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Telephone Pictionary: Lots of Emotions/Chain A

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Chain A: Radja's chain

Radja - Phrase

A man instantly regretted having mexican food when he farted and several people passed out.

Iprobablysuck - Picture


xofelf - Phrase

The Olypmic Gold Medal winner literally slaughtered their 3 other competitors.

StaplerTowel - Picture


McMenno - Phrase

A runner who was secretly a wizard violently massacred all others during Rio 2016 to ensure a victory.

Annadog40 - Picture


Felissan - Phrase

The pink dinosaur attack killed all athletes in the Balloon-man Olympics stadium except for the green one, who won the gold medal by default.

Shadoweh - Picture


Klick - Phrase

The naked mole rat from Kim Possible entered the coliseum through the ring, eating every colored mannequin in its path.

ForWhomTheJellyRolls - Picture


StrangerCoug - Phrase

The pig took a portal to the Coliseum expecting a girl with a black shirt and khaki pants, but is greeted by two people with nondescript features and two other people with the bottom halves of their bodies cut off.

Jopalopa - Picture


Aronis - Phrase

The flying designer pig imagines a fantastic new clothing line for his manikins standing outside the roman colosseum.

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