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He's that guy. The one who used to spend unholy amounts of time on the Song Contest. The one who views personal wiki pages as a mostly pointless self-masturbatory exercise in egotism, and who likes long under-used words like "self-masturbatory".


The Woodland Creatures

I once got invited to a fishing derby alongside several small woodland mammals. I refused to go because I didn't want to get into a piscine contest with a skunk.


[08:45:19 PM] jdodge1019: I'm awfully snitty towards everybody

[08:45:20 PM] Sir Tornado 88: /agree

[01:30:20 AM] jdodge1019: But my psychiatrist helped fix that problem

[01:30:20 AM] ultimaavalon: THIS IS TRUE

[01:36:16 AM] jdodge1019: I AM CRIBBAGE

[01:36:17 AM] buhbuhbam13: cribbage is amazing

Ksc0pe (14:40:36): Dodge, say something stupid

jdodge1019 (14:40:36): oh

unsanitary999: I just clicked that and looked at [...] cocks