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Hi there. I also play games on the xkcd forums (also as patzer).

My finished games:


On this site

Newbie 1343- Vanilla Townie- Town win.

Newbie 1353- Vanilla Townie- Mafia win.

Newbie 1371- Vanilla Townie- Town win.

British Upick- Queen Elizabeth II (Town)- Town win.

EpicMafia Sandbox Role Madness- Gunsmith (Town)- Mafia win.

Incredibly bastardly upick- Inconceivable (Town)- Mafia win.

Lucid Dreamers Mafia- Dreamer (Town)- Torments (Mafia) win.

On other sites

Jungle Republic- Vanilla Townie- Town win.

Zombie Revelations- Town Cop- Town win. - Town RoleCop- Town win. My username is piphilologist.

Reverse Mafia- Vanilla Townie- Mafia win. - Mafia Godfather- Town win. My username is piphilologist.


On this site

Micro 467: April Fools Normal- Town Cop- Town win.

Newbie 1605- Vanilla Townie- Mafia win.

On other sites

Mafia 102: The Unbalanced Game- Mafia Goon - Town win.

Deathless Mafia- variable role and alignment - Game cancelled.

Smalltown Werewolf- Town Lover - Town win.

Secret Santa - Krampus (mafia) - Withdrew D1 due to a bitter personal dispute with another Mafia member - Mafia win.