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Josh B/Game History

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Mewbie 1493

Game Type Site Setup Mod Role Entry Status Outcome
Mini Normal Mafiascum Closed Belisaurius Vanilla Townie Day 2 Replacement End Gamed Mafioso Victory
Players: Nobody Special Marquis Katarina LeBlanc Professor Maniac Baezu goodmorning Dritan Clyton Knell WhyDoWeEvenTry neil1113 TheFuzzylogic99 Lemniscate

Josh_B YurikoJasmine CooLDoG Himself Who pirate mollie

This was my first completed game on this site. I was still playing fast. I replaced in on D2 and hammered FuzzyLogic who had already admitted to being scum. I was reading the game and thought that there were a lot of associative tells between fuzzy and Katrina including Katrina defending Fuzzy after he admitted to being scum. D3 I started making a case on Katrina and realized that everything I was going to say had already been said by both Professor Maniac and Knell, so I didn't use my own work and referred to their cases. D4 I thought Beazu's fisherman role was fake and voted for him. It wasn't fake, he just never got any abilities. His role was broken in my opinion. And the game was over.