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Telephone Pictionary: The Rain In Spain/Champagne

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Champagne: StrangerCoug's Chain

StrangerCoug - Phrase

Welcome to hell. Please make yourself comfortable.

ArcAngel9 - Picture

Champagne 1.jpg

DrippingGoofball - Phrase

"Come with me, beautiful young lady," said Satan's helper, "I will show show that hell, and worshiping Satan, is the coolest party you'll find anywhere in the afterlife!"

petroleumjelly - Picture

Champagne 2.jpg

Mastermind of Sin - Phrase

The Devil and his Deathly Bride danced with glee as they looked down from their perch upon the disco party in hell, where one drunk soul was crowdsurfing the rest of the damned.

Ether - Picture

Champagne 3.png

animorpherv1 - Phrase

Satan dances with a crossdressing Death in the best party hell has ever seen!

bubbajack8 - Picture

Champagne 4.png

JerryArr - Phrase

The Noid and Mrs. Death have a rockin' party... in Hell!

Amrun - Picture

Champagne 5.png

Empking - Phrase

The Devil provides the music at the Death and Children's Entertainer birthday party.

Cheery Dog - Picture

Champagne 6.png

SalmonellaDreams - Phrase

Various wizards dance while a demon wizard DJs.

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