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Telephone Pictionary: The Rain In Spain/Disdain

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Disdain: Equinox's Chain

Equinox - Phrase

Remember those walls I built? Well, baby, they're tumbling down...

Scigatt - Picture

Disdain 1.png

JerryArr - Phrase

This guy is PUMPED to tell you that, after n days, the wall he built is crumbling!

Cheery Dog - Picture

Disdain 2.png

petroleumjelly - Phrase

Waving over the others, he pointed at the brick wall in triumph!

StrangerCoug - Picture

Disdain 3.jpg

Empking - Phrase

The man waves to the group of schoolchildren with one hand, while pointing to a brick wall with the other.

JacobSavage - Picture

Disdain 4.png

SalmonellaDreams - Phrase

The man pointed at the brick wall as he waved at the girl with pigtails.

Ether - Picture

Disdain 5.png

Mastermind of Sin - Phrase

I waved at the little black girl standing in the grassy field to come join me in the shade of a nearby brick wall.

DrippingGoofball - Picture

Disdain 6.jpg

ChannelDelibird - Phrase

"Stop playing in the grass and come with me," said the creepy, lurking, giant orange rabbi to the young girl.

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