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Telephone Pictionary: The Rain In Spain/Profane

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Profane: SalmonellaDreams' Chain

SalmonellaDreams - Phrase

Bach worriedly runs away from the angry mob led by the hamster overlords.

StrangerCoug - Picture

Profane 1.jpg

Scigatt - Phrase

The dwarf bear gang ain't nothing to f**k with.

patzer - Picture

Profane 2.png

JacobSavage - Phrase

The man with no-body is chased by a colony of beavers

JerryArr - Picture

Profane 3.png

Ether - Phrase

A man with an invisible outfit flees a swarm of angry beavers.

Amrun - Picture

Profane 4.png

Empking - Phrase

The squirrels, four of whom float, follow the invisible man.

chamber - Picture

Profane 5.png

bubbajack8 - Phrase

In autumn, squirrels ride a ghost man while minion squirrels follow behind.

DrippingGoofball - Picture

Profane 6.jpg

Mastermind of Sin - Phrase

The gingerbread squirrels took turns riding their pet ghost in the moonlight.

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