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The Normality rating scale is a rough estimate of how Normal your game is, divided into three sections - Normal Games, Theme Games, and Bastard Games.

The scale goes from 0-10. 8-10 is a Normal game, 4-7 is a fair Theme game, and 3 or less is a Bastard game.


Basic. Core roles only. Newbie Games fall under this rating. Mountainous also falls under this rating.

Example setup: NewD3


Simple Normal. A simple Normal setup with more varied roles but no multiball or serial killer. Safely considered a Normal setup.

Example setup: 09:12


Complex Normal. A Normal setup that pushes Normal guidelines to the limit, uses complex Normal roles, or uses multiball or serial killer. The most extreme examples of an 8 might fail review.

Example setup: 2:2:9


Slightly Unusual. A setup that barely isn't Normal. Usually either a global mechanic in an Open setup, adding a variant role (as in the former Normal greylist), or flavor shenanigans on a Normal platter.

Example setup: Noughts and Crosses Mafia


Low Theme. A setup that definitely belongs on the Theme side of the scale but doesn't go all out on Theminess. Something like BooneyToonz with all the flavor shenanigans that entail, or an otherwise Normal setup with some more unusual roles or an unusual mechanic.

Example setup: Pick Your Poison


High Theme. A setup that goes all out on Theminess but doesn't quite hit madness. A game with unusual roles and flavor, some complex mechanics,

Example setup: Haunted Village


Madness. A setup that is either Role Madness, a uPick, or both incredibly intricate and flavorful but still considered fair (i.e. not bastard).

Example setup: Greater Idea Mafia played with the Basic Two Scum Deck


Low Bastard. A setup that is considered to be bastard, but still in a fun and anticipated way. Cult setups and Great Idea Mafia fit here.

Example setup: CultD3


High Bastard. A setup that is bastard and likely not in a fun way. A wild bastard dumpster fire. Still guaranteed to be playable. Death Miller setups fit here.

Example setup: Bastard++


The Abyss. A setup that is not guaranteed to be playable. Direct mod influence is possible. Might be something as ludicrous as Grand Idea Mafia, or something as sneaky as allowing non-players to directly influence the game. Mostly anything can happen.

Example setup: Deck of Astral Roles


Hadal Zone. Abandon hope, all ye who enter here. Definitely not playable. Think of trying to run Worst Idea Mafia and then altering the roles to be even more devious, and you'll scratch the 0 rating. Literally anything can and will happen.

Example setup: The hadal zone is an unknowable and inscrutable hell... a setup containing a Modkill Supersaint and a Hammerer is just one iteration of said hell.