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Cult of Dog

Who I Am:

Hi, if you're reading this, it means you've stumbled upon my wiki page for some reason. My name is Korina. Welcome. If you're wanting to know a bit about who I am, this is the right section for that. I'm twenty, in college, and majoring in Writing Communications, (Creative Writing + Journalism), kicked out of college, with the end goal of becoming an author. I spend most of my time working on something—or simply playing video games—and tend to be near my computer/phone most of the day.

I prefer modding over playing mafia, simply because I can tell a story by modding. Playing mafia is fun too, I just don't enjoy it as much since I'm decent at it when I sit down; however, there's a lot of time and effort I'd have to be putting forth for it. Apart from that, my personal hobbies are sleeping, writing, and playing video games. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I am also V/LA every weekend without exception.

Also I'm aromantic asexual. Not that it really matters, but I wanted to at least say it.

Contacting Me

You can reach me via Site PMs, Discord, (Korina#0359), or Twitter. Discord is preferable, since that's the fastest way you can reach me in the first place.

How To (Generally) Read Me:

This isn't a comprehensive list, nor do I ever want it to be one. It wouldn't be fun for me if you were able to see exactly how I'd play as Town/Scum, and have to radically change my playstyle every time to avoid immediately getting flagged as one. Instead, I have included a couple of things that you should be on the lookout for when playing with me. Obviously, these things change if I'm playing under an alt, since they all have their own unique playstyle.

NAI Things

- Activity: Activity tends to be NAI. Yes, I generally post more as Town, and less as scum; however, that is in general. If you are trying to read me solely on how much I'm posting, you'll be unable to. Once again, I'm V/LA every weekend, so don't expect me to reply Saturday/Sunday.

- Post Length: Post Length is also NAI. I make long posts as both Town and Scum. You really have to read what I'm saying to try to figure out my alignment.

(Some) Town Tells

- If I seem to be scummy, without any malicious intent, I'm probably Town.

- If I seem to be next to the thread most of the time and post without thinking through the posts, I'm probably Town.

(Some) Scum Tells

- If I seem to be scummy, with malicious intent, I'm probably Scum.

- If I'm ignoring one or more people in the game, I'm probably Scum, and they are probably my partners.

If a Cult Is Involved:

Just don't. Cult is my favorite alignment. If I roll Cult, I will purposefully try to act as Townie as possible, rendering all these tells basically invalid. Just assume I'm Cult, or I'm going to Cultside; however, don't yeet me until I actually prove I am Cult.

Modding Information:

I'll mod Micros, Minis, Opens, Large Themes, but not Normals or Newbies, (yet). I prefer to mod Themed games, simply because I can include a storyline with them, and whatnot. If you're wondering what my basic ruleset is, you can look at Korina/Basic Ruleset. Additionally, I do VCs and Role PMs by hand, and write the flavor myself.

Alignment preferences:


Mafia is more fun than Town or Third Party IMO, (excluding Cult), simply because with Mafia, you have a lot more freedom of tactics. You can choose whatever you really want to do with the game, and go from there pretty much. It's a lot more fun to have that kind of freedom when you play, (along with the knowledge of who is what alignment for the most part), versus Town where you're simply trying to find scum and confirm yourself as Town.


Cult is the best alignment IMO. It's extremely fun to have the ability to add more people to your faction as the game goes on. Along with the fact that you can simply recruit those who are confirmed town, casting doubt on if they are still Town or not, makes it extremely fun. Sure, getting culted mid-game can be frustrating, but if you're complaining about it, clearly you hate Cult, and that begs the question of why did you even join the game in the first place? I will also join any cult game anyone's running. I don't care what it is, if there's a cult, I'm in.

Known Alts:

Vex Vience, Fdse, Not A Korina Alt


Generic Hydra - Me and N33dl3

Stop Getting Banned - 22 headed hydra.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - Me and LCpl Jones