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Amstaad RPG was a roleplaying game based on the FATE system that was set in Amstaad, the Old City. Early contributors to Amstaad's design included Yaw, Dourgrim, Jeep, Pie_is_good, inHimshallibe, rolandofthewhite, and Albert B. Rampage from 2004-2007. In 2013, DeathNote and Lord Mhork attempted its revival, as did Save the Dragons in 2015. This RPG that never quite got off the ground is a piece of MafiaScum history.

Relics of Amstaad RPG's development can be found in this Category as well as in Hidden Subforum 76 (which requires special permission to access) within The Whole Sort of General Mish Mash. If you are interested in reviving Amstaad RPG, consider contacting a MafiaScum administrator.


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