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An attempt to give myself a legitimate Wikipage without the horrible capitalization of my name.

(which, by the way, didn't work)

Back from hiatus! Wow. Completed games since:

Mini 1582: Formerfish's First Foray (serial killer)

Mini 1587: Mutiny! (scum)

Newbie 1524 (town)

Serum and Steel 2 (town)

Mini 1609: The Case of Dr Pepper (scum)

Mini 1620: The Mod Is Using Comic Sans (town)

Mini 1621: Frog Mafia (town)

Open 573 (town)

Mini Theme 1629: Guardians of the Galaxy II (town)

Mini 1634: English Premiere League (scum)

Mini 1645: BooneyToonz I (serial killer)

Mini 1653: A Game Of Pokes (town, doctor)

Mini 1662: Paint The Village Red (mafia}

Mini 1675: Choose Your Side (chose town)

Mini 1685: BooneyToonz II (mafia)

Mini 1694: Zodiac Mafia II (mafia)

Mini 1704: Butterfly Mafia (mafia)

Mini 1717: Alfred Hitchcock U-Pick (town) (chose L. B. Jeffries)

Mini 1740 (town)

Mini 1755 (scum)

Mini 1756: Disney Villain U-Pick (town, botched LYLO) (chose MIM!)

Mini 1769: Ice Cream Mafia (scum)

A Song of Fire and Ice U-Pick (town) (chose Oberyn Martell)

Mini 1770: College Mafia (scum)

Open 633 (town) (subbed in)

Literally Anything U-Pick (town) (chose A taped-from-the-radio version of Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me" WITHOUT any DJ talking over it)

Mini 1798: Greatest Idea (chose town as alignment, seer as role, discarded werewolf)

Mini 1818: Princess Bride Mafia (town)

Mini 1827: No Flavor Mafia (town)

Undertale Mafia (town) (replaced on a weekend :( )

Mini 1836: Space Mafia (town)

Mini 1861: Musical Mafia (town)

WWE Mafia (Smackdown) (town playa!)

Mini 1874: Camping Trip Mafia (town)

Mini 1877: Spyro the Dragon Mafia (town)