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A Small Bit About Me

  • Obviously, a MafiaScum player
  • I am Australian
    • Co-founder and Member of the Australian Legendary Trio!
    • Although this is true, my official Profile Location is "Somewhere that isn't where you are... Thankfully."
      • This isn't a joke. This is referring to you.
  • First heard of Mafia in Meat World
    • Funnily enough, this was through my church group: a parallel situation to the site's founder, mith (according to his wiki page)
    • Then, on the xkcd forums, I found Mafia online! From there, I followed some links to here, then on to here!

Game Table

If you want different details on individual games, go to my page for that sort of stuff!

Game Number Game Name (if applicable) Game Type Mod Role Death Game Win Win/Lose Comment (occasionally)
Newbie 1063 N/A F11 yabbaguy Vanilla Town Lynched D3 Mafia Loss
Newbie 1082 No Country For Old Mafia F11 Fenchurch Vanilla Town Lynched D1 Mafia Loss
Newbie 1101 N/A Two of Four el simo Cop Lynched D2 Mafia Loss EVERYONE'S scumdar was borked in this game. EVERYONE'S.
Open 307 N/A Friends and Enemies Deadly Alliance hiphop Vanilla Town Lynched D4 Town Win Well played. Everyone.
Open 302 JUNGLE REPUBLIC!!!!!!!!!! Jungle Republic Umbrage Mafioso Lynched D2 Werewolves Loss
Open 317 N/A Masons and Monks Mist7676 Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing

As Hydra

Game Number Game Name (if applicable) Game Type Mod Hydra With... Role Death Game Win Win/Lose
Theme Park
TV Show Character Mafia N/A jasonT1981 silverbullet999 Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing

Games I replaced out of

Obviously, I wish to keep this list to a minimum. Sadly, as they say, stuff happens.

Game Number Game Name (if applicable) Game Type Mod Role Time of Replace Game Win Win/Loss
Open 295 Island Paradise Mafia C9++ Nobody Special Vanilla Town D2 Town Loss due to replace


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mist7676 loves you.

We're not sure why. Just be grateful she does.

  • Thanks for fixing my lazy.....NS