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Note: I'll clean this up later and also add later, it's been a while since I used Wiki syntax regularly. Especially with better formatting.


Hi, I'm Hanasawa, known by some or many as Lilac. I might as well place all the mafia games that I've tried here as well as a summary, some people might find it useful and I can't really deny them the information on it. Joined by Sakura's sort of guidance and I did want to try mafia here ever since when I played my first game of Mafia.

Current Status

Importantly, I do not play mafia games anymore and plan not to ever play them ever again. Forum mafia is a really huge toxic wasteland and I found that out more clearly in the Melbourne meet playing Resistance. Not only am I not able to change my meta to play well with my alignment, I also realise that it's much better to play it casually and I feel that people can not do that in a forum like this (and why would you play casually anyway?) because playing with random people with their own thing is just not fun. I'm a person who's more for relationships and just being there for people, calming down and just having a great time. For those reasons, I stopped mafia permanently but I'll definitely be here to mingle with the community and to be a part of it for a couple more years before I move out again to find another place on the internet.

Mafia Games

Let's start with a brief history. Note that all games can be viewed without making an account or something like that. If there are problems with links, let me know.

Original: Earliest game that I can find me playing is August 2009. During that time I guess I've learnt that Mafia is a deep and traumatic experience of a game which can ruin the perception, as well as relationship of people that you probably wanted to talk to more, possibly be friends with too. I played IRC mafia during this sort of low time and then eventually stopped for about 1 year and a couple of months back in 2012.

Redux: 2013 brought about quite a change, I went through a ton of personal life experience which actually made me trust people less and generally quite sour. I looked back at Mafia again and I thought why not try and pick this up again? Nothing else can go wrong, right?


This list is sorted from oldest to newest. Finishing up Newbie and then going on hiatus for a while.

Currently Ongoing


  • Touhou PyP IV (osu!) (Mafia win.)
    • Role: Nitori Kawashiro (one-shot)
    • Alignment: Town.
    • Comment: Bad way to restart mafia. Stupid decisions and overconfidence of my role got the best of me. A mafia commuter who could commute EVERYDAY though? Come on, that was retarded beyond belief.
  • Lucid Dreamers Mafia (osu!) (Dreamers win.)
    • Role: Dreamer
    • Alignment: Dreamer/Town
    • Comment: I came up with some awesome role until the nightmare shot me D2. Far out, that was stupid. If I do Dreamers again, I'm going to use that same list of dreams that I didn't manage to dream.
  • Information Mafia (osu!) (Mafia win.)
    • Role: Town Ailment Doctor
    • Alignment: Town
    • Comment: I don't know. I lost interest in this game really fast considering I didn't even know what an ailment doctor until AFTER I died. Knowing what it is now I would love to have played with this role. Calling Rantai out on mafia and being right is the best thing ever but I really could not be bothered to go further. Technically, I shouldn't even put this here because of flaking and asking for a replacement anyway but eh.
  • Newbie Mafia 1412 (Town win.)
    • Role: Vanilla Townie
    • Alignment: Town
    • Comment: Not sure to be honest. I mean, I voted for scum but I felt like I could have easily strayed if I was given enough time and persuade/berated enough. It just didn't feel right when it got to later in the game. I had nothing and Bulb/Tamuz were being jerks to each other. Charming. I'll take that win though.


This section is ordered from oldest to newest. Not including games that were started but dropped because mod either lost interest or didn't want to continue.

  • Sane Mafia 2 (osu!) (Mafia win.)
    • Role: Insane Doctor
    • Alignment: Town.
    • Comment: This seemed to have been the earliest recollection of mafia that exists in the subforum. Don't ever remember playing this game but I despised Wojjan ever since this game I'm pretty sure.
  • Less Experimental Mafia 2 (osu!) (Mafia win.)
    • Role: Psychiatrist
    • Alignment: Town.
    • Comment: I'm starting to remember this but it's still not as clear. I think I relied too much upon my role to find an SK if memory serves but... it seems like it was a false role, there wasn't as SK. Oh well!
  • Kinda Experimental Mafia (osu!) (Town win.)
    • Role: Townie
    • Alignment: Town.
    • Comment: I was surprised that this ended in a dilemma and that town won at the end. This mafia I knew very well but I was pretty dumb to accuse the wrong person of being an SK. Sad I was kidnapped by SK at N3 but it was bound to happen since I was on his list of targets to win.
  • PyP Mafia - osu! Community (osu!) (Serial Killer win.)
    • Role: Hitoshirenu Shourai
    • Alignment: Town.
    • Comment: I actually liked Hito back then. She was like my idol and still sorta is, even though she didn't really like the whole Mafia game thing when I told her about it. Nevertheless, this was an absolutely wonderful game that I would love to play again some time. This was ANOTHER mafia where I was someone's kill target, damn. You learn from your mistakes and keep going.
  • Werewolves Return (osu!) (Wolves win.)
    • Role: Civilian
    • Alignment: Town.
    • Comment: Don't remember this at all. Two is really eww to play with and I'm kinda glad he's gone. If he appears again though by a miracle, I don't really mind to be honest.
  • PyP Video Game Mafia (osu!) (Mafia and Survivor Win.)
    • Role: Multi-Persona Lyncher
    • Alignment: Neutral.
    • Comment: DAMNIT. I LET FRIENDSHIP GET IN THE WAY OF LYNCHING LS. I really didn't want to believe it but I had my suspicions since I got my role, I just really did not want to accept it... Ugh, I've learnt from this.
  • PyP Normal Mafia (osu!) (Cultafia/Dreaming God win.)
    • Role: Oracle
    • Alignment: Town
    • Comment: I think I barked up the wrong tree since Chris is quite an aggressive player with almost no room for compromise... Also, I think he was with Cultafia anyway along with Ival so yeah.
  • Mini Dethy Mafia (osu!) (Town win.)
    • Role: Insane Cop
    • Alignment: Town.
    • Comment: I was really stupid in that game and I apologise. I know how to do Dethy analysis now anyway so it's cool. NoHitter was really nice and I would love to play with Luna again if I ever saw him. I felt bad because of Restaurant Mafia. That was way after this game though.
  • You are Mafia. (osu!) (Mafia win.)
    • Role: Information Broker
    • Alignment: Town.
    • Comment: This game was what LS though our roles will be if we were ourselves. Some funny roles were had and basically what role I had meant I needed to stay alive quite late to get anything useful as my information that mod would give me would grow exponentially. Lovely game and I would love to have this again.
  • Unnamed Mafia (osu!) (Town win.)
    • Role: Nexus
    • Alignment: Town.
    • Comment: HOW WAS I SUPPOSE TO KNOW I CAN'T CLAIM NEXUS? I don't remember even reading that from my role PM, ugh. Besides, I was the second modkill and I'm pretty sure Day didn't even end like the rules said it would so this was a really town sided game.
  • Robot Mafia. (osu!) (Town win.)
    • Role: Sapper
    • Alignment: Mafia.
    • Comment: Ugh, I stuffed this one up big time because I failed to account for the charges gimmick and got completely caught out. Still can't play as scum to save my life though.
  • PyP {~Restaurant-themed~} Mafia (osu!) (Town win.)
    • Role: Strawberry Town Leader
    • Alignment: Town.
    • Comment: Told that dying would demotivate all of town, I was really scared. Considering that I was shot N1 straight off the bat, that legitimately freaked me out. My one shot nexus was gone into negating that kill so I'm glad I had that sort of bulletproof there. I love strawberry icecream way too much and was sure enough to try and find out as many roles as I could by giving out the ice cream everywhere, a lot of people gave me some other food and especially that one-shot PGO I got saved me quite a bit. Too heavily relied on roles but it was a tight finish. Innocent Child becoming mafia was really eww and I got lynched through PoE. Got to be kidding me.
  • Songafia PyP (osu!) (Songafia win.)
    • Role: Sakkyun Light, by Sekken-ya.
    • Alignment: Town.
    • Comment: Janitor nightkilled at N1, I was hesitant to roleblock as town as I thought it would stop the flow of everything at night until I realise now, nightkills are the worst thing to happen and that you have the power to stop them. Would play again with a better frame of mind.
  • Themeless Mafia Game (osu!) (Town win.)
    • Role: Cowardly Reporter
    • Alignment: Town.
    • Comment: Never join a mafia game when your parents take the internet away from you, it's a really bad idea and I didn't have my own phone with a 3G connection back then so this was just depressing to read since I didn't do much.
  • Deus Ex Mafia (osu!) (Town win.)
    • Role: Faridah Malik
    • Alignment: Town.
    • Comment: Bad bus choices, didn't know what I was doing, pretty sure I relied too much on my role as well.

One more mafia game to add.