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Amstaad History

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The city of Amstaad was originally a small fishing village, founded thousands of years ago by the Tiktuk tribe. They lived in peace until the discovery of their village by the southern Passani Empire about 2000 years ago. Rather than wage war against superior numbers and arms, the Tiktuk willingly conceded their village.

The Passani used Amstaad as a waystation between their capital to the south and the far reaches of their Empire to the north. The traditional Tiktuk buildings were preserved. The Passani built around them, walling in Amstaad and filling it with a dizzying array of buildings separated by narrow pathways and staircases. The first docks were also built by the Passani to the east of the Old City, on the Ocean. As the years passed, there was some settlement outside the walls of Amstaad. The city was never an important centre under the Passani, but still thrived on a small scale.

Everything changed 500 years ago. The Passani had grown used to their Empire, and had spread their forces thin. They also became less aware of what was happening outside their borders. Indolence proved fatal to their empire. An expanding Empire from the north, the Briaf alliance, cut through the front lines of the Passani Empire with ease. When this group of Humans, Elves, and Dwarves arrived at the walls of Amstaad, the prominent Passani families met in secret. Led by the House of Az-Iluni and the House of Al-Edjah, who were prominent bankers and engineers, respectively, they conveyed the Briaf forces into the walled city at night and killed the loyal guards inside. The Passani awoke to find their enemy controlled their city. There was a fight at the docks, but the Passani had already lost. Loyalists fled to the south as the docks were razed.

The Briaf expansion continued. The Passani Empire was unable to recover from the initial onslaught, and broke apart. The capital was pillaged by barbarians. The remaining Passani faded into the new nations that now owned the land they once had.

In Amstaad, however, the Passani were rewarded. The city became an important place for business, as entrepreneurial Briaf set up shops and new docks. New construction was limited to areas outside the walls of the Old City, to preserve the heritage of the Tiktuk and Passani inside.

More to come...