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Open 23

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Open 23
Forum: Little Italy
Moderator(s): JDodge
Masons and Monks
Status: Completed
Winner(s): Werewolves

Something strange has been happening in a small town on the border between Italy and Switzerland; the once-proud village of nearly 300 has dwindled down to a meager 12. Roughly 250 left the town; the other 38, brutally murdered. Some shot through the chest with a single bullet, others viciously mauled as if by some wild animal. The other 12, however, have gathered to find the murderers, by lynching people one-by-one in broad daylight.

Hey, at least they're trying to do something about it.


Alive: 2

dylan41985 (replaced Sir Tornado), mafia+mason
Sir Tornado (replaced beanbagboy), mafia

Dead: 10

JordanA24, townie, eaten N0
Yosarian2, townie, shot N0
J-Man, townie, lynched D1
Adel, townie, shot + eaten N1
ojpower, townie, lynched D2
Stewie, monk, shot N2
The Greg, monk, eaten N2
LSU Tiger Josh, mafia, lynched D3
Sweenytodd, mason, eaten in end game
Guardian, mafia, eaten in end game (replaced now a ranger, haoala)