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EPYC 2: Chains of Glory/Chain 18

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Chain 18: ChannelDelibird's Chain

3. ChannelDelibird - Phrase

"The detective deduced that the murderer had suffocated his victim with several fish."

18. populartajo - Picture

Chain 18 pic 1.jpg

29. StrangerCoug - Phrase

"The murderer thought about fish and swordsmen."

12. tanstalas - Picture


21. Charlie - Phrase

"On second thoughts, sword-dueling over the anchovies and salmon is a better idea than a bullet through the head."

34. Sudo_Nym - Picture


23. mith - Phrase

"The man wishes he had brought a gun to the sword fight, while two fish watch."

30. Jahudo - Picture


11. animorpherv1 - Phrase

"I wish I brought my gun to the knife fight!"

38. bvoigt - Picture


13. quadz08 - Phrase

"I wish I had brought a gun to this knife fight."

4. VasudeVa - Picture


2. TonyMontana - Phrase

"After almost stabbing a guy to death, the villain demands he repents and converts to christianity, not realizing that doing so would bring about the second coming of asian Christ, armed to the teeth with automatic weapons."

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