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On break, yet again.

My stats (Played/Won/Lost):

Town: 21/9/12

Mafia: 5/3/2

Other: 1/1/0

Total: 27/13/14

Completed games:

Newbie 1280, 2of4: Cop, Town, Killed N1, Lost

My first game. My first PR. I hammered scum D1 and got killed. Then, the second scum said a blatant lie about being able to time-travel, but sadly no one spotted it.

Newbie 1277, 2of4: VT, Town, Lynched D3, Lost

I replaced into this one and spent most of my time arguing with Majiffy. Identified one of the scumteam (but not his partner) but was unable to convince anyone to vote him. Got lynched in LyLo.

Micro 56, Lucid Dreamers: Dreamer, Town, Vengeful-killed D4, Won

Scum strategy on N1 almost completely screwed us over. Thankfully, some people were trigger-happy and thwarted it, allowing us to come up with a winning strategy for the town.

Micro 63, Upick: Nicolas Bourbaki, Mafia, Lynched D2, Lost

My first scum game. I didn't even know who my partner would be, until N1, due to the game mechanics. I slipped early on and got a lot of flak over D1. Somehow, the town lynched a townie. I claimed JK as a gambit on D2, but too few people believed me and I got lynched. Probably my worst play.

Newbie 1295, 2of4: VT, Town, Killed N1, Lost

Replaced in, identified scumteam, got killed N1. Could have gone better.

Discworld Mafia, Large closed theme: Nanny Ogg, Town, Survived to Endgame, Won

Modprank with 3 seers and no werewolves. I spent most of the game tunneling another seer and in turn being tunneled myself by the third one. The rest of my reads were good, though, so I'm happy about that.

Newbie 1300, 2of4: VT, Town, Lynched D2, Lost

Another bad game for me. I don't deal well with trolls. Or delusional people. Not really completely clear on what the case was in this one.

Micro 71, Lucid Dreamers: Dreamer, Town, Endgamed, Lost

In hindsight, I was completely stupid with my LyLo vote. And, if I'd read a bit more carefully, things could potentially have gone better.

GNR's Jumbled Mafia, Marathon game: Goon, Mafia, Lynched D1, Won (Oversoul's victory, through and through)

Marathon games are not for me. I like to go through what I write carefully and the speed of these games doesn't really allow for that. I was useless, but my partner won this on his own.

Micro 80, Bodyswap Mafia: Roleblocker (Not a VT), Mafia, Lynched D4, Lost

Game got broken by lack of randomisation. Not that my partner and I made perfect choices; far from it. And town really deserved the victory, despite the mechanic being broken; their game was very solid. Also, I realised in this game that I prefer town-aligned roles, by far.

Micro 66, F11: VT, Town, Killed N3, Lost

Tunneled lurkers. Got bored and lazy. Finally spotted scumteam by D3, but it was too late. Also, I couldn't convince anyone, because I was not making my points clearly and effectively.

Micro 115, Naughts and Crosses: VT, Town, Killed N2, Won

Naughts and crosses game. Got lucky with D1 lynch, scum messed up their nightkill, game got broken with certain victory strategy for town.

Newbie 1331, 2of4: VT, Town, Survived, Won

Didn't do much here, as the PRs completely dominated the game, with some really solid night action choices.

Newbie 1321, 2of4: VT, Town, Killed N3, Lost

Managed to spot the scumteam, but again was unable to convince anyone. This is a recurring pattern, along with simply bad play...

Micro 130, Naughts and Crosses: VT, Town, Lynched D4, Lost

Second naughts and crosses game. This time, we weren't as lucky, got to LyLo and lost the game.

Open 478, Diffusion of Power: N3 Doctor, Town, Survived, Won

I honestly did not expect to live long enough to use my power. A couple of quickhammers messed up the first two days, then I got to L-1 for 3 days in a row, but somehow we still managed to lynch scum on each of these days, instead. My power helped after all, since I protected the N3 target, who basically led the two lynches on days 3 and 4. A D5 massclaim gave us a strategy for certain victory.

Open 518, Pick Your Power X/Y: Jailkeeper, Mafia, Survived, Won

I had been reading this game before replacing in, but my reads had been wrong. Good thing too, as I could be honest and dishonest at the same time. A few bad choices on the part of the town allowed the mafia to stay under the radar, almost completely. The ones who did suspect us preferred to push for other lynches, which helped quite a bit. We helped them, of course; the entire mafia team was on the mislynch wagons of D2 and D3. Add a massclaim, a lack of investigative roles in the town and an abundance of blocking roles for us and you get a perfect mafia victory.

Open 524, Donner Party: Dietician, Town, Died N1, Lost

Not much to say here. Everyone was calling me obv-town, especially the mafia team, so they killed me on N1.

Micro 237, Greatest Idea Mafia: 1-Shot Psychomagnet, Town, Lynched D4, Lost

Used my action D1 and saved (as it turned out) our dayvig. Unfortunately, after we got the serial killer, everyone jumped on the dayvig, while he was absent. We went to MyLo and I got lynched.

N's N. N. N. N., Large closed theme: Nearby Newcomer (Traitor Universal Backup) -> Non-Negotiable Namecaller (Traitor Compulsive Framer), Naughty (Mafia), Lynched D5, Won

I had no idea who the rest of the mafia were, until I was in the Dead QT and the mod made a slip about that. And even then, I changed my mind after a brilliant gambit by the remaining mafia members on D6, which eventually led to victory. I was disappointed that I was not recruited into the mafia team proper, even after leaving four rather unsubtle crumbs for them to find. However, it all worked out rather well, in the end, because it meant I was busing without realising it.

Micro 262, True Love: Lover (with theslimer3), Town, Lynched D1, Won

I hard-tunneled my lover and got lynched D1. Sadly, he was town, as well. Thankfully, the rest of the town managed to correctly identify the scumpair, after some quite heated discussion, so my bad play had little impact in the end.

Micro 302, Chosen Mafia: VT, Town, Killed N2, Won

I identified the scumteam on page 5 and participated in the lynch of the first scum. I had some trouble convincing people on my read for the second scum on D2 and then I died on N2. Then a couple of other townies did a great job building their cases on the second scum and lynched him, so my failure did not hurt the town. I was quite happy with the town in this game; their play was pretty solid, overall.

Micro 301, Cult C9: VT, Town, Lynched D2B, Won

I spent most of my time tunneling a rather scummy (albeit town-aligned) player. Eventually, I found the cult leader, but got lynched on the grounds of various shades of "gut". Intuitive reads are alright for starting out, but if they are never given an actual case, they should be dropped. Nevertheless, the town picked up where I'd left off with my case on the cult leader, and improved on it. The recruited cop blundered a little, with her claim and that cost the cult the game.

Mini 1554, Mini Theme Game: Angelic Baby, Town, Killed N2, Lost

I managed to identify two scum out of three, but also got blindsided by some incredibly anti-town play by one of the town. I couldn't get anyone to vote my scumreads (correct and incorrect alike). I also attracted a lot of unjustified scum reads this game. Ultimately, the town screwed itself over with laziness, fakeclaims, a marked refusal to cooperate and an over-reliance on wrong reads, based on invalid reasoning.

Micro 310, Smalltown: Doctor, Town, Killed N2, Lost

Once again, I could not convince people to vote my scumreads.

Starcraft Mafia, Large theme game: Evil Witch, Lynched D4, Won

I still hate playing as anti-town. I killed the vigilante and the PGO, and hard-tunneled the mafia godfather, while being part of a couple of important mislynches. Then I fulfilled the survivor part of my role and got the town to lynch me too, since I was also effectively a mislynch. Mafia and the other 3p played really well, and I would win with either of them.

Newbie 1973, NewD3: V, Town, Killed N3, Won

Players should claim when they are at L-1 and threatened with a hammer. Doing otherwise deprives the rest of the town of the opportunity to attempt to avoid a mislynch. This game saw two mislynched PRs on the first two days because of the way they handled their L-1. At least one of them had the good sense to reveal his guilty result, even if he didn't bother to do something about it during the day. As for my own performance, my initial top read was good, but then I got distracted by bad play. The last mafia member was one I had a slight scumread on, but not enough for any real confidence. I am glad that I was town-read by almost everyone, because this meant that I got killed overnight, instead of being taken to LyLo, where I might have lost us the game.

Ongoing games:

Abandoned games:

Micro 264, Resistance Mafia: Replaced out Day 1.