 6 CUNstar.png
75  House of the Dragon Loss PookyTheMagicalBear Mafia Goon Mafia  Executed Day 5 IUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png

Alt account - Tanner:

Game W/L Moderator Role Team Death / Status My play
1  Mini Normal 2135 Loss Not Known 15 Vanilla Townie Town  Killed Night 4 IUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
2  Mini Theme 2161: Undertale C Open - Chara's Folly Loss Isis Vanilla Townie Town  Killed Night 5 GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
3  Guns & Roses V Loss FakeGod Mafia Night 3 Gun Mafia  Killed Night 2 A
4  Silent Star 4: Yin and Yang Win Hectic Vanilla Townie Town  Ascended Day 5 HUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
5  Open 840 - Guardians of the Fortress Win Prism Guardian Town  Survived GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png


Game W/L Moderator Role Team Death / Status My play
1  Calendar Mafia Loss Cephrir Mafia Fast Jailkeeper Mafia  Killed Night 6 A
2  Micro 905: High Noon Loss Blatant Scum Townsperson Town  Killed Night 1 EUNstar.pngUNstar.png
3  Micro 915: Brass & Shrapnel Loss CheekyTeeky Town Bomb Town  Yeeted Day 4 DUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
4  Krazy's Post Apocalypse uPick Win Krazy Town Vigilante Town  Yeeted Day 4 CUNstar.png
5  Everything Is Still A Lie v2 Abandoned Korina Cult Leader Cult  Vengekilled Day 2 DUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
6  On the Flying Scumsman Abandoned Superb Subtlety Gifted Gatekeeper Town  Alive at the End CUNstar.png
7  Micro 941: Brass and Shrapnel Win GeorgeBailey Mafia Goon Mafia  Survived GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
8  micro 951 mystery box of silver gnine Loss schadd_ Town Confidant and Gossiper Town  Killed Night 2 FUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
9  Micro 962: Geriatric Trio II Loss Aristophanes Mafia Rolecop Mafia  Eliminated Day 2 CUNstar.png
10  Open 796: Haunted Village Loss brassherald Mafia Goon Mafia  Eliminated Day 2 DUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
11  mini theme 2229: MBOS 13 schweppes' pulpy potions Win schadd_ Townie Town  Survived EUNstar.pngUNstar.png
12  micro 1049: taking it bit by bit Loss schadd_ Ascetic Townie Town  Vigged Night 1 BUNhalfstar.png


Game W/L Moderator Role Team Death / Status My play
1  Newbie 1944: Rainforest Loss Ausuka Town Jailkeeper Town  Killed Night 2 BUNhalfstar.png
2  Open 802: Jungle Oligarchy Loss Umlaut Townie Town  Killed Night 2 GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
3  Masochist Mafia II Loss Firebringer Masked JOAT Masochist Town  Vigged Night 1 DUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
4  Micro 1044: A Normal Blitz V Win Micc Townie Town  Survived EUNstar.pngUNstar.png


Game W/L Moderator Role Team Death / Status My play
1  Micro 870: Yeet Happy Loss Jingle Vanilla Townie Town  Replaced out D1 / Endgamed
2  Newbie 1963 Loss Micc Vanilla Townie Town  Force-replaced D1 / Endgamed
3  Large Normal 238: Weiqi, Baduk, Go Win Mizzytastic Mafia 2-shot Alien Mafia  Replaced out D2 / Eliminated D4

Mish Mash:

Game W/L Moderator Role Team Death / Status My play
1  Secret Hitler Win Mizzytastic Liberal Liberals  5 Liberal policies passed FUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png