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Mini 1920

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mastina Modded Games   Mini Normal 1920   1920 Roles    
Mini Normal 1920 — Not Another Normal Game
Forum: Little Italy
Moderator(s): mastina
Status: Completed
Winner(s): Town


Player Role Scene
EeveeLution Army Vanilla Townie survived
aronagrundy Weak Doctor survived
ReplacedIn Ascetic Townie survived
iDanyboy Vanilla Townie survived
Tchill13 Vanilla Townie Day 1
gerryoat Vanilla Townie Night 1
Chickadee Goon Day 2
Lil Uzi Vert Macho Neapolitan Night 2
Formerfish Vanilla Townie Day 3
GreyICE Loyal Cop Night 3
massive Goon Day 4
Mulch Vanilla Townie Night 4
Alisae Roleblocker Day 5

All role PMs

Game Topics
Mafia PT
Dead Thread
Spoiled Dead PT
Mod PT
Review Thread


Day 1

Bomberman replaces Gamma Emerald

GreyICE replaces MordyS

Chickadee replaces MMM

ReplacedIn replaces Bomberman

D1 Final Vote Count
Votee Count Voters
Tchill13 7 Chickadee, gerryoat, ReplacedIn, EeveeLution Army, GreyICE, Tchill13, Mulch
Chickadee 2 massive, Lil Uzi Vert
gerryoat 1 LmkGuy
massive 1 iDanyboy
not voting 2 Formerfish, aronagrundy

Dance, dance, dance the night away,
For a lynch has been had today,
It matters not if scum have been made,
Any town lynched must be lame.

Tchill13 (Vanilla Townie) — eliminated

Night 1

Fro99er replaces LmkGuy

  • Loyal Cop (GreyICE) - Cop Formerfish (No Result)
  • Macho Neapolitan (Lil Uzi Vert) - Neapolitan Chickadee (Not Vanilla Townie)
  • Goon (massive) - Kill gerryoat (successful)
  • Roleblocker (Fro99er) - Block GreyICE (successful)

Gee this game sucks
Clearly just bad luck.
The mod was not around,
And you're supposed to play now?

She was absent half the day,
And now for opening is late,
Does she think a poem is enough,
That it'll smooth what was rough?

No, all it'll do is give a neat death,
For those who drew their last breath.
The dead aren't too remarkable,
Like the lynchee they are a bit dull.

Method of death is not allowed,
Not in this Normal crowd,
So just wrap it up already,
And say goodbye to gerry.

gerryoat (Vanilla Townie) — killed by the Mafia

Day 2

D2 Final Vote Count
Votee Count Voters
Chickadee 6 Formerfish, Lil Uzi Vert, iDanyboy, Mulch, GreyICE, ReplacedIn
Formerfish 3 Chickadee, aronagrundy, EeveeLution Army
not voting 2 Fro99er, massive

Well it seems we're writing poetry
For the lynch of Chickadee.
She was bad wasn't she?
I'd say so, definitely!

Chickadee (Mafia Goon) — eliminated

Night 2

  • Loyal Cop (GreyICE) - Cop iDanyboy (Town)
  • Weak Doctor (aronagrundy) - Protect GreyICE (successful)
  • Goon (massive) - Kill Lil Uzi Vert (successful)

Ranting and raving,
Go send mafia praying,
It continues to go strong,
So let's come along.

Games too much or little,
Are a monster or too brittle,
Nobody here is left happy,
Just discontent to degrees.

The results certainly don't help,
For things do not go so well.
Say what you will about the guy,
But now all you say is goodbye.

Like him, hate him, whatever,
He's gone for worse or better.
Don't go expecting much,
As you send off LUV.

Lil Uzi Vert (Macho Neapolitan) — killed by the Mafia

Day 3

D3 Final Vote Count
Votee Count Voters
Formerfish 5 iDanyboy, massive, GreyICE, aronagrundy, Formerfish
massive 1 ReplacedIn
not voting 3 EeveeLution Army, Fro99er, Mulch

Formerfish (Vanilla Townie) — eliminated

Night 3

  • Loyal Cop (GreyICE) - Cop EeveeLution Army (Town)
  • Goon (massive) - Kill GreyICE (successful)
  • Roleblocker (Fro99er) - Block aronagrundy (successful)

Surely a mistake was there,
In the flip must've been an error.
The mod musta given the wrong color,
But nope the lynchee was a fine sir.

Once more she's late on opening,
Once more she keeps others waiting.
Tensions are high in the air,
Sour cries ring of "That's no fair!"

Inevitably comes time for day,
With an outcome much the same:
Before them lies another body,
A man fond of investigating.

A little harsh but always loyal,
Blunt and unafraid to call bull.
Whether you think him naughty or nice,
You now part ways with GreyICE.

GreyICE (Loyal Cop) — killed by the Mafia

Day 4

D4 Final Vote Count
Votee Count Voters
massive 4 ReplacedIn, iDanyboy, EeveeLution Army, Mulch
ReplacedIn 1 massive
not voting 2 Fro99er, aronagrundy

Fuck I didn't prepare poetry,
Time for some improvising.
Yadda yadda you're impressive,
You lynched the bad guy massive.

massive (Mafia Goon) — eliminated

Night 4

Alisae replaces Fro99er

  • Roleblocker (Alisae) - Kill Mulch (successful)
  • Roleblocker (Alisae) - Block aronagrundy (successful)

Victory is well within sight,
Just a question who wins the fight.
It wouldn't take too much to lose,
It all comes down to what you choose.

The town are high on their spirits,
Having progressed with their lynch,
But their numbers continue to decrease,
Even though they've got just one fiend.

Hopes are high for the fifth day,
Everyone wants the end of the game,
Just a question of who did die,
And figuring out of course the why.

There's little temptation to bawl;
No huge loss and after all,
It's kind-of hard to sulk
When you lose a pile of Mulch.

Mulch (Vanilla Townie) — killed by the Mafia

Day 5

D5 Final Vote Count
Votee Count Voters
Alisae 3 ReplacedIn, Alisae, iDanyboy
not voting 2 EeveeLution Army, aronagrundy

Alisae (Roleblocker) — eliminated


I must say that this is a surprise,
To say I'm pleased would be a lie.
We had one slot about to be replaced,
So the last scum was not yet made.

I felt that there was a fighting chance,
There were paths to winning with good plans.
They were admittedly a long-shot,
But they existed with enough thought.

Still, I understand the demotivation,
And what is done is obviously done.
In something like this there's no takebacks,
So we'll just have to go and see the facts.

Victory has now been achieved,
Scum gave up in a concede.
So with the lynch of Alisae,
Game over, time for bashing mod fun.

EeveeLution Army (Vanilla Townie) - survived
aronagrundy (Weak Doctor) - survived
ReplacedIn (Ascetic Townie) - survived
iDanyboy (Vanilla Townie) - survived


Tchill13 (posthumously), Vanilla Townie, gerryoat (posthumously), Vanilla Townie, Lil Uzi Vert (posthumously), Macho Neapolitan, Formerfish (posthumously), Vanilla Townie, GreyICE (posthumously), Loyal Cop, Mulch (posthumously), Vanilla Townie, EeveeLution Army, Vanilla Townie, aronagrundy, Weak Doctor, ReplacedIn, Ascetic Townie, iDanyboy, Vanilla Townie.

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