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X has been playing Mafia for over a year. He has not won a game as Town yet or been revealed to have had the same role multiple times.


X attempts to be a very logical gamer. He does not get nearly as emotionally involved with the game as intellectually involved. He sticks to medium-sized posts, but will sometimes post very short or very long messages. Lack of thorough discussion or mediocre activity can irk him. In most of his games, he has stayed alive until endgame, and then died.

As a moderator, he aims to be unintrusive, regular, and dependable. Unorthodox positions that he holds include:

  • Claiming or fakeclaiming scumbuddies should be allowed
  • V/LA should be bolded and in-thread
  • Calling other players drunk or high is a personal attack
  • Personal attacks deserve modkill

Games Played

  • Game Name - Point of Entry:Time of Death - Role - Win/Loss

Marathon Day Games

Games Modded

  • Game Name - Result

Marathon Day Games