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If you are looking for information on the Swiftwolf Temple, you have come to the wrong place. This is a page that explains all the games I have played and modded (which isn't really saying much, since I've only modded 2 games before doing the temple).

Games Played

Please note that these consist of games that aren't constantly ongoing (Get to 1500, Guess the Movie from the Screenshot, etc). These games are also ordered from when I started the game.

Also, any Survivor games will not be shown here.


The year I started out on mafiascum. A lot of things came out rather interesting...

September 20: Zilch, a game where I came in last. It wasn't finished, but I don't think anyone else won. It was literally on the last round, and everyone needed to get a lot of points to catch up.

October 8: Newbie 1168: Mutiny on the Newbie resulted in a scum win. I was a Vanilla Townie in this game and did TERRIBLE, but then again, I hate WIFOM games in general. I've only won one Mafia game out of like... 10 or so, but all of the others aren't on this site.

October 22: Coin Game: Second Chance might not have ended, but I still managed to survive this one surprisingly enough. Getting sent to the second chance house early kinda helped me keep in the game. This wasn't the case in the later games, though...

November 10: The Colo(u)r of Money ended a bit early, but to me, it wouldn't have mattered anyway. I made 16th place in this game, and the only way I was going to catch up to first place is if I managed the max amount 3 times (which can vary depending on how much money is in the next 3 rounds) and hope that the others above me don't manage to do the same.


Ah yes, the year of the Mish Mash Olympics... and the year of the great rollback. And tigers. Every MMO game will NOT be referenced here simply because it didn't exactly finish properly... if it was, I would've made references to all of them. I will say though, there were some bullshit games and some insane games I played from the MMO.

April 12: Coin Game IV turned out to be really stupid on my part. 2 coins? What idiot in their right mind would do that? Oh wait...

May 19: Shadow Hunters III ended rather quickly due to JDGA's win condition. Nothing else to say.

May 24: Coin Game V: Remix turned out to be ANOTHER FAILURE. I got MORE unlucky in this game than in the last one. 10 coins and still eliminated. Ugh.

June 7: Yahtzee 2012 Tournament: Rounds 5 + 6. Well, this one was interesting. I won the first game and lost the second. Not too bad, honestly. I think I got a bit lucky on that first one, though... then my luck ran out.

August 25: 1000 Blank Cards was... interesting. I was called in to help out, but I decided to screw him over. Sadly, this turned out to be EVEN WORSE than I expected, as I wound up replacing him, putting me in a really bad position.

September 7: Monopoly Deal: Game 3... wow. This game was ridiculously short, and I wound up winning nothing. Woo~ /sarcasm

September 16: SC's Wheel of Fortune didn't exactly end out good for me. I didn't get ANYTHING from this game, and I nearly screwed up way too many times in this game.

October 12: Gold Diggers Plot resulted me getting a 2nd place win. Not really saying much, especially since the people behind me are just a few hundred behind whereas first place was about one and a half thousand ahead. Bleh.

December 11: Robo Rally was insanely fun, even if I didn't win this. I still had the longest life compared to everyone else. I also loved the titles that were used in each turn. Of this year, this was probably my favorite game.

December 15: eXcape! Didn't go out too well for me. I only made it higher than animorpherv1, but that's it.

December 18: Press Your Luck: Game 3... all I have to say is, what the hell is wrong with RC (with his introduction to me, the first one surprised me, then the second one was retarded... then this)? Other than that, I made an insanely good comeback in this game... but it got cut short by my pass to ProsecutorGodot, who managed to pull ahead.


Well, we're getting close to the halfway mark of this year, but there are some games I have played here.

February 12: MafiaScum, You Don't Know Jack! ...hahahahahaha. How did I make 2nd place, I have NO idea. Everyone except the one in first actually went in the negatives. I'm terrible at trivia, and this doesn't prove that statement at all... well, it kinda does.

February 25: Mario Party SCUM! ... no comment. I was barely active in this game.

Games Modded

Now, there are only 2 games I modded outside the Swiftwolf Temple. One I was a co-mod for (due to an accident), and the other where I did the modding myself.


October 21: Pandemic: On the Brink was quite a breathtaking game, with 5 players in this game on the normal difficulty. Only 3 cards were remaining when the game ended, which is REALLY CLOSE. Not only that, but the outbreak count is 7 out of 8 AND Yellow had ONLY ONE infection cube left.

November 18: I Doubt It started out with me actually playing, but due to StrangerCoug's double slip-up, he had one of two people become co-mods. This game ended in a quick win for animorpherv1.

Future Games

I'm not exactly sure what I could be playing or modding (with the Swiftwolf Temple, I'm REALLY doubting this, unless you really want me to be insane) in the future, but hopefully it will be something interesting. Who knows?