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About Me

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Prefer to be a Pro-Mafia Player. J promafia sign opt16.gif

Joined: September 28th, 2011, 6:20 pm.

Wiki was last updated on: June 26, 2013.

The name is Tracey. I've only ever played mafia on MafiaScum. My favorite role is scum. I tend to wall... A lot.

Feel free to stalk me and read my GTKAS thread.

Currently on a hiatus from playing and modding; not sure when I'll be back.

Also, SKrew is my dove.

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Forum Quotes

TheButtonmen in Newbie 1223: "Your teachers must dread having to mark your essays. Have they started giving you maximum page counts rather then minimums yet?"

Robocopter87 in Newbie 1244: "Center of gravity? I'm not defending Tracy, but I think center of gravity is more like, 'Most active person and gets involved.'"

Thor665 in Newbie 1244: "@Robo - outside of me then, Tracy probably is the center. I can't think of anyone else I'd call more active and involved. If she's scum then the rest of town should be ashamed of themselves. She posts often, and (generally) is even posting opinions every time she does post."

Arugula in Newbie 1253's scum QT: "TraceyLyn is a really good, townie player. Unless she is on our side, we have to get her out quickly."

solidstate in Newbie 1253: "I read your wiki when I joined the game, and you said you have a temper, so I was hoping to goad you into flipping your lid."

Xalxe in Ages of Fellow Scummers?: "Welcome to 'Murica, where you can die for your country and choose the leader of the free world but you can't drink wine."

Nachomamma8 in Newbie 1282: "shut the fuck up i am skyping with someone i hate you"

Thor665 in Newbie 1270: "Or you're convinced I'm a cyber-ninja flying assassin who is so good at the game I can solo you all to such a degree I don't need partners or roleclaim info, or to remotely do anything scummy because my fake town play is flawless - which might be a compliment to me."

Brandi in Ladies Night 2: No Cover: "hey, periods are serious business. Imagine if everyone on this game had their cycle at the same time? There'd be some mod kills up in this bitch"

Robocopter87 in Moneybags' JESTER KNIGHTLESS: "Dude she lives in Missouri. You know they don't have jelly in missouri"

AIM Quotes

mykonian in AIM: "you are one tasty specimen, but yeah..."

Robocopter87 in AIM: "I am quite the sexy pig - you can quote that"

SleepyKrew in AIM: "Oh well, you've already been orgasming, so yeah, get up."

Robocopter87 in AIM: "frick you got guys just droppin for you - not allowed to be quoted"

mykonian in AIM: "it's the worldview of a person in puberty pulled into a caricature"

SleepyKrew in AIM: "Nap well. Have salt if you swell. Kick Majiffy down a well. I won't tell!"

mykonian in AIM: "you can't automatically win as a girl without smiling (and perhaps wriggling your hips)"

Robocopter87 in AIM: "[My mom] called me downstairs, and I came up to her and she turned around and said, "Can you" and I cut her off and I said, "No no, I know what you want, yes you can feel" and I flexed for her and she was so frikkin surprised that I just walked away"

SleepyKrew in AIM: "GayKrew finds you to be... possibly fixable. Maybe."


Robocopter87 in AIM: "Tracy, I'm obsessed with you."

Robocopter87 in AIM: "You're too sexy"

Robocopter87 in AIM: "I licked my phone and it shocked me"

Robocopter87 in AIM: "You have that hard outercore but you have that really gooey inside"

mykonian in AIM: "what, I'm multitasking! talking to a girl while trying to find my pants."

Mitillos in AIM: "I will go unto the fields of battle and mutilate our plant enemies."


Completed Games

Newbie 1169

Date Game Location Mod Alignment Role Entry Outcome Win/Lose
October 1, 2011 - November 14, 2011 The Road to Rome Sotty7 Town Vanilla Townie Replaced page one, day one Lynched day three Win
My first game ever. This was a pretty rocky game. I didn't know how anything worked, and I started off being very lurky and inactive. On day one, the mafia goon replaced in and bussed his partner hardcore. She was not prepared, and as a result, the goon accidentally got her lynched. Before she was lynched, she tried fake claiming jailkeeper. She got counter claimed. Lots of WIFOM. Next day, we did a mass claim. There was a doctor and the already claimed jailkeeper. That day, I made a major case against the IC. Everyone agreed to lynch him. He turned up town. Next day, I was lynched due to my strong inconsistency, anger, and continuous assertion that my bad play is due to me being a newbie. And also out of everyone's boredom with the game. I was town. Then it was down to four people. One confirmed town, a jailkeeper, and two other players. They guessed right and nailed scum. Overall, a very good first game. It really got me to think about play style and how to be a better player.

Newbie 1186 - Newbies Gone Wild (February 2012 Crash Victim)

Date Game Location Mod Alignment Role Entry Outcome Win/Lose
November 17, 2011 - Unknown The Road to Rome Juls Scum Mafia Rolecop Original Survived Win
This was my first scum game. Probably the funnest game I've experienced so far. I did well as scum. No one suspected me until the very end, and my partner successfully fake claimed cop. He said he had a guilty, and we lynched one of the vanilla townie's. Early on we role-copped the people we thought would be PR's. Realizing we only had one and he was already killed, my partner thought it a good idea to fake claim. It stirred up confusion, and we successfully got a townie mislynched and won the game.

Newbie 1194 (Lost to the February 2012 Crash)

Date Game Location Mod Alignment Role Entry Outcome Win/Lose
Unknown - Unknown The Road to Rome Voidedmafia Town Vanilla Townie Replaced page fourteen, day one Survived Win
What a fantastic game. I can't remember all of it, but I led the town a lot. It got me into a few scuffles considering I was still new to mafia. I was a huge contributor and leader to the lynch of the first scum (the IC). That made me pretty proud considering how badly my first town game went. Then I got into a huge personal attack with another player. People could see how personal it was and, thankfully, ignored my complaints that he was scum and instead lynched the actual scum. If I remember correctly we had a flawless town victory. There were a lot of no kills.

Newbie 1204 (Lost to the February 2012 Crash)

Date Game Location Mod Alignment Role Entry Outcome Win/Lose
Unknown - Unknown The Road to Rome Quilford Town Vanilla Townie Original Survived Win
I don't remember too much of this game, but I do remember that I felt a lot like an IC. I think there were a lot of really new newbies. Again, I sort of took charge of the game (I've found that this is something I very much enjoy). I couldn't tell you how it ended. This was my first game I had played in where I had another game going (1194). It proved to be fairly difficult.

Open 382: Friends and Enemies in MSPaint!

Date Game Location Mod Alignment Role Entry Outcome Win/Lose
March 21, 2012 - May 14, 2012 Central Park Hoopla Town Vanilla Townie Replaced page three, day one Night killed night one Lose
My first loss. And my first night kill. And my first non-newbie game. Interesting game, to say the least. I could have done better, I think, had I realized the "Friends and Enemies" setup was completely different than a newbie game. I came in thinking it was good to look as town as possible... Nooooope. Anyways, I also started off rocky, trying to figure out a misunderstanding regarding my role and what-not. Overall, I hardly got to actually get into the game and scumhunt. Good, new experience, but I'll probably stay out of non-newbies games for awhile.

TBM'S UNMARKED VAN (Newbie 1223)

Date Game Location Mod Alignment Role Entry Outcome Win/Lose
April 3, 2012 - May 22, 2012 The Road to Rome TheButtonmen Town Vanilla Townie Replaced page seven, day one Survived Win
This game was pretty amazing. It started out with a day one mislynch and cop claim. Cop got night killed. Then day two, I got in a major argument with the scum goon (I thought he was scum, but at this point I was tunneling). It led to a lot of suspicion on me. We ended the day with a lucky mafia rolecop lynch. Day three, a lot of people joined my side due to a night kill that would not have benefited me at all. By this point I had calmed down and was using my brain rather than my anger to explain why he was scum. My case swayed a few people. After making sure I didn't read the other players wrong, I agreed to a 1vs1 (he gets lynched, if he's town, I get lynched). Everyone thought that one of us were scum, and I was so adamant about him being town, that I saw it being incredibly unlikely for him to turn up town. We lynched him, and we were right. Very stressful game.. Often led me down the road to screaming fits and just general sourness in everyday life.xD Glad it's over, but at the same time, I think it was one of my favorite games I've played.

Newbie 1232

Date Game Location Mod Alignment Role Entry Outcome Win/Lose
April 16, 2012 - May 27, 2012 The Road to Rome redFF Town Doctor Replaced page one, day one Night killed night two Win
First game ever as a PR. Was really hoping I'd get to be a cop or jailkeeper (never been too fond of doctor's)... But oh well. Good experience. Throughout the day I often forgot I was a doctor. Mafia rolecop was killed day one. Night one, though, I think I did really well in terms of having the mind of a PR. I used process of elimination to find another possible PR. I was looking for a townie who was more in the shadows, but was largely pro-town (jailkeeper), and a townie who was incredibly outgoing and talkative and pro-town (cop). Once I narrowed it down to those two and my strongest town-read, I had to decide numerically who was better to protect. The two who were possible PR's, I had at 25% scum, 85% PR, and 15% VT. I was spending a lot of time trying to decide who was more likely to be a PR of the two, but I couldn't. In the end, I chose the safe option and protected my strongest town-read instead of either of the two possible PR's. After night ended, the one who could have been a possible jailkeeper was night killed and.. Was the jailkeeper. >___< I led a quicklynch the next day on my strongest scumspect (I decided not to go after the possible cop until this guy flipped). He turned up town. That night I was night killed (I figured). I protected the same person I did on night one. It later ended up that the one I had pegged as a possible cop was the scum. Overall, I think I did great as a first time PR. I had it down to two people. I figured if one was a PR, the other was more likely scum than VT. I was right.. I just didn't come to a decision between the two, like I should have. I think the game would have turned out much differently had I finally come to a decision and protected one of the possible PR's.

Newbie 1244

Date Game Location Mod Alignment Role Entry Outcome Win/Lose
May 23, 2012 - July 29, 2012 The Road to Rome Nachomamma8 Town Vanilla Townie Replaced page twelve, day one Survived Win
Oh wow, this game was intense. It lasted 47 pages (I've never been in a game that exceeded 30 or so). Basically, I replaced in Day One, tried to save the person who was getting lynched; figured she was town. I was right. Next day (and for the rest of the days), I pretty much pursued one guy, while keeping my eye on the others. We ended up lynching that guy Day Three. He flipped town. Next day, we lynched scum. And on Day Five, we lynched the second scum. Overall, very good game. The jailkeeper jailed scum every night except the first. This game had a lot more experienced players than newer ones, so I think it was just more intense. Plus, everyone in the game knew how to take a joke, so there's that plus.

Newbie 1253

Date Game Location Mod Alignment Role Entry Outcome Win/Lose
June 15, 2012 - August 28, 2012 The Road to Rome Robocopter87 Town Vanilla Townie Original Night killed night three Win
My first IC game! Started the game off pretty lousily. Got in a debate with another player over my IC skills (later on found out he was the scum and was purposely trying to bait me into getting angry because he knew I had a temper). At the end of the day both our cop and doctor were put to L-1 and forced to claim. We ended up lynching a replacement that was somewhat lurky and scummy. He flipped town. That night our doctor died. The next day the cop outed his results on one of the scum (the one who was attacking me). For awhile people were conflicted on whether the cop was scum or whether he was telling the truth. In the end reason won and the scum was lynched. That night the cop was killed. Day three we pursued the second scum successfully (stuck between him and a different player), but at the last minute I decided he probably wasn't scum and instead got the townie lynched. I was killed night three. Day four was LyLo and the scum was replaced (thanks Zorblag!) due to assumable flaking. The two townies were adamant in thinking he was the scum, and didn't want to go through the process of hearing the replacement's cases and thoughts on everything, and etc., so they lynched him, and he flipped scum. Fun game. It was pretty exciting day two when the lynch was between the claimed cop and the scum, and also once I died. It's always frustrating when you can't directly influence a game anymore.

Newbie 1282: The Return of the Van

Date Game Location Mod Alignment Role Entry Outcome Win/Lose
August 28, 2012 - October 9, 2012 The Road to Rome TheButtonmen Scum Mafia Rolecop Original Survived Win
I was scum, woohoo! Started off pretty well. My partner and I got plenty of discussion in and worked out a lot of tips and tricks. Day one he got a wagon on him, but he came out of it looking somewhat townish. I think I just kind of slid by (if I remember correctly) on day one. Our night actions were aimed [mostly] for PR's. Didn't do too well in that aspect. I had some issues day two. Especially activity-wise. One of the players commented on how I wasn't asking questions like I usually do, so I started doing that. After a little bit he had a freak out, thinking I might actually be town. His reads were pretty off that game. One of the players followed him religiously (not reads-wise, but did what he said), so my partner and I were able to get by day two. Day three was five player LyLo with both me and my partner still alive. We were both looking pretty bad, and everyone except the player holding the hammer vote on a different player thought I and my partner were scum together. The holder of the hammer challenged the wagoned player to post one quality post convincing him he's town or he'd get hammered. The wagoned player replied, "hit me". He was hammered. My partner and I won! I don't know how deserving of it I personally was, but it was a win nonetheless. The game made me realize that my play had really evolved since my first scum game, and I can't play like I did then. If I had realized that sooner, and if I had had more time on my hands, I think the game could have gone better.

Ladies Night 2: No Cover

Date Game Location Mod Alignment Role Entry Outcome Win/Lose
September 25, 2012 - November 11, 2012 Theme Park RedCoyote Town Vanilla Townie Replaced page nineteen, day one Survived Win
Pretty fun game. I replaced in and spent a lot of time trying to catch up and make my reads. Lots of people thought I was scum for taking so long - then they saw the post. After that I was kind of in the null or null-town range for everyone, methinks. The game was fairly challenging for myself since it was much larger than I'm accustomed to, and I thought one of the players was scum most of the time. I think the game would have been much more enjoyable had I had more time and had my computer not been broken for the majority of the game. Overall, though, fun experience. Never been in a theme game or a game that exceeded thirteen people. I'm not used to seeing too many women on the site, so to have an entire game of only women.. That was a cool experience, too.

Micro 91 - Vengeful Mafia

Date Game Location Mod Alignment Role Entry Outcome Win/Lose
December 7, 2012 - December 20, 2012 Mayfair Club Jackal711 Town Vengeful Townie Original Endgamed Draw
Fun, short game. Neat experience. I did surprisingly well even though it was only three pages long. Wouldn't have ended in a draw, but the lynched townie flaked and couldn't make a vengekill, so Jackal decided it'd be best to just draw it. I kind of liked how few players there were even if it made things almost more challenging.

The Mafia which also has Vengeance (Micro 103)

Date Game Location Mod Alignment Role Entry Outcome Win/Lose
December 24, 2012 - January 9, 2013 Mayfair Club TheButtonmen Scum Mafia Godfather Original Lynched day two Lose
Very enjoyable! Bit slow with the holidays, but I got to experience being scum without being able to communicate with my partner. Interesting. Little sad that I lost - second loss ever - but still plenty of fun. My partner and I came in and voted the same person, each of us practically tunneling on him. We each let up around the same time. I tried to do this on purpose to form associations that were too obvious to be likely. It ended with a town lynch on someone else entirely. My partner was vengekilled. I came in voting one of the players. It became a one v. one between us. The townie with the deciding vote chose me due to probability and my voting in my first post of three player LyLo. Meh - I think I would have done it as town, too. I think I just need to work on getting into the town mindset a little bit more.

Micro 66 - Robo's F11

Date Game Location Mod Alignment Role Entry Outcome Win/Lose
October 28, 2012 - January 18, 2013 Mayfair Club Robocopter87 Town Vanilla Townie Original Endgamed Lose
What a great player list. I had played with, known, or modded for almost everyone in the game. The game was fairly intense and challenging. On day three, the mafia roleblocker was lynched. I had been confused all day and had had no idea who should be lynched due to everyone having serious potential for being scum. I went with a "leap of faith" and ended up voting the roleblocker. His partner hammered him. The next day was a close one, but one of the players had been tunneling me all game and ended up voting me. I cross-voted. The goon hammered him. Scum won. They totally deserved it, they did very well and went mostly undetected until the LyLos.

Newbie 1308 - A Vanishing Act

Date Game Location Mod Alignment Role Entry Outcome Win/Lose
November 30, 2012 - February 8, 2013 The Road to Rome Tierce Town Vanilla Townie Replaced page one, day one Endgamed Lose
I regret replacing into this game. I pushed a policy lynch very hard day one until the player was lynched. The subsequent days I was lurky and hardly contributed anything due to not having my head in the game, winding down from mafia, and real life issues. I started doing a bit better in five-player LyLo, enough to avoid a lynch. In three-player LyLo, I was determined to do better and make up for the past days. I was very active, posted a lot of content. I ended up holding the hammer. I was very conflicted between the two players, but my mind kept coming back to one of them. After realizing how bad my confirmation bias on her was, I decided to just go with it, and I hammered her. She ended up being town, and the scum won. I feel as though things could have gone very differently had I tried harder in earlier days. Overall, though, a meh early-game, an amazingly fun late-game.

Micro 125: Batman Mafia

Date Game Location Mod Alignment Role Entry Outcome Win/Lose
February 5, 2013 - March 29, 2013 Mayfair Club Robocopter87 Town Vanilla Townie Original Lynched day five Lose
This was a good, fun game. I was a little inactive in the beginning, but as the game moved into day two and onward, I really picked up the pace. The players were all great, and they offered an interesting experience since I think several of us clashed a bit. The scum team was pretty top-knotch, and it's no surprise that they won. I was just kind of riding under the radar until I tried this "gambit" of sorts. From that point on, I was considered pretty much totally town until it came down to four-player MyLo. At that point, I hadn't done myself many favors and ended up the lynch for the day. Overall, good game, though. One of my more favorite ones in recent times.

/in-vitational 15: Scummers @ the Scummies!

Date Game Location Mod Alignment Role Entry Outcome Win/Lose
February 21, 2013 - April 1, 2013 Theme Park xRECKONERx and quadz08 Scum Mafia Goon Original Lynched day one Lose
This game was... Interesting. I'm still trying to get used to my scum meta and how to work with it. I don't think I was doing so bad, but I had my partners hard-bussing me and a fairly competent town, so I didn't really stand a chance. I was lynched day one. The rest of the game, though, was full of surprises, and I'm glad I was scum for it. Even the people in the dead QT were constantly guessing along or left in the dark because they didn't have access to the scum QT and the crazy things that were happening in it. One of my partners was killed during the night immediately following my lynch, so our remaining partner didn't have much of a chance. He put up a good fight, though, and made the game interesting! Not a bad experience overall.


Date Game Location Mod Alignment Role Entry Outcome Win/Lose
January 28, 2013 - April 17, 2013 Coney Island Nachomamma8 and UberNinja Town Vanilla Townie Replaced page thirty-three, night two Lynched day six Lose
Probably shouldn't have replaced into this game; I didn't really have the time for it. Luckily, though, my slot was seen as pretty universally town, so I was able to put the game a bit to the side until I got things in real life in order. Once that happened, it was to the LyLo stages of the game - the point where I get most excited about games! I think I put in a pretty good effort in three-player LyLo; though, I was just kinda of floating along in five-player LyLo. That came back and bit me and got me lynched in three-player, unfortunately. Great game, though!

Win/Lose Ratio


Win Loss Draw Total
10 7 1 18
55% 38% 7% 100%


Win Loss Draw Total
8 5 1 14
57% 36% 7% 100%


Win Loss Draw Total
2 2 0 4
50% 50% 0% 100%

Ongoing Games


Date Game Location Mod Entry

Replaced Out Of Games

Newbie 1272

Date Game Location Mod Alignment Role Entry Outcome
August 10, 2012 - October 8, 2012 The Road to Rome Jackal711 Town Vanilla Townie Replaced page ten, day one Replaced out night two
I couldn't handle the game due to real life stress and not having enough time on my hands. I was also in another game, so I had to drop one of them. This one I couldn't follow and it was trying on my nerves, so I ended up replacing out.



A hydra between myself and Robocopter87.

Vegeta Kamehameha

A hydra between myself and Nachomamma8.


A hydra between myself and SleepyKrew.


A hydra between myself and Mitillos.


Completed Modding

Game Name Outcome
Open 434: Fire and Ice Ice Mafia Win
Newbie 1331: German Shepherds in the Holy Land Town Win
Micro 131: The Inheritance Cycle Town Win
Open 485: Polygamist Mafia Mafia Win
Newbie 1350: I'll Make A Man Out Of You Town Win
Newbie 1351: Hyrule's Under Attack.. Interesting.. Mafia Win

Ongoing Modding

Game Name

Completed Back-Up Modding

Game Name Mod Outcome
Newbie 1314 Jackal711 Mafia Win
Newbie 1339 Jackal711 Mafia Win
Mini 1424: Mafibleh SleepyKrew Town Win

Ongoing Back-Up Modding

Game Name Mod
None None

Your Comments

The game where you replaced out was supposed to be the game where I steamrolled you as scum so the other game we won't talk about wouldn't even matter. But you escaped. It won't happen a second time. >.> ~Nacho