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Game Name Game Type Moderator Info Game Result
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Mafia Mini Theme - 1034 Co-Mod with Kdub Mafia Victory Day 3
This was a perfect victory for the Mafia. They (LynchMePls, VasudeVa and Katsuki) played well but incredible Anti-Town play by Zwet sealed the win. Zwet earned his place on my permanent Mod blacklist for his performance that was directly against his win condition.

Game Name Game Type Moderator Info Game Result
Brotherhood of the Wolf Mafia Mini Theme - 1113 Solo Mod Mafia Victory Day 5
A very uneven game. Read my Mod notes where I describe the three phases of the game in detail. I'm rather disappointed that most of the interesting roles / powers I devised for the game did not get used due to game circumstances.

Game Name Game Type Moderator Info Game Result
iPod Mafia Mini Theme - 1167 Solo Mod Serial Killer Victory Day 5
Fate cruised to victory on being active and lynching scum in a 9-3-1 setup. Town missed a chance to catch Fate N1 with when LLD submitted her Weak Doc on Fate just past deadline. Town JOAT would have seen her visit Fate.

Game Name Game Type Moderator Info Game Result
Final Fantasy 6 Mafia Large Theme Kdub Back-up Mod Mafia Victory Night 9
Complex game with complex mechanics (Power-roles were passed between Town and Scum based on lynch / Nightkill). Scum effectively prevailed due to a few faulty Town assumptions and not recognizing that a ItemCop who outed themselves early on and not dying was suspect.

Game Name Game Type Moderator Info Game Result
Chrono Trigger: Resurrection Mafia Large Theme Back-up Mod to Kdub Town Victory Day 10
A very ambitious set-up .... each player had a main role (Doctor / VT / Goon) and the possibility of additional roles in multiple 'time periods'. There was a game mechanic whereby control of the following Day / Night Time Period was decided by the Gate Key and passed on to other players. So it was possible from someone to be a Vanilla Town but have Roles in all the Time Periods. The game also had some nice Mod Outguess roles such as two Town Doctors (Marle and Robo) and main party safe-claims for both scum teams. In the end the game went to 3 player LYLO and despite it lasting way too long (from an outsider's perspective) Town hammered correctly to finish off the last Lavos Mafia member.

Game Name Game Type Moderator Info Game Result
Dr Who - The Complete 10th Doctor Series Mafia Mini Theme - 1353 Solo Mod Family of Blood Mafia Victory Day 6
Very uneven game. Scum got taken to task early (Serial Killer killed players suspected as Mafia Night 1, Town Hider left plenty of crumbs to hang the Serial Killer Day 2) and Acosmist and T-Bone basically Power-bussed until Acosmist died. Town then proceeded to mislynch to the end giving the Mafia a victory. The setup was a flavor disguised JK++ but I ended up giving scum unlimited JOAT powers by mistake. Ooops. Luckily it had no effect on the outcome as scum always chose Ninja with no Tracker / Watcher in the setup.

Game Name Game Type Moderator Info Game Result
The Dresden Files - Early Days Mafia Large Theme Trumpet of Doom Back-up Mod Town Victory Day 5
First game I've Modded on site where Town won. This was a highly Bastard set-up (lies directly told to Town in role PMs, Mafia member for both teams, Millers not told they were such). Scum Dayplayed so poorly that they were effectively lynched in succession and most of the bigger 'gotcha' elements of the set-up never were triggered.

Mod Blacklist Section

Unfortunately this list has grown enough that I actually have to start documenting it.

Flaking on prior games – GhostWriter, Raivann, Katsuki, Mist Beauty, Ghostlin, Kimor

Unacceptable play or actions detrimental to the Site – Drmyshotty, Crypto, Vifam, trekker, Pizzadudes7, SnakePliskken, iDanyboy, Foxace, Bitmap, PMysterious, PiggyGal, kondi / Klick, Dryfit

Repeated flaking / replacing out - Espeonage, MPR, mb53, bv310, MattP, KCDA

Playing against wincon – Scumhunter, Zwetschenwasser