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Approved Open Setups

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This page lists all open setups that are currently approved for use by first time moderators in the Open Queue. The Open listmod may intervene if a set-up on this list isn't filling or is being chosen too much to ensure the balance of the Open Queue.

Setups are added to the Approved Open Setups list because they are fun (likely to fill) and expected to be balanced. This list will be semi-regularly monitored to ensure it suits our vision. Setups which are out of fashion or broken should be considered for retirement from this list.

Experienced mods (At least one game completed as a mod) may select from a wider range of setups on the catalogue or design and run a brand new setup.

Approval Process

We would like to provide an opportunity for open setup designers to have their games flagged to be Approved. This process also makes the Open Review Committee's life a whole lot easier.

To be brief:

  1. The setup is drafted & posted in the Open Setup sub-forum, whether independent or part of a design contest.
  2. The setup is passed for fun and balance. Part of this consideration should be whether it should be reviewed for Approval. It would need to receive a minimum of two 'passes'.
  3. The designer of the setup would create a Wiki page for it, or find someone who is willing to do so.
  4. Once this is done, please raise it the Open Review Committee's attention: we will decide if the setup is appropriate for Approval, and shift the setup from Unapproved to Untested.
  5. We will aim to run the setup to gather game-play data, and see what people think of the setup in practice.
  6. The Open Review Committee will review whether the setup should be Approved.

Approved Open Setups

These setups can be run by first time moderators freely.

3 Player Setups

4 Player Setups

5 Player Setups

6 Player Setups

7 Player Setups

8 Player Setups

9 Player Setups

13 Player Setups

14 Player Setups