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White Flag (Open Setup)

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  • White Flag
Setup Size:
  • 13
Setup Type:

White Flag is an Open Setup that uses and is named for the White Flag mechanic. The Town wins when only one Mafia player is alive, as opposed to when all of the Mafia players are dead.



White Flag (Mechanic)

Role PMs

Mafia Goon

  • Welcome, [Player Name]. You are a Mafia goon, along with [Player Name] and [Player Name].


-Factional communication: During the night phase you may talk with your partners here[QuickTopic link].

-Factional kill: Each night phase your faction may choose a player to kill.

Win condition: You win when all members of the town have been wiped out or nothing can prevent this from occurring.

Please confirm via PM.


  • Welcome, [Player Name], you are a Vanilla Townie.

Abilities: Your weapon is your vote, you have no night actions.

Win condition: You win when only one Mafia Goon remains.

Please confirm via PM.


The White Flag mechanic was originally suggested by mith, paired with a similar win condition change for the Mafia. The simplified mechanic was first used by zoraster in Mini 1030, while the first White Flag Open Setup (at 3:8) was run by Equinox in Open 268.

This setup was selected as the open setup for set of games run by the Team Mafia (2011) organizers.

According to The EV Project, Town has a 47.8% chance of winning by random elimination. However, this setup seems to have encouraged risky scum gambits that (if successful) preclude the Town from identifying the last two scum as a team. Thus, this setup has become the namesake of the White Flag Gambit.

Play History

(2/7) 28.6% Town win rate
(5/7) 71.4% Mafia win rate

Open 268: 11P Vanilla - (Mafia Win)
Open 347 - (Mafia Win)
Open 393 - (Mafia Win)
Open 479 - (Town Win)
Open 534 - (Mafia Win)
Open 547 - (Mafia Win)
Open 584 - (Town Win)
Open 623 - (Mafia Win)
Open 660 - (Mafia Win)
Open 678 - (Mafia Win)
Open 693 - (Abandoned)
Open 715 - (Mafia Win)