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JerryAv45.png This user plays Mafia. (Talk)

I'm Jerry from Bristol, PA. Click this sentence for my ruleset.

Alternatively, click this one for Rad Idea Mafia.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Entry
Newbie 1382 Zaicon, (Jackal711 as backup) Mafia Roleblocker Ousted Day 5 Town Won Day 5 Started game
Day 1 was bad for me, but I improved on that from then to Day 3, where I sheeped Mr. Flay's reasoning that notquitethere (my buddy in the game) was the roleblocker (or at least helping them out) due to the hypotheticals NQT was using. I was (for better or worse) stuck on NQT until his Day 4 ouster, then kind of self-destructed Day 5, although NQT's refusal to vote me hurt as well.

Of note: No ouster Day 1, two doctor saves (Night 1 and Night 3).

Used the Matrix6 setup, with Row 2, Mafia Roleblocker, Cop, Doctor, selected.

Town Won: Mr. Flay (Survived), rmpeacoc (Survived), Xiao Long (Survived), Mutleyddmc (Ousted D2), pitoli (Cop, Killed N2), notscience (Ousted D3), and Kattaze (Doctor, Killed N4)

Mafia Lost: notquitethere (Ousted D4), JerryArr (Roleblocker, Ousted D5)


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Entry
Micro 211: Cracking Idea Mafia Antagon Town Mason Ousted Day 3 Town Won Day 4 Started game
Super quick first Day, with us getting the lone Mafia, Mr E Roll, after he discarded Jack of All Trades. Day 2 was a ouster of PedroPony, the Pseudojester, with Mutley being confirmed as town after Pedro's death Night 2. We noted that town would likely win if the Red Goo, who showed himself Night 1, was me, anorway, or Wisdom. After some hardcore mistakes from me, I was ousted Day 3, but a rapid Day 4 ousted of Wisdom ended the game in favor of Town.

Of note: No replacements during this game.

Used the Cracking Idea Mafia setup.

Town Won: Mutleyddmc (Tracker, Survived), anorway (One-Shot Vigilante, Survived), BROseidon (Jailkeeper, Survived), Who (Roleblocker, Killed N1), PedroPony (Pseudojester-turned-Vanilla Townie, Killed N2), Redelphic (Hider, Killed N2), JerryArr (Mason, Ousted D3)

Mafia Lost: Mr E Roll (Bulletproof, Ousted D1)

Goo Lost: Wisdom (Red Goo, Ousted D4)

I've also played some Mish Mash games! They are fun.