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Telephone Pictionary: I Still Call Australia Home

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Telephone Pictionary: I Still Call Australia Home was a Telephone Pictionary game run in April and May 2014 by N. It featured desynchronized deadlines, Australian animals, and far too many replacements.

What is Telephone Pictionary?

It's sort of like EPYC, but presumably with less poop-eating.

Finishing Player List

The Chains

A. CuddlyCaucasian's chain
B. Bicephalous Bob's chain
C. MTD's chain
D. StrangerCoug's chain
E. Mist7676's chain
F1. Marquis's chain
F2. Marquis's chain
G. JerryArr's chain
H. Burning_Earth's chain
I. YurikoJasmine's chain
J. BipolarChemist's chain
K. RedCoyote's chain
L. xtopherusD's chain
M. JacobSavage's chain
N. Axxle's chain
O. mallowgeno's chain
P. Nobody Special's chain
Q. DrippingGoofball's chain
R. Micc's chain
S. GuyInFreezer's chain
T. Antihero's chain