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The chickadees are a group of North American birds in the tit family included in the genus Poecile. Species found in North America are referred as chickadees, while other species in the genus are called tits.

They are small-sized birds overall, usually having the crown of the head and throat patch distinctly darker than the body. They are at least 6 to 14 centimetres (2.4 to 5.5 in) in size.

Their name reputedly comes from the fact that their calls make a distinctive "chick-a-dee-dee-dee" (sound).

Win Record

Win Loss Draw % Faction
16 12 2 53.33%  as All Factions
13 7 1 61.9%  as Town
2 4 0 33.33%  as Mafia / Werewolves
0 0 1 0%  as Cult
1 1 0 50%  as Self-Aligned

Road To Rome

Newbie 1788 (Vanilla Town, Lynched D2, Defeated D4):

Central Park

Open 689: Lovers Mafia (Mafia Lover, Lynched D1, Defeated D1):

Open 693 - Capture the (White) Flag [MOD LYNCHED]

Mayfair Club

Micro 700: Oddrole Mafia III (Mafia Pillar of the Community, Survived, Victrious D2):

Micro 734: Kirk's Chinese Style Blitz (Vanilla Town, Killed N0, Victorious D3):

Micro 735: Greater Idea (Town Seer, Lynched D2, Defeated D2):

New York

Large Normal 202 - Flavorful Mafia (Town JOAT, Lynched D2, Defeated D7):

Large Normal 205: Sibling's Love and Quarrel (Town Bulletproof Enable, Killed N6, Defeated D7):

Mini Normal 1920 (Mafia Goon - Lynched D2 - Defeated D5):

Mini Normal 1957: The Perfect LUV Game (Mafia Even Nigh Gunsmith - Lynched D2 - Defeated N4):

Coney Island

Mini 1904: Rad Idea Mafia! (Double Protective Townie, Lynched D1, Defeated D5):

Mini 1907: Oddrole Mafia IV (Town Vote Thief/Turned Black Goo N1, Died N2, Draw D4 between town and cult):

Mini 1916: Buttersnap Shitfuckery (Town 1-shot role stealer, Killed N1, Victorious D5):

Mini 1927: Breaking Bad Mafia (Mafia JOAT, Survived, Victorious N3):

Mini 1947: Board Game uPick Mafia: The Expansion! (Town Vote Freezer, With Voyeur expansion, Lynched D2, Victorious D3):

Mini 1942 - Switchboard 2 (Vanilla Town, Killed N1, Victorious D5):

Mini 1945 | 13 Reasons Why ► (Town Recruiter - Survived - Victorious D6):

Mini 1958: Worst (Role) Idea(s) Mafia 3 ([town] Descending into Madness - Survived - Victorious D5):

Mini 1968: Bread uPick: The Baker's Dozen (Town Modified Loud Friendly Neighbor, Lover - Survived - Victorious D3):

Theme Park

WWF Mafia: Royal Rumble (Arsonist SK, Lynched D5, Defeated D12):

TBD Mafia 2 (survivor survivor backup*10 day 3 vigilante, Survived, Victorious D6):

Anything uPick? (Canada, Macho Post Restricted Innocent Child - Killed N2 - Victorious N6):


Scott and Ramona (Lil Uzi Vert and Chickadee)

Real Folk Blues Rematch (Scum - Town Win)

For Us (Hydra only game) (Town - Town Win)

Mini 1936: Yume's Cutsie U-Pick (Town - Town Win)

Paint Mafia Mania (Town - Town Loss)

Democracy (Katsuki, Chickadee, Ser Arthur Dayne, Brian Skies, Aristophanes, mhsmith0, JaeReed, Lil Uzi Vert, mastina ,Alisae, nancy, Nachomamma8, Untrod Tripod, TheRealGin-N-Tonic, UpTooLate, BTD6_maker)

Mini 1913: UPickInFreezer (Town - Town Loss)

birdpig (Porkens and Chickadee)

1970: Once Upon a Time (Town - Town Win)