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Amstaad Geography

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The city of Amstaad is located where the River Amtuk meets the Ocean. The River passes through the middle of the city, flowing from west to east. From what is known of this world at present, the Ocean represents a localized eastern boundary. Think of it like Africa around Cameroon -- you can still travel west on that continent, you just have to travel north a bit to do it. Similarly, it is possible for their to be lands to the east of Amstaad that are accessible by land, but they lie to the north or south of the city.

The south shore of Amstaad is dominated by the Old City, much older than the rest of the city and walled. On the River shore outside the north wall of the Old City lie the main docks for trade, while on the Ocean shore to the east is another set of docks, mostly used for recreation by Amstaad's upper class. Built up around the Old City to the south and west are areas for Amstaad's nobility, government and civil service, and merchants, with an area for commoners surrounding all.

The small island of Tuklet is in the middle of the River, connected by bridges to both sides. There is a small settlement built on the island.

On the northern shore of the River is a third set of docks, for service more directly to that part of the city. There is also another mercantile district and area for commoners' residences here.

Climate is temperate continental. There is a relatively mild winter, with distinct spring and autumn seasons. Summer heat is tempered by the Ocean.

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