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iLord is a Mafia player who predominantly plays on MTG Salvation, but has played on MafiaScum.

He is skeptical of the authenticity of "scum-hunting." As of 3/10/12, he has played or is playing in 28 games, on MTG Salvation, MafiaScum, and Art of Problem Solving.

Mafia Stats and Games

Stats at a Glance

7/3/10/5/2/1 (Town Win/Scum Win/Town Loss/Scum Loss/Abandoned/Ongoing)

18/9/0/1 (Town/Mafia/Neutral/Still Alive)

7/14/6/1 (Lynched/Nightkilled/Endgamed/Still Alive)

Newbie Games (3)

  • Newb 16 - Ithaca Mafia: 12/19/07 - 2/21/08. Modded by Apokalypse Kid
    • Mafia Goon, Nightkilled Night 2. Mafia Loss
    • This was my first game, and I was really excited. Unfortunately, I played rather unsatisfactorily and was vigged on Night 2 after my scumbuddies were lynched Day 1 and Day 2 respectively. Played on MTG Salvation.
  • Newb 17 - Team Fortress II Mafia: 2/22/07 - 3/23/08. Modded by Ged
    • Vanilla Townie, Lynched Day 1. Town Win
    • Weak scumteam - caught two members based on tells, and guessed correctly the last one. Unfortunately, I couldn't convince the town, and a desperate gambit sealed death for me on Day 1. The cop lead the town to victory at the end still. Not one of my better games. Played on MTG Salvation.
  • Newb 19 - Famous Decks Mafia: 5/05/08 - 8/28/08. Modded by Karmoderm
    • Vanilla Townie, Endamged. Town Loss
    • A long and grueling game that lasted the better part of four months. Lots of analysis and man-to-man quote wars, but not a lot of scumhunting. The only reason we caught two scum was because they got replaced and their claimed role contradicted the role the person they replaced claimed. At the 3-Player endgame, I made the wrong choice and lost it for the town. The mod gave me TOWN MVP, but we had a weak town overall. Played on MTG Salvation.

Mini Games (10)

  • Mushroom Kingdom II Mafia: 2/29/08 - 4/15/08. Modded by Diggy
    • Diseased Townie Cop, Nightkilled Night 1. Town Loss
    • Replaced in on Day 1. I led the town to the wrong play on Day 1 and we lynched a newb. To make matters worse, on Night 1, three townies died (1 SK kill, 1 Mafia kill, and 1 JOAT kill). The scum outplayed a massclaim and was erroneously declared the winner (the SK still could've won). An extremely swingy set-up with a lot of possible kills. Played on MTG Salvation.
  • Stratego Mafia: 3/14/08 - 6/25/08. Modded by LookingForReality
    • Blue Town Colonel, Nightkilled Night 1. Town Win
    • An interesting set-up that was effectively vanilla, but filled with red herrings. The biggest one was the "color Win Con" which stated that we could win with our color by capturing the other's flag. This distracted and split the town until the very end. Only two mafia, but was reasonably balanced. With some Win Con wording confusion at the beginning, I managed to "clear" a player and formulate a good attack on another. I got my target lynched, and he turned up scum. Interesting enough, I got nightkilled (perhaps to dodge possible doc protection). DGB got bulldozed by Azrael on Day 2 (She was playing as Kami_of_Lunacy), and turned up town. Also very interesting, the mod revealed that the Mafia knew about the town Win Con, making my Day 1 cases completely null. A long game as well, with quite an apathetic town at the end, but still managed to find the last scum. Played on MTG Salvation.
  • Mini Theme 651 - Sense Motive: 8/04/08 - 10/08/08. Modded by Xyzzy
    • Mafia Goon, Lynched Day 2. Mafia Loss
    • Was initially pretty excited about this game, but as the game moved on I realized how screwed the Mafia were. The mechanical twist in this setup was that no player would know his own alignment, but could "sense motive" a player at night to see whether that player was on your side. With the mafia having no advantage except for the kill versus what was effectively nine cops, we were slaughtered. Inactivity plagued this game (Both by the mod and the players) but it eventually ended. Played on MafiaScum.
  • Mini Theme 671 - Dwarf Fortress: 9/15/08 - 11/14/08. Modded by Claus
    • Town Miner (Suicide Vig), Nightkilled Night 2. Town Loss
    • Was a reasonably active game, although not really exceptional in hindsight. I was really aggressive in this game and directly pushed the mislynch of both townies while I was alive, so not my best game. Ended with a pretty neat SK win, although from the sidelines I felt that lynching the SK (Claimed survivor) was the obvious move. Played on MafiaScum.
  • Mini Theme 693 - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Mafia: 10/20/08 - 12/28/08. Modded by Tarhalindur
    • Town Doctor/Angel, Nightkilled Night 4. Town Loss
    • A pretty complex setup, involving Day and Night game states with different abilities and even alignments based on what game state it was on. Another example of me having really poor reads, and my poor play was compounded by my inactivity after I was forced to claim, knowing that no one was listening to me and that I would just be nightkilled the next day. Regardless, props to the fantastic setup. Played on MafiaScum.
  • Mini Theme 692 - Boost Mafia: 10/20/08 - 4/24/08. Modded by Patrick
    • Vanilla Townie, Nightkilled Night 1. Town Win
    • An interesting game where in addition to voting on the lynch, we also had to vote on two players to "Boost," which would bolster their abilities. Naturally, this added two more points that the town had to reach a consensus on and extended the game. I engaged in a lot of quote wars, but to very little actual gain despite my confidence in my reads. I did, however, correctly nail a scum on Day 1 and successfully got him lynched. The other townies really pulled through with plenty of analysis positioning them to correctly finger the last scum. Played on MafiaScum.
  • Kithkin Mafia: 3/03/09 - 4/19/09. Modded by ZasZ234
    • Untrackable Mafia, Made it to Endgame. Mafia Win
    • Probably my favorite game of mafia every played. Started off strong behaviorally, but was forced to bus a scumbuddy on Day 1. Things went okay the next day, but my other scumbuddy was vigged on Night 2. One mafia against a self-protecting doc, a full vig, a watcher, and three other townies seemed like an impossible situation, but a combination of playing for the best and a weak town allowed me to kill the vig, create a nearly foolproof false claim, get a townie lynched, another vigged, lylo gambit-lynch the watcher, and luckily dodge the doc protect on the last night for the win. Really epic and enjoyable endgame, although it was less my good play, and more of the town's incompetence. Played on MTG Salvation.
  • Science Mafia: 11/07/09 - 12/11/09. Modded by Jobie
    • Vanilla Townie, Nightkilled Night 4. Town Win
    • A very standard setup compared to the other Minis I've played on Sally. This was the first time I'd played Mafia in a while, and I was using it to get used to the game again. I was slightly more cautious than usual in this game, and tried to avoid getting into unnecessary quote wars with other players. The result was that I was successfully able to spend less time and distract the town less, although doing so did not improve my reads at all. Ironically, I could not convince myself that Kraj was not scum (Even after my death), but in the end, his reads proved to be amazingly accurate, even pegging a Godfather through an innocent investigation. Played on MTG Salvation.
  • Cyan's Impossible Mafia (Game B): 11/07/11 - 1/5/12. Modded by Seppel
    • 100-Post Ability Cop, Nightkilled Night 1. Town Loss
    • Evidently a highly anticipated game that ended up being run twice simultaneously on two private threads. It sounds a bit convoluted, but ran without a hitch. Since I was nightkilled the first night, my involvement in the game wasn't extensive, but a daykill in the first day allowed me to unfortunately have a hand in the deaths of two townies. The mafia ended up running circles around the town, partially due to a fair bit of power on the town funneled towards some poor decisions. Played on MTG Salvation.
  • Clue Mafia: 12/22/11 - 2/9/12. Modded by Kraj
    • Death Manipulator, Survived to the end. Town Wins
    • A very neat game with a lot of fun and powerful roles. I never really got a chance to try out my role because the town won so quickly, but I was very excited and intrigued by the role nonetheless. I didn't really play a major role in either of the two lynches (or game winning vigilante shot) that won the game - my reads were characteristically off. Towards the end my activity waned, so I don't quite recall most of the specifics of how the game played out, but sort of a vanguard of analysts lead the town to victory. Played on MTG Salvation.

Normals and Large Themes (14)

  • Song of Ice and Fire Mafia: 1/30/08 - 3/16/08. Modded by Loran16
    • Lannister Mafia Letter Writer, Lynched Day 1. Mafia Loss
    • Faction based set-up and game with several interesting twists. This was my second ever game, and I completely melted under pressure on Day 1 and got lynched. A poor scum team caused several of my buddies to follow suit, but we got the town to Lynch or Lose just because of the sheer number of scum in the game. Played on MTG Salvation.
  • Points Mafia: 5/20/08 - 6/25/08. Modded by Axelrod
    • Townie with 9 Points, Lynched Day 6. Town Loss
    • Was a very interesting set-up where you bought abilities with points. Most of the town (including me) messed up by buying Lynch Vulnerability (which made the lynch threshold for that player 2 less than normal), and the Mafia won with a combonation of Double Life and Double Vote, controling the lynch even though we knew who all of the Mafia were (I bought Role Cop, and a lot of the town bought powerful information roles). Very cool game, even though I got lynched in 5 minutes. Played on MTG Salvation.
  • Warhammer 40K Mafia: 4/11/08 - 7/15/08. Modded by Absolutionis
    • Townie Inventor, Made it to Endgame. Town Win
    • Quite a flavorful setup with a mix of interesting attributes, hidden abilities, and separate factions. Ignoring a claimed 3rd faction player, the town managed to string three successful lynches against the mafia. The 3rd faction was never really a great obstacle to the town, and it was only after the death of the last mafia that the town dealt with them for the win. The setup was fair, but tilted against the 3rd party definitely. Played on MTG Salvation.
  • Normal 34 - NYC Mafia: 5/24/08 - 11/15/08. Modded by perfect628
    • Mafia Goon, Lynched Day 1. Abandoned
    • A fairly standard two mafia groups setup, with a slight twist dealing with apartment room numbers. First game on AOPS so did a lot of testing the waters. The result was me completely domineering the town and bulldozing a townie lynch on basically nothing. Day 2 quickly resulted in my lynch, due to the incorrect assumption that I'm scum because I was wrong on Day 1, as well as because I could not post for a period of a few days. Played on Art of Problem Solving.
  • Final Fantasy VII Mafia: 7/15/08 - 10/29/08. Modded by CropCircles
    • Townie Limited Cop, Lynched Day 1. Town Loss (SK Win)
    • Replaced in Day 1. A really epic and swingy setup, starring Sephiroth as a Daykiller SK with three simultaneous kills and a KH themed cult. Really didn't get to experience a lot of it though, as I panicked early on in Day 1, SoIaF style, leading to my lynch (Not to mention being screwed over by rolename). This was a 26 player setup, slightly larger than usual, but the Cyan was able to pull out of it with an epic SK way. Aside from that, had an interesting seeker mafia mechanic, but I wasn't alive to actually experience anything but my bandwagon. Played on MTG Salvation.
  • The Price is Right Mafia: 10/17/08 - 12/30/08. Modded by Xyzzy
    • Vanilla Townie, Never died. Abandoned
    • This was really more of a MishMash game rather than a proper Mafia game. Fashioned after the game show, we had to vote players into progressing slots in succession, with the faction of the winning player winning the game. We soon figured out that we'd need to reach the consensus way more times than practical, and the game soon streamed into inactivity despite attempts to create an efficient "filtering" system. Failed immensely on my reads, although I was in a pretty good position to be voted up. Played on MafiaScum.
  • Normal 36 - Mt. Chimney Mafia: 7/29/08 - 11/25/08. Modded by lingomaniac88
    • Mafia Goon, Nightkilled Night 1. Abandoned
    • Performed a similar bulldozing procedure as the in NYC Mafia. Didn't even make to the next day though, as I got vigged. This was a pretty good game for an AOPS setup - it was relatively balanced and the game finished properly within a reasonable period of time. The SK win was also very well done. Played on Art of Problem Solving.
  • Final Fantasy VII Mafia: 9/12/08 - 3/15/10. Modded by Elias_the_thief
    • Mafia Goon, Nightkilled Night 1. Mafia Lost (Draw)
    • My second FFVII Mafia game, and this time I was Mafia. This game bore sharp similarities to Mt. Chimney Mafia on AoPS, with Day 1 consisting of mostly a scum-driven mislynch (Not to mention two townies false-claiming cop!), with me getting crosskilled on Night 1. Didn't really follow along after my death, but from what I could gather, there were simply too much scum in the setup, and the town could not keep up what eventually ended up in a tie between the SK and one of the Mafia factions. Played on MafiaScum.
  • Traitor Mafia: 9/09/08 - 1/10/10. Modded by Skruffs, Armlx
    • Mafia Traitor, Nightkilled Night 4. Mafia Win
    • A fantastically intriguing setup where everyone started off town and could decide to switch to mafia whenever they wanted. Actually one of my more successful games, I was able to correctly peg one of the four actual mafia when town, distance from the same mafioso effectively after I was tricked into turning scum (By a townie nonetheless), and then through was distancing that mafioso was able to secure win for the mafia. Played on MafiaScum.
  • Star Trek: Expanded Universe Mafia: 12/13/08 - 1/26/09. Modded by Annorax
    • Townie RaceCop, Nightkilled Night 2. Town Win
    • The game started while I was on V/LA, and when I returned I had to make some of my longest posts. There were a lot of really new players in this one, with one raving first-time player thinking he had role information. After he was dayviged, the game proceeded much more tamely, and I was able to weave coherent analysis, including correctly identifying one scum. Another scum tripped up, however, and I was nightkilled before I was able to pursue my target. The game was immensely broken, however, due to one townie being notified of the identities of two of the mafia members, and despite the town's sub-par play, they still won. Played on MTG Salvation.
  • Normal 43 - Metwoville Mafia: 7/23/09 - 11/19/09. Modded by mewto55555
    • Town Spartacus (Uber JOAT), Nightkilled Night 3. Town Lost (SK Win)
    • In a game filled with annoying posting restrictions, I got possibly the most broken role ever. At the cost of claiming in thread, I was a full-blown self-protecting doctor/guaranteed sane cop/recruiter mason/open ended inventor. I failed on most of my reads, but my role alone should have been enough to win the game for the town. However, a ridiculous turn of events led to me being targeted by two separate nightkills and thus through my single doc protection. The game was won through an SK taking advantage of a bastard mod alignment shift in conjunction with my innocent cop investigation on him prior to his change. A wild bastard mod setup, but the town coped decently, even the one that had to post backwards and in Italian. Played on Art of Problem Solving.
  • Inheritance Mafia: 3/12/09 - 10/16/09. Modded by Azrael
    • Mafia Radiation Expert, Daykilled Day 4. Mafia Win
    • As can be expected of an Azrael game, this game broke several records. It was the longest game I've ever been in in terms of time, the longest game on Sally in terms of length (Breaking the record set by Azrael's last game, Matrix Mafia), and undeniably the most complex game I've ever seen. Azrael was not very successful in achieving his goals of eliminating setup gaming and focusing on behavioral analysis, so I feel that at least in that area, this setup was a failure its massive level of complexity only served to confuse players and prevent ability coordination. In regards to my personal involvement, I was caught early Day 1, but through a series of extraordinary circumstances managed to dodge three lynches until my belated death on Day 4 (And not due to a valid behavioral reason at that point either). I was extremely busy throughout my involvement in this game and lurked pretty heavily, and I definitely did not have the stamina to finish reading this game. I'm of the impression that the mafia won due to the town being unable to effectively utilize their abilities. Played on MTG Salvation.
  • ZOMBIES!! Mafia: 2/22/10 - 5/11/10. Modded by farside22
    • Vanilla Townie, Endgamed Night 6. Town Loss
    • Zombie-themed cult setup. A decently fun game, but overall a very weak town that only got even close to winning on the strength of the town power roles. The town never made a correct lynch during the entire game without the aid of power roles, and even delayed one the lynch of a player that was caught by a power role for two days. Some very conspicuously bad mislynches that I disagreed with, but overall my play was not spectacular either, with me being relatively accurate early on, but failing completely as the game drew to a close, with me finally agreeing with a mislynch on the penultimate day and begging to be recruited on the last one. In the end, I hammered under the hope that I would be recruited by the last remaining cult leader, which ultimately did not play out as planned. Played on MafiaScum.
  • Stars Aligned Mafia II: 2/16/10 - 7/12/10. Modded by Percy, Vi
    • Investigator, Nightkilled Night 7. Town Loss
    • Unique, complex, flavorful setup. The town started off spectacularly, not mislynching a single time until Day 7. I've never been as positive as I was around Day 4 or 5 in this game that the town was going to win. A series of abrupt mistakes (Including my own misvig), left the town's leaders and top analysts dead. The last scum was able to fabricate a claim-based lie that cemented his position among the town as the remaining players stumbled over each other, resulting in a Cultist victory in a game they would've had no business winning in. The game's unique appeal was that each player had a shared pool of abilities from which to choose from, and that any player could decide to go third-party if they so desired (A fact that hurt the players who decided to stay town significantly because of the surplus of scum bodies). A brief spell of mechanics discussion led to some corrections on the moderator's part, but left the town an exploit that they used to its full effect. I suspect that if this game had been shorter in both length and time, and the town would have been less apathetic during the middle days and actually focused on analyzing the plethora of mechanical information available. Played on MafiaScum.

Ongoing (1)

Modded Games (5)

  • Normal 35 - List Mafia: 6/15/08 - 8/09/08. Modded by iLord
    • Setup Here. Mafia Win
    • This was definitely my favorite setups out of all the setups I've modded. The roles were flavorful, unique, mechanically interesting, and shared a common theme. I was inspired by the work of Agatha Christie to create the setting for this game, and I feel the setup reflected that mystery feel really nicely. Unfortunately, the player base was not up to the challenge of dealing with such a setup. The experienced players on the mafia were perfect for exploiting their position and massacred the town with a perfect mafia win on Day 2, actually earning allegations from the town that the setup supported the mafia. Modded on Art of Problem Solving.
  • Mini 708 - Cheat Mafia: 11/15/08 - 3/31/09. Modded by iLord
    • Setup Here. Town Win
    • This was my try at a unique mechanic focused mafia setup. Although it was initially successful, my inactivity soon inhibited me from posting flavor scenes at the end, but I was able to see the game through. The game went through almost exactly as intended (Although with seven replacements!), and it appears that the mafia were slightly shafted. I feel like everyone really enjoyed the game however, because as they proceeded and filled in more correct answers on their test, they got more abilities (And everyone loves to get more abilities). In hindsight, this was pretty mediocre setup, but one that I myself would've enjoyed playing in due to the modified mechanics (Including Alltalk). Modded on MafiaScum.
  • Fahrenheit 451 Mafia: 1/27/10 - 2/21/10. Modded by iLord
    • Setup Here. Intellectual Rebirth Win
    • My goal with this setup was to really use the flavor of F451 to setup a situation where the players of the town would decide which faction was "town" and which faction was "mafia." In our case, the town ultimately to decide to go after firemen, but just as easily they could've branded bman65 as scum and lynched him. The Firemen got steamrolled, but the issue with the setup with the setup was mostly due to the ability of three roles to confirm alignments with each other (Incidentally, and issue that was never encountered because the Firemen lost so quickly). Modded on MTG Salvation.
  • Mini 957 - Everyone's a Hero Mafia: 4/18/10 - 6/5/10. Modded by iLord
    • Setup Here. Mafia Win
    • A Dr. Horrible themed Mini, focusing on behavioral analysis over claim analysis. Was chock full of power roles, some of which didn't work out as well as I thought, but seriously flawed because of the setup being unbalanced against the town. A seeker pair plus three scum equals too much scum for the town to deal with, and even though they only mislynched twice, they lost. Could have turned out a lot better, and is a mistake akin to F451 Mafia. Modded on MafiaScum.
  • Final Fantasy Mafia: 1/26/11 - 6/9/11. Modded by iLord and MandersHex
    • Setup Here. Mafia Wins
    • An unique setup boasting RPG-style elements instead of a conventional lynch mechanic. The town was distracted by scummy townies and lost an early advantage that snowballed into their defeat. The game developed into a contest between the mafia and the SK, and the game was more or less decided after the SK was killed. The ambitious setup ran pretty much exactly as expected, with only minor changes that I wish I had thoguht of before the start of the game. Modded on MTG Salvation.