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EPYC 2: Chains of Glory/Chain 14

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Chain 14: Shanba's Chain

25. Shanba - Phrase

"The road to Hell is paved with good intentions."

5. KittyMo - Picture


16. mallowgeno - Phrase

"Peace on Earth and death in Hell."

11. gandalf5166 - Picture


35. Nikanor - Phrase

"All people are peaceful (except Vikings)."

2. TonyMontana - Picture


13. SaintKerrigan - Phrase

"As usual, Johnny and Carl were clowning around when the family photo was shot."

9. Equinox - Picture


1. Fenchurch - Phrase

"Here's a Christmas card from my relatives who live in Pokemon land. The twins are being scamps as usual."

37. Faraday - Picture


33. Chevre - Phrase

"A pamphlet cover depicted Santa Claus flying away after leaving behind a giant PokéBall."

14. Robocopter87 - Picture


21. Charlie - Phrase

"Seasons Greetings: Santa Claus' special PokéBall delivery on a red-nosed bear."

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