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It was a dark and stormy night. The friends sat down at the table. Suddenly, a CRASH of lighting boomed throughout the house. The lights flickered. A pistol shot rang out.

When the lights turned back on, one of them had a bullet wound in the foot...

And that person was me.

As you can clearly see, I'm a professional at this.

Who Am I?

Hi, I'm me, how are you?

Name's Cook, nicknamed Cookie by Flea The Magician, unless it's confusing, for some reason. Scumday's the 5th of December.

I'm officially terrible at Mafia.

What Have I Done?

Game Forum Role Status Who Won? Notes
Newbie 2044 Road To Rome Mafia Rolecop Eliminated D3 Town Accidentally nokilled N1, Doc saved target N2. Teammate thought a Doc claim would find the real Doc after we found the tracker, but I jumped the gun and claimed early, nearly limmed the doc because of one scummy-as-heck player. During twilight, tracker I found claimed and had tracked the goon. Game over. A trial by boiling water, sure, but being new saved my neck more than once.
Mini Normal 2190 New York Mafia 2-Shot Roleblocker Eliminated D1 Mafia Ouch for my own part. Teammates carried hard.
Newbie 2050 Road To Rome Vanilla Townie Eliminated D1 Mafia I replaced in to this game, on a slot that was at E-1. Decent game, I think.
Newbie 2052 Road To Rome Town Doctor Killed N4 Town My absolute favorite experience on this site so far. Had a solid VT townleader and after Cop claimed with confirms on me and the TL'er, we locked down the rest of the game. A bit strange, however, that the Roleblocker decided to do the doc claim, though. Didn't work out for scum in the end.

also played in a newbie, a grand idea, and the deck of astral roles, and dayvig deactivators, also did marathon, and another newbie, and moderated two other games, one was a Mini Normal misgame and the other was 3d20

No games ongoing • 0 playing • 0 moderating

What Have I Contributed?

I created 3d20.

I am also responsible for the ongoing Marathon series Second Thoughts Mafia.

I also created Pick Your Policy, a complex Semi-Open revolving around forming a government to axe Mafia.

I am responsible for the creation of the Deck of Many Expansions, a collaborative deck with modular expansions.

I make tabletop games.