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Alias: none
Role type: not defined
  • Night
Status: Simple Normal

X-Shot is a role modifier that restricts the number of times that a power role can be used for the duration of the game. (Here 'X' can be replaced with the number of times it can be used.) This is done to limit the full power of a given role when it would imbalance the game or make the role itself completely overpowered. Most commonly, roles are made One-Shot with this modifier (meaning they can only be used once during the game); however, two-, three-, and even four- shot roles have been seen.

Here are a few ways that the X-Shot modifier can be used.

  • A One-Shot Cop grants a player the ability to investigate one player's alignment. A full Cop has been seen as overpowered by some, so this allows the game to still have a Cop without worrying about it getting four investigations out and thus solving the game on its own.
  • A One-Shot Governor can only stop the elimination once during the game. Consider that an unlimited Governor can feasibly prevent all eliminations until it dies, and the use of this becomes apparent.
  • A Two-Shot Commuter can only tap into its ability to be completely untargetable during the Night phase twice during the game. What sets this apart from the previous examples is that a "natural" Commuter is a passive role - here, the Commuter actually does get a choice in when it wants to activate its ability. If it does not activate its ability, it does not act like a Commuter during that Night.
  • A One-Shot Bulletproof is immune to one kill. Unlike the previous examples, this ability is reflexive, remaining constantly passive until it is "triggered" once at which time it disappears. The player does not choose on which Night it should be Bulletproof, in other words. (If the player did have the option to choose the Night on which they would be Bulletproof, the role would be One-Shot Activated Bulletproof. That would be a substantially weaker role, as the player would have to guess the best Night to use it on, rather than having it automatically apply at the best possible time.)

Variations and Clarifications

Considering the case where a Roleblocker targets someone using an X-Shot ability, it is not standardized whether one of the player's "shots" is charged for that Night even though it was blocked. When using X-Shot roles, it is important to decide what your stance on this is before the game begins.

Generally speaking, a Role Cop investigating an X-Shot role will receive the full original role title (e.g. "Two-Shot Vigilante") regardless of how many of those shots have been used.

The use of the word "shot" as a noun to describe a use of an ability should not be confused with the use of the word "shot" as a verb to describe killing someone with a bullet. This is a quirk of the English language.

Normal version

This modifier is allowed in Simple Normal games.

This role modifier is considered Normal on X-Shot roles that are roleblocked should not be refunded their shots. A Role Cop investigating an X-Shot role should be told how many shots it started with, regardless of how many remain.

Sample Role PMs

The standardized Role PM for "1-shot" describes the modifier as follows:

  • As a modifier on an active ability: Once in the game at Night, (edit)
  • As a modifier on a passive ability: the first P1 (edit)

Example (modifying an active ability)

Welcome to game! You are a Town 1-shot Jailkeeper.

You have the following active ability:

  • Once in the game at Night, you may target a player. Assuming no interference with your action, that player will be protected from kills that night, but all their actions will be blocked that night.

You win if all threats to the town are eliminated and at least one town-aligned player is alive.

Confirm by replying to this PM with a summary of your role.

Example (modifying a passive ability)

Welcome to game! You are a 1-shot Bulletproof Townie.

You are protected from the first kill that targets you.

You have no active abilities.

You win if all threats to the town are eliminated and at least one town-aligned player is alive.

Confirm by replying to this PM with a summary of your role.