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Hello Everyone, I am ArcAngel. You may call me Angel or ARC or address me AA9. I am from Hyderabad, India. I am a simple and friendly person, I am not a big fan of social networks but i have been hooked to mafia game so much. Mafia is my current hobby, I am spending more than 4-5 hours time playing/thinking about mafia everyday. I also have a different life in which I am work as Project Lead for an American Title Insurance company. I live with my parents and I love traveling to various places in the world. I socially smoke but love smoking hookah(Sheesha) anytime, I enjoy drinking wine, and few lovely cocktails(Margarita, Martini and Mojito's). I enjoy cooking, I cook all Indian and few chinese dishes. and I am huge fan of American TV shows. That's all about me. If you want to know about me more or be in touch with me, You can play mafia games with me on See ya around. Until next time :)




Game W/L Moderator Role Team Death / Status My play
1  NY 160: Terrible Melodrama Mafia Loss DeasVail Vanilla Townie Town  Endgamed D6/Mafia Wins DUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
2  Meta Playstyle Mafia Win MonkeyMan576 Town Nexus Town  Survived/Town Wins EUNstar.pngUNstar.png
3  Micro 80: Bodyswap Mafia Win AurorusVox Vanilla Townie Town  Survived/Town Wins EUNstar.pngUNstar.png
4  Mini 1395: WoW Cataclysm Mafia Win Nimb Death Wing Mafia  Survived/Mafia Wins DUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
5  Open 465 - Wot's... Uh the Deal? Win pirate mollie Town Watcher Town  Killed on Night 2/Town Wins DUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
6  Open 475, Twin Trap Win Venrob Town Watcher Town  Survived/Town Wins IUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
7  Micro 114: Polluting The Airwaves Win Majiffy Vanilla Townie Town  Survived/Town wins IUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
8  NY 160B - Welcome to Castle Zar Win Zar Vanilla Townie Town  Killed on Night 1/Town Wins EUNstar.pngUNstar.png
9  Micro 123: Mainstream Mafia v2.0 Loss chkflip Vanilla Townie Town  Endgamed D6/Cult Wins EUNstar.pngUNstar.png
10  Mini 1405: The Simpsons Mafia Win Ser Arthur Dayne Janitor Mafia Mafia  Survived/Mafia Wins JUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
11  Music Theory Mafia Win Untrod Tripod Town Neighborizer Town  Survived/Town Wins GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
12  Bookshelf Mafia Loss Nexus Schizophrenic Town  Endgamed/Mafia Wins FUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
13  Open 474 - Friends and Enemies Loss CityElectric Vanilla Townie Town  Endgamed D5/Mafia Wins GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
14  Micro 132 - Banjo Kazooie Mafia Loss AngryPidgeon Odd Jailkeeper Town  Killed on Night 1/Mafia Wins EUNstar.pngUNstar.png
15  NY 161: Overly-Posh Mafia Win Maestro Jailkeeper Mafia  Lynched on Day2/Mafia Wins BUNhalfstar.png
16  Mini 1425: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Mafia Loss Empking Half Ninja Mafia  Lynched on Day1/Town Wins BUNhalfstar.png
17  Mini 1426 - Hell's Bottom Loss 10506670 Vanilla Townie Town  MisLynched on Day1/Mafia Wins DUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
18  Open 476: Firah & Ice Loss Malakittens Vanilla Townie Town  Endgamed D6/Mafia Wins FUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
19  Mini 1434 - Flavorless Mafia! Loss Le Cupcake Vanilla Townie Town  Endgamed D4/Mafia Wins DUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
20  The Wire, Season 1 Loss The Baltimore Sun Town Joat Town  Killed on N2/Mafia Wins A
21  AMURIKA MAFIA Loss Nachomamma8 Town Roleblocker Town  Killed on N1/Mafia Wins DUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
22  Micro 158: borkgame Win borkjerfkin Town Doctor Town  Survived/Town Wins KUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
23  Micro 166: Khan's Day Cop 3p Mafia Loss Kublai Khan Day Cop Town  Endgamed/Mafia Wins GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
24  Micro : The Cult 2 Loss zoraster Innocent Child Town  Mis-Lynched on Day3/Cult Wins FUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
25  Micro 167: Won't You Be My Neighbor? Win saulres Player C Town  Survived/Town Wins KUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
26  Street Racers: New York Loss StrangerCoug Vanilla Townie Town  Endgamed/Mafia Wins IUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
27  Mini 1431: The Tenements Mafia Loss 4nxi3ty Tenant Town  Killed on N4/Mafia Wins DUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
28  Mini 1431: Micro 160: 7p Vengeful Win Cheery Dog Godfather Mafia  Survived/Mafia Wins JUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
29  Micro 163: Maestro has a Great Idea! Loss Maestro Supersaint Town  Lynched on day2/SK Wins HUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
30  Micro 148: 50/50 Mafia Loss D3f3nd3r Vanilla Townie Town  Endgamed/Mafia Wins DUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
31  Micro 170 - Empking Mafia Loss Empking Vanilla Townie Town  Killed on N1/Mafia Wins EUNstar.pngUNstar.png
32  Micro 179 - Mainstream Mini Mafia III Loss chkflip Town Inventor Town  Executed on D1/Cult Wins GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
33  How two and a half friends banged your mother Cancel jasonT1981 Vanilla Townie Town  GAME CANCELLED GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
34  NY 163: Void Mountain of the Nightless Temple Win Voidedmafia Vanilla Townie Town  Survived/Town Wins GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
35  Open 500 - Popcorn Mafia Loss Human Destroyer Mafia Goon Mafia  Shot on D1/Town Wins EUNstar.pngUNstar.png
36  Micro 176: Won't You Be My Neighbor 2 of 4 Loss saulres Vanilla Town Town  Killed on N3/Mafia Wins EUNstar.pngUNstar.png
37  Mini 1442: House of Cards Loss killerjester Town Joat Town  Killed on N3/Mafia Wins IUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
38  Micro 182 - Buzzword Bingo Win AngryPidgeon Vanilla Town Town  Survived/Town Wins IUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
39  Newbie 1371: Max Steel Win Nachomamma8 Vanilla Town Town  Mislynched on D3/Town Wins EUNstar.pngUNstar.png
40  Mini 1440 - Unoriginal Mafia Win Phenenas Vanilla Town Town  Killed on N4/Town Wins GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
41  Mini 1444: Mafia in the Park Win Voidedmafia Mafia Tracker Mafia  Survived/Mafia Wins KUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
42  Newbie 1351: Hyrule's Under Attack.. Interesting Loss TraceyLyn11 Vanilla Town Town  Mislynched on D1/Mafia Wins GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
43  Newbie 1363: Second-hand Van Win TheButtonmen Role Cop Mafia  Survived/Mafia Wins KUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
44  Micro 195 - Wacky Bastard Mafia Loss AngryPidgeon Fruit Vendor Other  Lynched on D3/Town Wins FUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
45  Micro 189: Modless Mafia Loss ModlessMod Vanilla Townie Town  Mis-lynched on D3/Town Wins FUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
46  Open 506: Pick Your Power X/Y Loss Jennifer Mafia Vengeful Mafia  Lynched on D3/Town Wins FUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
47  Pikmin Mafia Win dramonic Bulletproof Goon Mafia  Survived/Town Wins JUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
48  Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Mafia Loss Nexus Vanilla Townie Town  Mis-Lynched on D1/Mafia Wins DUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
49  Micro 236: Aristocats Mafia Loss JacobSavage Town Tracker Town  Mis-Lynched on D3/Mafia Wins EUNstar.pngUNstar.png
50  Micro 202--DotA UPick Nightless Loss Natirasha Drow Ranger Town  Mis-Lynched on D1/Mafia Wins DUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
51  Micro 393: 2012 Primary Mafia Loss goodmorning Cop Town  Mis-Lynched on D3/Mafia Wins GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
52  Mini 1563 - Vampire: The Masquerade Mafia Loss GreyICE 1-shotCop Town  Dead on D3/Mafia Wins EUNstar.pngUNstar.png
53  Open 529 -- Picking Simplicity -- Loss Nobody Special Vanilla Townie Town  Killed on N7/Mafia Wins GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
54  Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Mafia Win Kdub Vanilla Townie Town  Killed on N1/Mafia Wins GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
55  NY 164: Maniacal Street Mafia Loss mastin2 Vanilla Townie Town  Killed on N3/Mafia Wins KUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png


Game Moderator Backup Mod(s) Victor / Status Players Posts Modding
1  Open 505: Pick Your Poison ArcAngel9  Town Win on Day 3 13 1454 FUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
2  Micro 227 - ArcAngel's Less Pressure ArcAngel9  Town Win on Day 2 05 64 IUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
3  Micro 243: Micro Pop Corn Mafia ArcAngel9  Mafia Win on Day 2 04 186 IUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
4  Mini 1500:Narnia- The Lion,the Witch,and the Wardrobe Mafia ArcAngel9 Kdub  Mafia Win on Day 5 13 1111 JUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
5  Micro 268: Micro Pop Corn Mafia II ArcAngel9  Town Win on Day 3 7 327 KUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
6  Micro 272: Hydra Foursome Mafia!!! ArcAngel9  RED triumphed 4 272 KUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
7  Micro 263: Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai ArcAngel9  Town Win on Day 3 8 513 GUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
8  Micro 396: ArcAngel's Twin Trap Mafia ArcAngel9  Town Win on Day 2 9 424 IUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
9  Micro 407: Jurassic Park Mafia ArcAngel9  Town Win on Day 4 9 2472 KUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png
10  Micro 420: Vengeful Mafia ArcAngel9  Mafia Win on Day 1 5 213 HUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
11  Newbie 1552 : The Red Mafia ArcAngel9  Mafia Win on Day 5 9 213 HUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNhalfstar.png
12  Mini 1626: Duck Tales Mafia ArcAngel9  Town Win on Day 4 13 2776 KUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.pngUNstar.png

ArcAngel Players Pad... A bit about the players that I have played with.....!

UberNinja- Uber is one of the first people I met on MS, now I can't imagine MS forum without him, He is one of the first players on MS who believed in me that i am much more player than I appeared. And moreover, His contributions towards MS forum is greatly appreciated. And for that, He is always stays as my dear friend. :)

Nero Cain What could I ever say about a person who I really like the most on MS, right now it’s feels really really great writing about him, some feeling can’t be expressed just in words. All I can say, He is a great and an adorable friend I have on And yeah.. he is great player.. one of the bests on MS :)

Majiffy there is no game on as fun as it would be if Majiffy around, its right what people say about him, he plays crazy and its totally fun playing with him. He is not mean or arrogant or stubborn but he will piss you off in a traditional fashion. So better watch out!!!!!

JacobSavage A real nice guy around here, He is one of the first people I met on MS, this guy is a total gentleman and knows how to comfort people. He is one of those people I would always treat with great respect and love. And about his play, He is a rock star.. you could never get a straight read on him. Good luck!!!!!!!!!

Mastin2 This guy is a total player of this site, I don’t know how he does it but he knows almost every player and what theirs meta and its being changed from time to time, it’s like everything going under his watchful eye. Personally, I think Mastin is one the best people I have known from MS, he is friendly, polite, decent, intelligent, logical and an amazing player. I like the way he thinks about others and try to help them through with their problems. Believe me or not, not everyone can do this. If you know Mastin and if he is your friend, its time you should feel proud of yourself and if you don’t know mastin at all.. it’s not too late.. And don’t waste another minute by not knowing this person. Go and play with him on MS :)

DrippingGoofball – Anything I would say about her would be less, What a person, I never met someone like her on the internet world. She is different, totally different and quite unique to herself. She is an excellent player, great scum hunter and an awesome artist, If you want to see her art work just check her DP icon saga, you will know what I am talking about. And it’s been pleasure playing Telephone Pictionary with her, it was totally worth. And like other says, she is bit crazy too in her own way but she is actually very very sweet and super-duper nice person

Human Destroyer When I met this kid, I had a different connection with him, I thought he is one of those people who is not very welcome with the new players from outside and especially who are not from those countries who speak English as their first language, but Once you know him, you will change your opinion about him… you will just not only see his awesomeness but also how adorably he cares about the people he knows, this sweetest teenager kid has most amazing sense of humor and affection towards people he like. The thing I like about HD is that he is very straight and honest and moreover he is a brilliant mafia player. So, don’t miss this kid. :)

AngryPidgeon – He totally one of the golden gems from MS, He is polite, amiable, talkative and super funny. And he has a reputation that he is a great scum hunter!!!!! So if you’re a mafia in the game that he is playing and he is not mafia with you.. Replace out !!!

  • Stay tuned, more on its way...*

Players PAD for ArcAngel... If you have an opinion about me, let the world know here.. it doesn't matter if it is even a crush or abuse :P

Leave your message here....


Win Loss Draw % Faction
21 29 1 41.18%  as All Factions
13 25 1 33.33%  as Town
7 3 0 70%  as Mafia / Werewolves
0 0 0 0%  as Cult
1 1 0 50%  as Self-Aligned


50 Games Completed
24  Vanilla Townie
1  Godfather
1  Mafia Goon
1  Roleblocker
2  Cop / Day Cop | Role Cop
1  Doctor
2  Watcher
2  Tracker
1  Schizophrenic
1  Janitor
1  Death Wing
1  Neighborizer
2  Jailkeeper
1  Nexus
1  Ninja
2  Joat
1  Innocent Child
1  Supersaint
1  Inventor
1  Fruit Vendor
1  Vengeful
1  Bulletproof


Open Mafia Games 6 1
Mini Normal Mafia Games 3 0
Mini Theme Mafia Games 9 1
Micro Mafia Games 19 06
Large Normal Games 4 0
Large Theme Games 6 0
Newbie Games 3 0
Mishmach Games 1 0