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London Mafia 1

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London Mafia 1
Forum: Theme Park
Moderator(s): London Mod
Status: Completed
Winner(s): Town

London Mafia 1: Sherlock Holmes and the Final Problem was a themed mafiascum game played in the Theme Park forum. It lasted from April 17, 2003 until November 29, 2003 (225 days, 20 hours, 2 minutes) and featured a total of 1071 posts. The Town won this game.

This game was modded by Leonidas and Cadmium and was intended to be part of a trilogy (See London Mafia 2) though a third London Mafia game never took place. The game also featured an elaborate scoring system which rewarded in-game performance. [Link]

The Crash happened during Day 4, but Totem's backup allowed the game to continue with every post intact.

The role of Dr. Charles Meadows/Jack the Ripper won a "Flying Pumpkin That Shoots Lazers Out Of Its Ass Award" for Best Role (new or adaptation) at the 2003 Scummies.


The players and roles in Mini 59 were:


MeMeNight 6Mafia Goon/Role CopProfessor James MoriartyCould take control of either or both of the mafia groups by targetting them. Could take over Moran Mafia if any member of the Moran mafia targetted him. Could also recruit Irene Adler by targetting her.

Hound Mafia

Korias666Day 7Mafia Goon/Flavor CopMr. StapletonGoal is to kill Sir William of Baskerville. May kill or investigate on alternating nights
HenchmanNight 2Mafia Goon/Flavor CopBeryl StapletonGoal is to kill Sir William of Baskerville. May kill or investigate on alternating nights

Moran Mafia

BlynkerDay 1Mafia Goon/Flavor CopColonel Sebastien MoranCan search for Moriarty or send in the night kill
Quagmire (replaces Darkblade on Day 4, who replaced jadesmar on Day 4)Night 4Mafia Goon/Mafia RecruiterHarry SuttonIf he is sent to kill his sister Ellen Sutton, he recruits her instead
Untrod Tripod (replaces Arminger on Day 4)Day 6Mafia GoonOliver Clay


AntraxNight 1Vanilla TownieMrs. Watson
CaptainBliceroSurvivedTrackerWiggins the Street Boy
DiscerNight 3Vanilla TownieSarah McMillan
massive (Replaces Doomcow on Day 4)SurvivedVanilla TownieLiza Doolittle
d8pSurvivedRoleblockerIrene AdlerMay be recruited by either Moriarty or Holmes
Talitha (Replaces Jalyn on Day 6)Survived1-Shot TrackerSam, a BeggarCop-like, receives information on target's role in the form of a clue
jeepNight 0Vanilla TownieJack the Sailor
JereICDay 2Vanilla TownieSir William of BaskervilleKnew that he was a target for mafia
Norinel (temporarily replaced by JohnWWells during Day 4)SurvivedVanilla Townie/Possible TraitorEllen SuttonCould be recruited if targetted by Harry Sutton
KingpinDay 3Vanilla TownieMrs Hudson
MackeyNight 0DoctorElizabeth Blessington
mithNight 3CopInspector Bradstreet
Night StalkerDay 4Vanilla TownieJohn Smith
PorroSurvivedVanilla TownieJane Moore
riteSurvivedVanilla TownieProfessor Kendall
TotemNight 5Paranoid CopInspector LestradeAll investigations yield Guilty results
WerebearSurvivedVanilla TownieMycroft HolmesUpon Sherlock Holmes' death, he received his investigation results

Grand Lodge of London

DourgrimSurvivedMasonJabez Wilson
Green CrayonsNight 4MasonDuke of KentHas secret plans for a new cannon that mafia is trying to get
Dragon Phoenix (Replaces Kelvin on Day 6)SurvivedMasonGeorge Warwick

Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson

Dragon SlayerSurvivedCop/MasonSherlock HolmesCan recruit Irene Adler to Mason group if he finds her
mathcamNight 2Doctor/MasonDr. John Watson

Third Party

indentureddjinn (Replacing mikegoo on Day 4)day 5Doctor/Serial KillerCharles Meadow/Jack the RipperIf target is male, he protects them. If target is female, then he kills them. Wins when all females are dead.

Pregame Flavor

Introduction: Two fugitives

It was a dark and bitterly cold night in November, and a thin rain began to fall as he left the inn. His clothes were stained with dust, and his face was extremely pale; he seemed exhausted with hunger and fatigue.

On behalf of Her Majesty the Queen, the Duke of Kent (for that was his true identity) had recently bid for and purchased the plans of a new cannon that would give a decisive advantage to the British army. Unfortunately, someone, it seemed, was eager to steal these secret plans. The Duke knew his life was in danger. This had forced him to seek refuge in the anonymity of the crowd.

"Life is infinitely strange", he thought. "Duke today, commoner tomorrow"... He had been staying in that inn for two nights; he decided he would leave in the morning. But for now, the Duke had some unfinished business.

He vanished into the night.


For many, the London fog was a frightening element of everyday life. For him, however, it was a shelter.

Sir William of Baskerville had arrived in London five days ago. The centuries-old curse placed upon his family was upon him, and the streets of London were safer than his family estate. But William was tired of hiding. Near the docks, he would find a pub, the warmth of a whiskey, the warmth of a crowd.

A long, low moan, indescribably sad, swept over the City. It filled the whole air, and yet it was impossible to say whence it came. From a dull murmur it swelled into a deep roar, and then sank back into a melancholy, throbbing murmur once again.

William started walking.

Night 0

Night 0 ended with the reveal that Mackay (Elizabeth Blessington), a pro-town Doctor, had been stabbed to death while jeep (Jack the Sailor), a vanilla townie, had been killed by the Hound.

  • mith (Inspector Bradstreet) investigated Blynker (Colonel Sebastian Moran) and got his role's physical description.
  • mikegoo (Jack the Ripper) night-killed Mackay (Elizabeth Blessington).
  • Totem (Lestrade) investigated Green Crayons (Duke of Kent) and got some role information.
  • Korias666 (Mr. Stapleton) night-killed jeep (Jack the Sailor)

Night 0 lasted 3 days, 14 hours, and 56 minutes.

Day 1

Day 1 ended with the elimination of Blynker (Colonel Sebastian Moran), a member of the Moran Mafia.

In the midst of random voting, mith claimed an investigative role and a guilty description of Blynker. Blynker tried a fake-claimed, but he underestimated the depth of mith's investigation result. Caught in a lie, Blynker was summarily eliminated.

Final Vote Count:
Blynker (14): mathcam, Norinel, rite, Dourgrim, d8p, CaptainBlicero, MeMe, mith, JereIC, Kelvin, Green Crayons, Werebear, jadesmar, Jalyn
Totem (3): KingPin, mikegoo, Henchman
Green Crayons (1): Totem
mith (1): Blynker

Day 1 lasted 2 days, 2 hours, and 23 minutes (74 Posts).

Night 1

Night 1 ended with the reveal that Antrax (Mary Watson), a vanilla townie, had been stabbed to death.

  • mith (Inspector Bradstreet) investigated Antrax (Mary Watson) and got his role's physical description.
  • mikegoo (Jack the Ripper) night-killed Antrax (Mary Watson).
  • Totem (Lestrade) investigated Henchman (Beryl Stapleton) and got some role information.

Night 1 lasted 1 day, 6 hours, and 19 minutes.

Day 2

Day 2 ended with the elimination of JereIC (Sir William of Baskerville), a vanilla townie and prime target of the Hound Mafia.

Totem is bandwagonned early for some shady misspeaking, but he explains that English isn't his first language and gets a bit of a pass. JereIC is given 11 of 13 votes and is forced to fakeclaim Sheldon the Nottingham Killer (as a sort of Survivor role) in order to hide his real role which is a prime mafia target. The bandwagon abated a bit, but the town realized that they didn't like the idea of an unaligned player amongst them. Maybe he was a Serial Killer? JereIC is soon eliminated.

Final Vote Count:
JereIC (13): Green Crayons, Porro, jadesmar, Totem, Kelvin, DoomCow, CaptainBlicero, mith, Dragon Slayer, KingPin, Henchman, mikegoo, JereIC
Kelvin (4): Korias666, mathcam, MeMe, d8P
Totem (1): Jalyn
DoomCow (1): Night Stalker
rite (1): Dourgrim

Day 2 lasted 5 days, 16 hours, and 35 minutes. (140 Posts)

Night 2

Night 2 ended with the reveal that mathcam (Dr. John Watson), a doctor and mason, had been both shot and hounded to death. Additionally, Henchman (Beryl Stapleton), a mafia goon and flavor cop, had been stabbed.

  • mikegoo (Jack the Ripper) night-killed Henchman (Beryl Stapleton).
  • Totem (Lestrade) investigated Werebear (Mycroft Holmes) and got some role information.
  • Korias666 (Mr. Stapleton) night-killed mathcam (Dr. John Watson)
  • mith (Inspector Bradstreet) investigated Norinel (Ellen Sutton) and got some role information.

Night 2 lasted 5 days, 9 hours, and 20 minutes.

Day 3

Day 3 ended with the elimination of KingPin (Mrs Hudson), a vanilla townie.

After mathcam (Dr. Watson)'s death, the town felt like you was trying to point at a guilty verdict against Kelvin. After being bandwagonned, Kelvin claimed mason and eventually his group name. lacking any paticular clues, the town suspected rite due to his inactivity. rite claimed Professor Kendall, but the town was thrown in confusion as the character didn't exist in any Doyle novel. It was noted that the deceased Elizabeth Blessington didn't either until a tenable link was made to the Sutton family. Totem claimed Inspector Lestrade, but made note that his investigations are probably really sketchy. Green Crayons was bandwagonned after an investigation result and revealed he was mason with Kelvin. Werebear also claimed Mycroft Holmes at one point.

Pressure on discer made him reveal his role (Sarah McMillan) and Porro revealed his role (Jane Moore) soon after which helped prove that there were non-Doyle characters in the game. As deadline approach, the town settled uneasily on KingPin, mostly for refusing to respond to anything.

Final Vote Count:
KingPin (8): Jalyn, mikegoo, CaptainBlicero, Norinel, Totem, MeMe, Dragon Slayer, Dourgrim
rite (4): Night Stalker, jadesmar, Kelvin, mith
discer (2): KingPin, rite

Day 3 lasted 28 days, 2 hours, and 20 minutes. (Post Count: 285)

Night 3

Night 3 ended with the reveal that mith (Inspector Bradstreet), a pro-town cop, had been killed by a cab. Also, discer (Sarah McMillan), a vanilla townie, had been stabbed to death.

  • mikegoo (Jack the Ripper) night-killed discer (Sarah McMillan).
  • Totem (Lestrade) investigated MeMe (Moriarty) and got some role information.

Night 3 lasted 8 days, 22 hours, and 47 minutes.

Day 4

Day 4 ended with the elimination of Night Stalker (John Smith), a vanilla townie.

Totem revealed his investigation result which painted MeMe as eventually suspicious. Armwinger responded with a vote on MeMe which got himself a bandwagon led my MeMe. Then the board crashed. After everyone got their bearings and a few players were replaced, everyone remembered that they were voting for Night Stalker. Night Stalker claimed John Smith, but nobody believed him.

Final Vote Count:
Night Stalker (10): Werebear, MeMe, Dourgrim, CaptainBlicero, indentureddjinn, Green Crayons, Untrod Tripod, Dragon Slayer, rite, Quagmire

Day 4 lasted 116 days, 12 hours, and 49 minutes. Post Count: 222

Night 4

Night 4 ended with the reveal that Green Crayons (Duke of Kent), a mason, had been killed by a compass. Also, Quagmire (Harry Sutton), a Moran Mafia Goon, had been killed by the Hound.

  • Korias666 (Mr. Stapleton) night-killed Quagmire (Harry Sutton)
  • d8P (Irene Adler) blocks MeMe (Professor Moriarty)

Night 4 lasted 10 days, 2 hours, and 5 minutes.

Day 5

Day 5 ended with the elimination of indentureddjinn (Dr Charles Meadows/Jack The Ripper), a Doctor/Serial Killer.

A couple of lurker bandwagons got started on Untrod Tripod and Jalyn, but an errant post be indentureddjinn attracts CaptainBlicero's attention and he leads a bandwagon that made indentureddjinn claim as Jack the Ripper. The elimination was pretty obvious at that point.

Final Vote Count:
indentureddjinn (9): CaptainBlicero, MeMe, Untrod Tripod, korais666, Norinel, Dourgrim, d8p, Dragon Slayer, rite
Untrod Tripod (1): Porro

Day lasted 10 days, 11 hours, and 23 minutes. (Post Count: 84)

Night 5

Night 5 ended with the reveal that Totem (Inspector Lestrade) had been shot.

  • d8P (Irene Adler) blocks MeMe (Professor Moriarty)

Night 5 lasted 6 days, 13 hours, and 1 minute.

Day 6

Day 6 ends with the elimination of Untrod Tripod (Oliver Clay), a Moran Mafia Goon.

A few new replacements come in and offer some new persepectives. Dragon Slayer continues to push his case on Untrod Tripod and he starts to get some traction. Talitha claims Sam the Beggar after pressure from MeMe. Norinel claims Ellen Sutton, noting that mith had investigated her earlier and the mod notes she hadn't been recruited by mafia yet. Plus her recruiter brother had already died, so Norinel was clear.

Out of suspects, the town turns back to Untrod Tripod who begins to panic and claims to be a serial killer, no wait, vigilante. A confused town is pretty convinced that whoever he is, he's evil and they hang him.

Final Vote Count:
Untrod Tripod (8): Dragon Slayer, Dragon Phoenix, Talitha, Dourgrim, korais666, rite, MeMe, CaptainBlicero
Dragon Slayer (1): Untrod Tripod

Day 6 lasted 10 days, 18 hours, 31 minutes. (Post Count: 210)

Night 6

Night 6 ends with the reveal that MeMe (Professor Moriarty), a mafia leader, had been killed by the Hound.

  • d8P (Irene Adler) blocks MeMe (Professor Moriarty)
  • Korias666 (Mr. Stapleton) night-killed MeMe (Professor Moriarty)

Night 6 lasted 11 days, 1 hour, and 25 minutes.

Day 7

Day 7 ends with the elimination of korais666 (Mr. Stapleton), a mafia goon.

Final Vote Count:
korais666 (7): Dragon Phoenix, d8P, CaptainBlicero, Talitha, Dragon Slayer, Werebear, Norinel

Day 7 lasted 5 days, 5 hours, and 57 minutes. (Post Count: 46)