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Welcome to the main page for everything to do with mafia setups, here you can find a large variety of setups for you to see and use for yourself.
Currently we have 230 setups on the MafiaWiki!

General Information

What is a "Mafia Setup"?

A mafia setup is the name given to a group of roles and/or mechanics used in a game of mafia. Each setup has it's own strategies and play-styles, so if you don't like a certain aspect of mafia you can play a different setup which changes that aspect. The almost endless amount of possibilities is what makes mafia such a unique game.

What's the difference between an "Open" and "Closed" setup?

An Open Setup is a setup in which the players know all the roles and mechanics in the game they are playing. A Closed Setup is a setup in which the players do not have this information. The details of a Closed setup are decided before the game by the moderator and setup reviewers, and necessarily need to vary somewhat from game to game in order to keep them secret. At present, this wiki only documents Open setups (if it listed Closed setups, it would need to list a very large number so that players who knew that the setup came from the wiki could not quickly figure out which setup they were in by elimination). Running an Open setup as Closed is theoretically possible, but normally a bad idea for balance reasons; Town normally get more information from knowing which roles are present than the Mafia do, and thus hiding this information mean the Mafia are more likely to win.

You may notice we also have a third type of setup on the wiki; Semi-Open Setups. These are setups in which the players know that certain roles could be in the game, however they don't know which ones to their unique randomisation mechanics.

How are the setups sorted on this wiki?

As you can see, on the of this page there is an expandable navigation bar; click on it. In general setups you find all setups on the wiki, they are organised by size and other sub-categories which are explained on that page. Open setups is where all setup which are made to be run in the open game queue. For more information on how they are sorted please see that page.

Another thing to note is that the setups are not sorted by alphabetical order, they are sorted by size; "2" means the setup is for 2 players and "26" means 26 players. For more information see: Setups Sorting System.

Wiki Editors Information

As you can see all setups have been sorted, this isn't automated so we need you to keep it this way. Here's some information to help you.


To keep this section of the wiki tidy and of high quality we have some standards which must be met on each setup page. Most of these are obvious and shouldn't really need noting however we have chosen to do so anyway.

  • Each setup page must be named the name of the setup.
  • Each setup page must include the Setup template (See below).
  • Each setup page must contain all the roles and mechanics.
  • Any new mechanics or roles must be explained on the page or linked to other page(s) explaining them.
  • There should be a short introduction on every Setup page.

The Setup template

Wgeurts has made a template that does much of the sorting by itself as well as adding an information box, it is obligatory to every setup page on the wiki. Please learn how to use it here: Template:Setups.

This page may also help: Setups Sorting System.

The SetupPage template

Wgeurts has also made a template that generates setup pages with ease, it will automatically configure the page to include all the needed templates (It will fill the parameters in as well) and adds some extra nifty features which make maintenance easier such as the SetupHistory template, which is used to make setup usage history maintenance easier. It will automatically style the page to look good as an added bonus so there's no reason not to use it.

You can find it here: Template:SetupPage.

The RolePM template

This template can be used to add any exsisting role PM currently in the list Role PM's sub-category or it can be used to quickly make pre-formatted custom role PM's. This is very useful for moderators wishing to make use of a setup quickly without to much work, don't hesitate to use this.

You can find the template here: Template:RolePM

The SetupHistory template

This template is useful for if you are planning to make large changes or additions to the "History/Completed Games" information on setup pages you may be interested in using this template. If used correctly it will make maintenance of this information a lot easier and organised.

As an added bonus you are able to generate win-rate statistics for any setup page using this template (with the needed data ).

Wgeurts one day hopes to add this template to all setup pages, much like he did with the Setup Template. However he this will take a huge amount of time so he's happy for anyone to help out. This is a community wiki after all.

The template can be found here: Template:SetupHistory


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