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Telephone Pictionary: The Rain In Spain/Octane

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Octane: JerryArr's Chain

JerryArr - Phrase

How often does falling out of your cookie bed onto your pet lion happen to you?

SalmonellaDreams - Picture

Octane 1.jpg

animorpherv1 - Phrase

It's hard sleeping on a cookie. Especially when hungry Lions are nearby.

JacobSavage - Picture

Octane 2.png

bubbajack8 - Phrase

A lion watches a boy as he lies on his sleeping bag in the forest looking at the moon.

DrippingGoofball - Picture

Octane 3.jpg

Ether - Phrase

Even under the lion's vigilance, I was still anxious for the night to end.

ChannelDelibird - Picture

Octane 4.png

Scigatt - Phrase

Things got awkward when the lion refused to share a sleeping bag with Marcus.

petroleumjelly - Picture

Octane 5.jpg

Equinox - Phrase

Beauty began to regret going out camping with Beast, who had somehow managed to hog their sleeping bag.

patzer - Picture

Octane 6.png

Empking - Phrase

Rapunzel's hair was much too short.

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