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The Setups Portal:
A setup is a combination of Power Roles and/or mechanics used in a game of Mafia. Each setup brings its own strategies and approaches, allowing players to tailor the game to their tastes; the almost endless amount of possibilities is one of the things that makes Mafia such a unique game. In this portal you will find a large collection of setups, ready to be used for your own purposes. You'll also find an F.A.Q. further below to have any questions answered.

There are currently 306 setups on the MafiaWiki.

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What is the difference between an "Open" and "Closed" setup?

An Open Setup is a setup in which the players know all the roles and mechanics present in the game they are playing. A Closed Setup is a setup in which the players do not have this information. The roles in a closed setup are chosen before the game starts by a Moderator, and are oft reviewed by peers for balance. Moderators tend to vary which roles they utilise and how as to refrain from being predictable. At present, the MafiaWiki only documents open setups. Running an open setup as closed is theoretically possible, but normally a bad idea due to various balance reasons.

You may notice we also have a third type of setup on the wiki however: Semi-Open Setups. These are setups in which the players know that certain specific roles may be in the game, but not which ones their game contains.

What are the setup sizes used on MafiaScum?

Setups played on MafiaScum are always one of three sizes: Micro, Mini, or Large. Micro games contain less than 9 players, Mini games 10 to 13 players, and large games have anything above 14 players.

What is a "Multiball" setup?

A Multiball setup is a setup in which more than one anti-town faction is present, containing at least 2 members (with the exception of a Serial Killer). The Town is usually required to eliminate all the opposing Factions to achieve their Win-Condition.

What is a "Royal" setup?

A Royal setup is a setup similar to Assassin in the Palace (A.I.T.P.), which differs from regular Mafia as due to the existence of an informed majority instead of an informed minority. All setups inspired by A.I.T.P. are counted as Royal setups.

How are setups sorted on the MafiaWiki?

All setups on the MafiaWiki have been categorized by the sizes used on the forums: "Micro", "Mini", and "Large". Furthermore there exist three further categories for specific types of setups: "Multiball", "Royal", and "Semi-Open".

Open Queue Setups

On the forums there exists an queue for open setups, named Central Park. Here moderators can only host games from an approved list, created by the queue's List Moderator. These are the "Approved Open Setups", and are sorted by size. Occasionally the list moderator approves a setup to be played as a trial-run a few times, and those setups are the "Untested Open Setups", also sorted by size.

Information for Wiki-Contributors:
A lot of work was put into organizing this section of the MafiaWiki, to keep it in this state we have some standards every setup-page must live up to.


  • Each setup-page must be named the with name of the actual setup.
  • Each setup-page must include the setup-template (See below).
  • Each setup-page must contain all the roles and mechanics included.
  • Any unconventional mechanics or roles must be explained on the page, or have links to other page(s) explaining them.
  • There should be a short introduction on every setup page providing a general outline of its concept.


There exist various templates intended to be used on setup-pages.


The Setups template is obligatory on every setup-page. It is used to categorize each setup, whilst also displaying an info-box on the top-right of a page. Further information can be found here: Template:Setups


The RolePM template exists to make the process of adding example role-PM's to setup-pages easier, containing a large collection of standard role-PM's as well as automatic formatting for custom role-PM's. Further information can be found here: Template:RolePM


The SetupHistory template is used to display the played games of a setup, and allow easy generation of statistics regarding win-percentages. Further information can be found here: Template:SetupHistory


The SetupPage template formats a setup-page correctly, by providing it with the necessary information. Further information can be found here: Template:SetupPage