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A MeatWorld Meetup hosted by stark on June 27-29, 2008 in Pittsburgh, PA. Some of the event has been recorded via webcam.

Daily Logs

Friday, June 27th

OGML's car arrives at about 3 in the morning. The seven of us play mafia until about 5:30 am. Glork dies a lot. *Bang!* cards are used: "Bang!" is vanilla; "Beer" is scum; "Mistress" is a mystery role.

Stark's room has communist propaganda scribbled onto its walls in red.

We have breakfast (well, lunch). The neighbor's wireless is down, though there's an old computer with a cable. We play Risk and Psychologist (with Ether as the clueless psychologist). Glork, BA, Snacker, Quagmire, Shea and Ether go to a baseball game, whilst Stark, Yosarian, OGML and Dahill play more Risk. The Rays beat the Pirates 10 to 5 over the course of four hours; this is the extent to which Ether pays attention, and she is the person typing this report. Then they come back and play Guillotine and poker.

Saturday, June 28th

It is now Day 2. The others are playing Guillotine. Stark made some blank Starkadium booklets with monkeys on them for everyone. The Internet is back up.

We ride around trying to find a place we made reservations at for dinner. We fail. But we do get to see mimes and furries. After giving up finding the place we head back and order pizza instead.

Quagmire finds a condom on Ether's pillow. OGML planted it there, plus another on Glork's pillow.

More mafia.

Sunday, June 29th

Mafia Games Played

Uh, we were supposed to record these? I don't remember much, but:

  • Starkmod: 1 serial killer vs. 1 mystery role, 4 vanilla townies
  • Caffmod: 1 serial killer/silencer vs. 1 dayvig, 4 vanilla townies
  • OGMmod: 1 serial poisoner-silencer vs. 1 mystery role, 4 vanilla townies
  • General format: 1 serial killer vs. 1 mystery role, 4 vanilla townies
  • Caffmod: 2 kill-less mafia silencers vs. 4 townies; vengekill allowed in 5-player LyLo

Mystery roles included one-shot cock, bulletcock, mass cock silencer, cockblocker, cock hider and lightning cock. In other news, Quagmire likes cocks.

  • BAmod: closed setup, 8 players: 1 goon (Quagmire) + 1 scum mason (Thestatusquo) vs. 2 vanilla townies (Dahill1, Glork) + 1 mason (Ether) + 1 PGO (Yosarian2) + 1 doctor (OhGodMyLife) + 1 tracker (stark)
    • We all had odd bits of information, except OGML. Shea and Ether knew neither of them had killed BA; some people knew of their affair. Others knew Yosarian arrived last. Shea denied being masons with Ether. Stark claimed tracker. Yosarian claimed PGO to prevent him from tracking him. Yosarian2 lynched Day 1.
    • No one died Night 1. (Apparently this was an error; OGML meant to protect Glork but was interpretted as protecting Stark, the attempted nightkill.)
    • Quagmire and OGML both claimed doctor; for some reason some of us thought there was only one scumbag; Shea claimed unnightkillable; we lynched Quagmire.
    • Stark tracked Shea to OGML, who died. So we lynched him. Game over.
  • dahillmod: 3 kill-less mafia who didn't know each other vs. 2 vigs; win by elimination.
    • No one won.
  • Starkmod: closed setup, 8 survivors who flipped as protown power roles vs. 1 SK who gave everyone 1 shot kills when he died.
    • The "town" figured it out and killed the serial killer on Day 1. Stark did not understand the concept of "survivor" and forced us to keep killing each other.

Board/Card Games Played

  • Risk
  • Guillotine
  • Poker
  • Chess
  • Scrabble
  • Backgammon
  • Intrigue

Memorable Quotes

  • "Thok and I have a deep and loving relationship." -Quagmire
  • "Right on, for sure." (Repeated, many times) - Stark

Memorable Moments

  • Shea dropping the card we were using for roles, BA seeing it from across the room. BA laughs, proclaims he saw Shea's role, votes Shea, everyone else votes Shea, Shea was town.
  • Shea getting the role of "Non NKable Townie" in a game with 4 Odd Night SK's and 4 Even Night SK's and being forced into a claim and lynched day 1.
  • Snacker getting bandwagonned and hammered in about 10 seconds and flipping scum.
  • While playing wtih the *Bang* cards as roles early on (first couple games, open setup), BA quickly turns to Snacker and asks "What is your role?", Snacker does not remember what the card is for the townie (Bang) and is lynched, coming up scum.
  • Yos being incorrectly lynched in End Game by dahill 3 times.
  • Cock jokes.