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Whiskers matches her town meta to her scum meta so she always plays like pro-town scum. She is a sometimes a pony, but always a cat. Her blacklist contains RapidCanyon and UberNinja, in addition to some banned players.

She does not keep her wiki updated.

Completed Games by most recent completion

Format stolen from Vi



Name Type Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Murder in Sicily Mini Normal Bub Bidderskins Vanilla Townie Lynched Night 4 Town Wins 26 July - 2 Sept 2011 Original Player
Setup was somewhat unbalanced-- Tracker, Cop, Jailkeeper against Mafia Godfather. Also, one of the scum (Friend) was V/LA overnight so the godfather had to send in the kill.

Lynched badnoob Mafia good D1, lynched xvart, the Godfather, Day 2 -- Jailkept and gambitted by Maruchan, xvart made a scumslip/confession and ended up self-hammering. It go to the point where the town could just lynch a player every day and eventually get the scum-- and that's exactly what happened. I hammered myself because we were just going down the list of "who to lynch next." Bub bidderskins had soem really fantastic flavor for myself-hammer, though.


Name Type Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
The Beehive Mystery Mini Normal Klazam Mason Killed Night 3 Town Wins 26 July - 26 Aug 2011 Replaced rblinker123

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Name Type Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Streeth Fighter Mafia Marathon Kise ROLE Lynched Day 2 OUTCOME DATE Original Player



Name Type Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Bowser's Potluck Surprise Mafia Marathon Bowser Chef Torte Nightkilled Night 4 Town Wins 22-23 July 2011 Original Player
The original role had a partner-- Chef Torte knew who his assistant was. Since this was a recycled role, I didn't have that, and was just a VT.

The game ended because Bowser unlocked the thread after night 2 and chkflip and Oversoul voted for silverbullet999 before the day started. With 3 alive, it's 2 to lynch. nopointactingup, who had been replaced by chkflip, posted a "woohoo" post and practically claimed scum for both of them. Because the day hadn't started yet, chkflip and Oversoul's votes weren't counted, leaving Oversoul and silverbullet999 to lynch chkflip, resulting in a town win. Really, this is a case of "dead players shouldn't post until the game has been declared over" and of "scum shouldn't claim until after role PMs have been posted."


Name Type Moderator Role Decision Time Entry
Anime UPick 2 Marathon Tragedy Saki Hanajima, Town Psychic Mod Abandoned/Mafia Win 22 July 2011 Original Player
The result on this was was a special case, I formulated a plan and the players left in the game came to a consensus.

The setup: Leonshade abandoned, Ranmaru was out for a long time because she had to get milk, hoppster was sicenced due to a mod error on D1, and then Tragedy herself left after a while. We were pretty sure we wanted to lynch leonshade, so the three remaining players (Hiplop, myself, and Ranmaru (back from milk)) decided to end the game under the conditions that if one of us flipped scum, scum won. ...Scum won. x___x


Name Type Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Anime UPick Marathon Tragedy Lucy/ Nyuu Lynched Day 2 3rd Party SK Win Day 3 22 July 2011 Original Player
Whiskers, who was Nyuu (Not Really An Innocent Townie), was lynched D2.