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Total: 47/84 Achieved

I'm Mafia and what is this

[X] 0. Welcome to your life/There's no turning back
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[X] 1. This Game is Broken; It Says My Role in My Title
Join a game.
DEFCON Mafia 4.0
[X] 2. Forge Your Own Destiny
Win one game as Town.
For Us
[X] 3. The First Day of the Rest of your Life
Reach a LyLo Day as Town.
DEFCON Mafia 4.0
[X] 4. All You Must Do is Follow These Patterns (FOR THE REST OF YOUR GAMING LIFE)
As Town, be on the lynch of a Mafia member.
camn's revenge; Katsuki.
[X] 5. "Oh, by the way..."
Win one game as Mafia.
Star Wars Rogue One
[X] 6. Thénardier
As scum, seriously fakeclaim a power role.
Star Wars Rogue One (Informed Townie)
Have your alignment changed midgame.

[X] 8. "Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?"
Vig someone. Anyone. Preferably during the Day.
DEFCON Mafia 4.0; Papa Zito (failed), Cephrir (retracted/failed).
[ ] 9. Universal Backup
Replace into 10 games.

[X] 10. The New Wave
Join or start an avatar fad in one of your games. (5+)
SUPP Pokemon avatar.
[X] 11. Treasured Memory
Get quoted in someone else's signature.
MarioManiac4; 5/25/2017.
[X] 12. "I'm kind of a big deal"
Start your own wiki page.

[X] 13. An Experienced Challenge
Serve as an IC in a Newbie game.
Newbie 1779
[X] 14. Creator of Masks
Nominate a title that eventually gets accepted.
Wisdom; Of the One
[X] 15. Dance, puppets!
Successfully mod one game of Mafia.
Mini Normal 1873.
[X] 16. Absolute Freedom
Become eligible to mod a Large Theme.

[ ] AA. "Back When Mafiascum Was Good..."
Post once a month for 60 months.

[ ] AB. The Show Must Go On
As a backup mod, take over for an absent regular moderator and run the game to completion.

[X] AC. That's a Lot of Vote Counts
Moderate a game that lasted for over 100 pages.
Mini 1900
[ ] AD. Get Off My Lawn!
Play in a non-Newbie game where every other player has a newer join date than you.

[ ] AE. They Grow Up So Fast
Play in a game modded by someone whose first game you modded or ICd.

[X] AF. Eternal Rivalry
Play in at least three games with a player where you do not share the same alignment.
[ ] AG. All One Body We
Participate in five games where there were no modkills or replacements. (All games must have 9 players or more.)

[X] AH. And They Don't Stop Posting
Participate in a game that lasts for at least 300 pages, being alive for at least 200 of them.
Civilization Mafia

Some people call me savvy, savvy?

[X] 17. Slayer of Demons
As Town, drive the lynch of a groupscum player.
camn's revenge; Katsuki, Aeronaut.
[ ] 18. Trust Fall
As Town, win a game after participating in three-player LyLo.

As an informative role, claim an (accurate) incriminating result on a scum player who is not allied with you.

[ ] 20. Special Agent
As Cop, attain three investigations in one game.

[ ] 21. "Somebody saved my life tonight"
As a protective role, successfully protect a player of your own faction.

[X] 22. Target Acquired
As a killing role, successfully kill a scum-aligned player.
WWF Mafia; gerryoat.
[ ] 23. Han Solo
Kill a scum player as a dayvig.

[X] 24. We are the Champions
Win as Mafia without losing any members of your faction.
Civilization Mafia
[X] 25. A Plan to Kill Everyone You Meet
As scum, bus all of your scumpartners in a single game.
Star Wars Rogue One
[ ] 26. Sleeper Cell
As scum, win without ever participating in a lynching wagon.

[ ] 27. "How NOT to be seen"
Survive a game as Mafia while maintaining the lowest post count of all living players at all times.

[X] 28. "The day you ALMOST lynched Jack Sparrow"
Lynch a member of an opposing faction after being placed at L-1 that Day.
XP Mafia, Day 6.
[X] 29. Memetic Myth
Witness five people referring to you by your play (unprompted).

[ ] 30. The "Kenny" Award
Die at the earliest opportunity (Night 1 in Day Start games, Night 0 in Night Start games, or the Night after you replace in) five times.

[ ] BA. Sitting Duck
As scum, lose all of your scumpartners before Day 2 or at once. Then survive two mislynches.

[X] BB. Secret Weapon
As Town, replace into a game that has mislynched at least two players. Then lead a successful wagon on scum.
WWE RAW; malpascp.
[X] BC. Why Yes, I SHOULD Be Here
While using a hydra or alternate account, successfully complete a game without posting from the wrong account. (Min. 25 posts)
For Us
[X] BD. It Takes a Village
Review 10 games. Each game must not be considered horrible after being run.

[ ] BE. The "Battle Mage" Award
At any point in your history, be non-Town in three out of the last six games in which you were still alive on Day 3.

[ ] BF. Your--Touch--Magnetizing
Have the same player participate in five games you have run.

[X] BG. Alliance of the Chosen Ones
Win a game as one of multiple winning factions, OR win a game that your faction did not win.
WWF Mafia: Surviving five.

Moments you will treasure forever

[X] 31. Crystalline Logick
As Town, successfully create and follow a breaking strategy (i.e. one in which it is impossible to prevent Town from winning).
Yume's Cutsie UPick
[X] 32. But the Future Refused to Change
As scum, successfully create and follow a breaking strategy (i.e. one in which it is impossible to prevent you from winning over the span of at least two game Nights).
Star Wars Rogue One
[ ] 33. Untouchable
Go through an entire game without dying or garnering a single vote beyond the first 100 posts.

[X] 34. "Look! A Distraction!"
As scum, make a scumslip but still survive for another three Days.
Civilization Mafia (Wonder-slip)
[ ] 35. There Can Be Only One
Win a game as Serial Killer.

[ ] 36. Crack Shot
Wipe out three scum (or all of the scum) in a single game using only your killing ability and/or your investigative ability.

[X] 37. Death on Contact
As a Town replacement, identify and catch at least two scum.
TBD Mafia2
[X] 38. Magnificent Bastard
Successfully perform any of the gambits in Gambits. (Slayer's Gambit and Fong's Gambit don't count.)
XP Mafia, Chainsaw Defense (old).
[ ] 39. Notorious
Win a title.

[X] 40. They like me; they REALLY like me!
Get nominated for an individual Scummy in a category for which an award is actually given later.
camn's revenge; Kodak Moment, 2017 Scummies
[X] 41. I'd like to thank my parents and mith
Win a Scummy.
camn's revenge; Kodak Moment, 2017 Scummies
[ ] CA. Jigsaw
Have an Open setup you designed run in the Open queue.

[ ] CB. It's All About Me
As scum, lose all of your scumpartners before Day 2 or at once. Then survive to endgame.

It's okay to admit it... maybe

[X] 42. The Tribe Has Spoken
Get lynched Day 1.
Newbie 1791
[ ] 43. Cornered
Get lynched as Town at LyLo.

[X] 44. Flashing Neon Sign
As scum, make a scumslip.
 Star Wars Rogue One
[ ] 45. Good Night
Get lynched with yourself on the wagon, preferably as scum.

[X] 46. "I believe you found my chainsaw"
As scum, become the recipient of an incriminating investigation.
XP Mafia, Day 6.
[ ] 47. Mayday! Mayday!
Get night-killed as a Serial Killer.

[X] 48. YOU LIE!
As an informative role, claim an inaccurate result on a player (for whichever reason).
XP Mafia, Follower claimed different results.
[ ] 49. Socialized Medicine
As a Town protective role, protect only scum players.

[ ] 50. Pacifist
As a Town protective role, save a scum player from death.

[X] 51. Cobalt's Law
Be on every lynching wagon and L-1 wagon in a game, provided they are not against yourself.
For Us
[ ] 52. Less Chat, More Splat
As Town, place at least two hammer votes on Town-aligned players in the same game.

[ ] 53. Too Clever by Half
Get lynched following a gambit.

[X] 54. The Burning Bakery
Have an attempt to breadcrumb backfire, either because it was found out or because nobody found its critical message.
The Mystery at King's Landing (as House Bolton): Traitor-signals not received; Doctor breadcrumbs received.
[X] 55. With Arms Wide Open
Fake a post restriction for the duration of two game Days or its equivalent, preferably as a power role.
Magical Girls Mafia II, rhyming.
[ ] DA. Why Me?
As scum, be the last scum alive in the game, but never kill anyone.

[ ] DB. What Did I Do?
Die before making a single post.

[ ] DC. Friends in High Places
As scum, win despite getting lynched.

[ ] DD. Everyone Dies
As SK, win despite being dead at the end of the game.

[X] DE. Revenge of the Vig
Lose a game due to the game ending during Night instead of the normally-expected LyLo Day that would have occurred were it not for the choice night-kills.
DEFCON Mafia 4.0; MagnaofIllusion's venge-nuke on Vi.
[ ] DF. Spartacus
Counterclaim a role that has already been counterclaimed.

[X] DG. Snowball in Hell
Get counterclaimed by multiple people in the same game.

Do it for the Vine UPick; Masonizer.

[X] DH. Unsolicited Adviser
Participate in the postgame commentary of a game you were not in.

[X] DI. Deus Ex Moderator
Be spared from an inevitable lynch by a moderator action, Governor, or No Lynch deadline.
XP Mafia, lack of initial mod result gave opening to a fakeclaim.
[X] DJ. Outscummed
As scum, fail to win a game in spite of comprising 50% of the living players.
WWF Mafia; final 2 with Leonshade, but unable to kill.
[ ] DK. They Missed The Bus
As Town, get lynched the Day after driving a scum wagon.

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