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UNfolder.pngAbout me, and stuff

Who I am:

Prefer to be a Pro-Town Player. J townie opt16.gif

Prefer to be a 3rd Party Player. J 3rdParty SerialKiller opt16.gif

Prefer to be a Cultist. J procult sign opt16.gif

Hi, I'm Korina. I'm a furry, who plays forum mafia decently, I guess. I do other things, like play chess. And a lot of it. Like, too much chess.

I also host FM, and prefer hosting IRL to forum.

I'll update this later.

My modding style is weird, to say the least. It'll swing from me spending a few hours on flavor to me literally posting "this player is dead, they were (role)" the next moment. There's a lot of satire and humor involved with my modding, but, I do promise a good game regardless.

I'm pretty funny when it comes to modding though. I promise, you'll enjoy my modding, or your money back, guaranteed. Wait, what? You didn't pay me anything? ... Well... Still, you'll get your money back. Now shut up and sit down. <3

Discord: Korina#0359

Also, cults aren't bastard.

I prefer to be Town / Third Party / Cult as well. I will join any cult game anyone's running. If your game has a cult, please message me. I will join and play.

I'm a pretty good town-player when I actually sit down and try to play.

Alignment preferences:


I like being uninformed and having to figure out who I should trust. Town is fun to play for me because I'm working with incomplete information on everything, and I really enjoy it.

Town is also just easier to play as, because you don't have to worry about "oh, will my lie be seen through" or something else like that. You get to play as purely as possible.

Third Party:

Third Party is just like Town, except... you're forced to lie, (the only part of mafia I enjoy playing as). You're still uninformed, but at the same time, you get to try to lie to everyone without knowing who else is with you.

No one is siding with you as Third Party Killing. Its fun.


Cults are fun in general. Fight me.

Known Alts:

Vex Vience


Generic Hydra - Me and N33dl3

Stop Getting Banned - 22 headed hydra.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - Me and LCpl Jones