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member since 5 January 2006.


  • Won: 11
  • Lost: 13
  • Role Distribution:
    • Cop: 5
    • Doctor: 4
    • Vanilla Town: 8
    • Mafia: 8
  • Night Killed: 13
  • Lynched: 5
  • Survived to Endgame: 7
  • Original/Replacement: 19/8

I've never had a role that wasn't a cop, doctor, mafia or vanilla townie. I've never played cop without targetting scum at least once.

Moderating History

Road to Rome

  • Newbie 288
    • mafia vs. 5 townies. Mafia win. Town quickly votes in D3 and the game is quickly lost.
  • Newbie 306
    • mafia vs. doctor and 4 townies. Town win. A game plagued with mafia inactivity.
  • Newbie 314
    • mafia vs. cop and 4 townies. Mafia win. Mafia pulled out a well-earned win.
  • Newbie 479
    • mafia vs. doctor and 4 townies. Mafia win. Risky gambit in D2 by mafia won it all.
  • Newbie 480
    • mafia vs. cop and 4 townies. Mafia win. Mafia played under the radar.
  • Newbie 488
    • mafia vs. cop and 4 townies. Mafia win. Even though mafia lynched D1.
  • Newbie 493
    • mafia vs. cop, doctor and 3 townies. Mafia win. Too many replacements needed.
  • Newbie 495
    • mafia vs. cop and 4 townies. Mafia win. Cop w/ guilty lynched D2 for a mafia win.
  • Newbie 507
    • mafia vs. 5 townies. Mafia win. Good game taken by mafia due to D2 bussing.

Little Italy

  • Mini Normal 328: Discotheque Mafia
    • Disco flavor text - Town win.
    • Two mafia families of two members each.
    • Roleblocker, doctor, tracker, limited vigilante, townie with lynch immunity, three vanilla townies.
  • Mini Normal 361: Leper Mafia
    • Leper Island flavor text - Town win.
    • Most posts for a day 1 in a mini - 372 posts.
    • Most posts for a mini game - 1145 game posts.
    • Three Mafia (by coincidence S-names) vs. cop, doc, backup, and seven vanilla townies.

Coney Island

  • Mini Theme 409: The Amazing Race Mafia
    • Amazing Race theme - Town win.
    • 3 mafia vs. 1 day SK vs. day vigilante, day doctor, inventor, tracker and four vanilla townies.
    • Mafia were able to ward off the town early on, but some chance deaths forced a mass claim in D3 which uncovered likely scum.
  • Mini Theme 456: Ultimatum Mafia (co-mod:Guardian)
    • Unique mechanism - Conservative Mafia win.
    • 3 mafia vs. 3 mafia vs. 6 vanilla townies open setup. Nightless Duel Mafia voting utilized. A well earned Conservative Mafia win with all three in tact.
  • Mini Theme 507: Big Brother Mafia
    • Unique mechanism - Alpha Dog Mafia win.
    • 3 mafia vs. 3 mafia vs. 6 vanilla townies open setup. Nightless dichotomous voting utilized with a Kingmaker via lynch. Official sequel to Ultimatum.

Theme Park

  • Group Therapy Mafia
    • Psychodynamic Group therapy flavor text - SK-Mafia draw.
    • 4 mafia vs. 1 SK vs. 1 cult recruiter vs. 15 town.
    • Too many players faked post restrictions and thus the depth of mafia discussion wavered. Town lynched one mafia and the rest of scum were taken out by late-game crosskills.

Playing History


  • Invitational 10 (thestatusquo)
    • Mafia Priest - Thesp (replaced petroleumjelly D1)
    • Town Win - Lynched D3 - my loss.
    • I got caught by tracker N2. I felt the game was ripe for bussing when I replaced in, but that didn't particularly help mafia win since we were all scummy in our own right.

Road to Rome

  • Newbie 180 (Norinel)
    • Cop
    • Mafia Win - NKed N1 - my loss.
    • I hit scum same night I was NKed.
  • Newbie 191 (MeMe)
    • Mafia
    • Mafia Win - endgame - my win.
    • 17 pages for a Newbie game. A very satisfying win because I bussed my partner while still getting his "partner" lynched.
  • Newbie 222 (Mr. Flay)
    • Mafia
    • Mafia Win - endgame - my win.
    • 7 days for the entire game. viper0933 self destructs D1 and town votes too quickly D2. First as IC.
  • Newbie 226 (MeMe)
    • Vanilla Townie.
    • Mafia Win - endgame loss - my loss.
    • Mariyta and I were at odds because I played too aggressively. When we came to a truce, we targetted incorrectly and let Rosso Carne take the win.
  • Newbie 245 (Ameliaslay)
    • Vanilla Townie.
    • Town Win - NKed N2 - my win.
    • Pressured scum very well during D1, defended the cop D1 and got myself killed instead of the investigated innocent.
  • Newbie 268 (spectrumvoid and Pinky)
    • Vanilla Townie.
    • Mod aborted - Lynched D1 - not counted.
    • In retrospect, my scumdar was fairly good this game, despite my hyperactive gameplay.
  • Newbie 280 (logicticus)
    • Doctor.
    • Town Win - endgame - my win.
    • Longest D1 in a newbie. Longest newbie ever. Scum did well to confuse everyone, including successfully counterclaiming the cop D1, but I was able to convince everyone I wasn't scum, and that was game.

Little Italy

  • Mini 275: Subject Mafia (Kenji)
    • History - Mafia
    • Town Win - NKed N2 - my loss.
    • I associated myself with the SK during D1 and got caught by cop investigation. Next two lynches hit mafia.
  • Mini 297: Insect Mafia (help im a bug)
    • Cockroach - Doctor
    • Town Win - endgame - my win.
    • N2 I protected Kelly Chen who was targetted by the vigilante, DrippingGoofball.
  • Mini 331: AP Student Mafia (thedocsalive)
    • Mafia One-Shot Doctor (replaced B Rob N3)
    • Draw - Lynched D4 - not counted.
    • I submitted the N3 kill which allowed mafia a better position, but I had one post in this game, so it barely registers.
  • Mini 368: Town of Suspicion (lordy/Kelly Chen)
    • Vanilla Townie (replaced Relyte N1)
    • Town Loss - Lynched D4 - my loss
    • This game is dead to me. Please never speak of it.
  • Mini 403: 101 mph (Arafax)
    • Mafia
    • Town Win - Lynched D2 - my loss
    • I think we played an extremely good scum game, but Jack the cop found all three scum somehow (3/4 investigations). But with cop/deputy/doc/nurse setup, scum had no way to win.

Coney Island

  • Mini 286: Abortion Mafia (BabyJesus)
    • Pregnant Mother - Vanilla Townie
    • Abortionists Win - NK N1 - my loss.
  • Mini 288: Wigu Mafia (CogitoErgoSum)
    • Sheriff Pony - Modified Cop (replaced Aeyln D1)
    • Town Win - endgame - my win.
    • The vig, chamber and I picked out all the scum even though no one believed us.
  • Mini 306: Arrested Development Mafia (logicticus)
    • Barry Zuckercorn - Mafia Roleblocker
    • Town Win - lynched D5 - my loss.
    • Scum played a risky gambit that back-fired and lost the game. We may have won if we hadn't.
  • Mini 338: Terri Schiavo Mafia (BabyJesus)
    • Jodi Centoze - townie w/information
    • Anti-Terri Faction Wins - NK Night 4 - my win.
    • The game wasn't much about finding scum as figuring out the setup of the game.
  • Mini 359: Ranch Mafia (EnderX)
    • Goat - Mafia
    • Town Win - NK Night 2 - my loss.
    • For the most part, an unbalanced game. But mafia had very good gameplay that was unconvered by mikeburnfire in the end.
  • Mini 374: Numbers Mafia (TheEyeOfMordor)
    • 3 - Doctor (replaced BlueSin N1)
    • Town Loss - NK Night 2 - my loss.
    • Town was severely underpowered. We mis-lynched D1 and managed to lynch scum every other day and I made two night protects, but we still lost.
  • Mini 379: Speed Mafia (HowFast)
    • Hermes - Backup Cop (replaced Mariyta Block 1, Phase 1)
    • Town Win - NK Block 2, Phase 2 - my win.
    • I picked out the Mafia GF in my first post and my last investigation hit the last remaining scum - although I was killed 17 minutes before it was processed.

Theme Games

  • Payola Mafia (SpeedyKQ)
    • Sane Cop
    • Mafia Win - NK N0 - my loss.
    • I investigated scum N0 but was NKed anyway. I willed my money to Nightcow who subsequently kept all that money until endgame.
  • Stephen King Mafia (Mr Gnome It All)
    • Benajmin Richards (Running Man) - Vanilla Townie (replaced Aes6Sedai9 D1)
    • Town Win - endgame - my win.
    • A game where outing the cop early was a huge benefit to the town.
  • Lights Out Mafia (Seol)
    • Vanilla Townie
    • PBuG/Ibaesha and Glork Win - NK N5 - my loss.
    • For having a survivor win condition, I find it highly satisfying that Ibaesha (replaced by PBuG) and Glork were the sole winners of the game. These two were the only ones to successfully lead all the mafia lynches.
    • I staunchly defended the Huggle Alliance and tried to keep it together long after Pooky died. Nonetheless the paper trail it supposedly produced was all for naught because I never found scum using it.
  • College Mafia (LoudMouthLee)
    • Yale University - Ivy League Mafia
    • Mod abandoned.
    • My two scum partners were lynched day one and day two. I lurked mostly, but made nice night kills. The road was paved for a quick town win.
  • Committee Mafia (Mastermind of Sin)
    • Storm Silas - cop.
    • SK (al_kohaulec) win - NK N5 - my loss.
    • I helped get some key investigations in and set up the scum shortlist at the half-way point. But the replacements in the game weren't following and lynched wrong despite game spectators knowing who was scum.
  • Two-Headed Mafia (Courk)
    • pablito/Save the Dragons - Doctor.
    • Town win - NK N1 - my win.
    • Almost got cult recruiter lynched D1, then they tried to cultivate us on N1. But we got killed by mafia for acting SKish. Yeah, I don't know, I attract attention every single D1.
  • Jack of All Trades Mafia (Yaw)
    • (replaced armlx D4) - Jack Campbell, formerly Jack Quinn, formerly Jack Kay - Pro-Town
    • Mafia win - NK N6 - my loss.
    • Interesting setup and I hit scum when I finally got the sane cop power.
  • Lights Out Mafia 2 (Rainbow Brite)
    • (replaced IH D1) - Heather Sawyer - mafia
    • Mafia win - lynch #6 on D2 - my win.
    • After being the third consecutive mafioso to replace into the game, I found myself trying to last long enough to confuse everyone. Maybe it worked, maybe it didn't. Thok (mafia) was attacked by all three of his partners to detract from another mafia lynch and ended up surviving to endgame because everyone kept believing that Thok's interactions with his partners was not indicative of mafia interaction. Thok plus a long series of no-lynches totally won the game for us.
  • Big Brother Mafia (farside22)
    • (replaced Grandi D1) - ?
    • ?
    • The improved version of my setup.