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Hall of Fame

These are some of my favorite games of all time! Whether I felt like I played well, the game was designed, the playerlist was amazing, or simply that there were some classic moments in the game, this games all are really special to me for various reasons. Mostly though, these are all games who changed or define who I am as a player. For an actual chronological list of ALL my games, go to my Aeronaut Game Timeline page.

Top Five

NY 187: Pariah's Mafia (2015)

Role: Serial Killer (1-Shot-BP, DV)
Who Made It Great: RadiantCowbells, BlueBloodedToffee, Titus, Boonskiies
Such. A. Great. Game. This is my first ever win in my favorite role as a Serial Killer, mixed with a kick-ass setup and a truly fun playerlist. Everyone challenged me hard, and I think that this game was the most strategy-heavy game I'd ever been involved in at this point, especially around endgame. Never have I felt so tense at the end of a game. My role was really fun and intriguing; a double-voting serial killer. My strategy was pretty simple at the start, to get rid of the most experienced players as early as possible, leaving a majority newer players that wouldn't see through my bullshit. Systematically, I took out those who opposed me while using the double vote to create distrust and paranoia. Town didn't really stand a chance in the game, just being filled with some inexperience, but I killed 3/4 members of the scum team, ending with Titus in Lylo. I just absolutely had a blast with this one, and I'll always be a little bit proud of it. Modded by Pisskop

NY180: Ika's Game (2015)

Role: Mafia Goon
Who Made It Great: Cheetory6, T S O, goodmorning, Ozgin
Such a fun (and long) game I played with many of my old friends on-site. I was on a scum team with Ozgin, Cheetory6, Silverwolf and Pisskop, all people who don't play as much anymore. It was a crazy game from the start, with fakeclaims, modkills, shenanigans galore. Since Silverwolf was a traitor and we didn't know she existed on our team yet, the three of us (Cheetory, Ozgin, and I) stuck it out for a really long time, and we fucking controlled this game. I think my favorite part of this game were the people on my team; Cheetory and Ozgin were like best friends in our scum chat, cheering each other on and generally being supportive, in a way that you don't always see on a scumteam. Looking back, this game involved a lot less strategy than I had thought it did at the time for me, but boy were we having fun.

It wasn't until Day 5, when we found out that T S O was a SK/Mass murderer via a rolecop that things got really interesting; He and I fought it out trying to get the other lynched, both knowing the other was scum but unable to say so outright because of what it would imply. It was one of the most intense experiences in mafia I've every had, especially TSO and I were (and remained) good friends onsite. TSO eventually got me lynched. After my lynch shit really hit the fan with people accussing eachother left and right, but fortunately, on Day 7, Cheetory was able to secure us the win in LYLO. Looking back, no, this definitely wasn't my best played game, but at the same time, it was such a ride that I'll always love it anyway. Modded drunkenly by Ika.

NY175: Sycamore Scuffle (2014)

Role: Serial Killer
Who Made It Great: Alina, Wake88, Cabd, Juls
Sycamore Scuffle holds a place in my heart not only for being only my second ever game, but also one where I got through 5 days as a serial killer, playing my first time as scum. This serial killer role (created by Toomai) and it's mechanics is still to this date my favorite role of all time. I did not win this game of course, but I was always proud of myself for getting so far while still being so new, and without any support besides myself. This game is why I'm known to love being 3rd Party/Serial Killer; There's no associations, no other opinions, nobody to stand in your way. If you win, you got there on your own. There's no being carried, and there is nobody to carry you. Absolute favorite role.

The game itself was also really well designed, with a real fun classic playlist. I also managed to wipe out 2/4 of the scum team on my own, which is really swell because they would have swept otherwise. As with my original newbie stratagy I love looking back at this game to see how my strategy has changed over the years. Modded heroically by Toomai

Mewbie 1435 (2013)

Role: Vanilla Townie
Who Made It Great: Titus, Thor665
My first-ever Mafia game. I always like to look back at this game because I can see how far I've come (or haven't come!) since my original take on how to play the game. Needles to say, I was pretty new, and didn't know how a lot of game terms / theory. I pushed people for the wrong reasons and was very easily swayed! We won regardless, however, and I had a blast playing it! I love to look back at this game when dealing with newbies in other games. Modded enthusiastically by Malakittens

Mini 1632: Zar's Holiday Bash! (2015)

Role: Mafia Goon
Who Made It Great: Thor665, Kuribo, Serrapaladin
This game was the first one where I felt I was at least a little bit competent as scum; in that I had fooled a lot of people for a little bit. I was still new, but both of my buddies got replaced numerous times, so I was just sort of holding on. This game sticks with me, though, because it's where I first showed my recurring tendency to absolutely scorched earth the game when I'm close to a lynch as scum; meaning that I pull every trick in the book, try every gambit, until it's over. This was later repeated in a 2016 game (The Force Awakens Mafia), but here I basically claimed four different things and bought as much time as possible, which is similar to what happened here. I eventually lost in LYLO, but I would have been a goner much earlier had I not started this trademark Aero play style, and it was such an interesting game for me because of that fact. Modded wonderfully by Zar