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Recommended Open Setups:


Recommended Open Setups are setups which have been played at least once before and have been deemed to be neither unfun nor unbalanced. Some setups however are currently in a trial-phase to test how they play out, these are the Untested Open Setups.

Setup Sizes

The setup sizes used on the MafiaScum forums are as followed:

  • Micro: 3-9 players.
  • Mini: 10-13 players.
  • Large 14+ players.

Setup Design Contest 2015

The Open Setup Design Contest 2015 was a setup-design contest run by LlamaFluff to stimulate players in making new and exciting Open Setups. For more information and results go here: Setup Design Contest 2015


Approved Open Setups

Micro Open Setups

Mini Open Setups

Large Open Setups

Variable Open Setups


Untested Micro Setups

Untested Mini Setups

Untested Large Setups