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Games Played

Road to Rome

  • Newbie #1003, modded by Sotty7
    • Role: Townie, Survived
    • Result: Win

Central Park

  • Open #279, Rusty Guillotine Mafia, modded by hitogoroshi
    • Role: 1-Shot Day Vig, killed N2
    • Result: Loss

Little Italy

  • Mini #565, Lethal Weapon, modded by Jester
    • Role: Mafia, replaced JimSauce D4, lynched D4
    • Result: Win
  • Mini #1234, Masquerade Mafia, modded by Mute
    • Role: ???
    • Result: ???

Coney Island

  • Mini #760, Bleach Mafia, modded by OhGodMyLife
    • Role: Yasutora Sado, Town 1-Shot Unnightkillable, Latent Vigilante, killed N4
    • Result: Win
  • Mini #822, Bleach Mafia: Soul Society, modded by OhGodMyLife
    • Role: Momo Hinamori, Role-Blocker, replaced Pim during confirmations, killed N2
    • Result: Loss
  • Mini #894, Vortex Mafia, modded by Kinetic
    • Role: Mary, Neighbor, replaced Boxman D3, endgamed
    • Result: Loss
  • Mini #1192: My Little Pony Mafia, modded by Twilight Sparkle
    • Role: Applejack, Apple Farmer, Townie, replaced Equinox D2, survived
    • Result: Win
  • Mini #1251: Hitchhiker's Mafia, modded by imaginality

New York