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Lovers Mafia

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  • Lovers Mafia
Setup Size:
  • 6
Setup Type:

Lovers Mafia is an Open setup mainly characterized by the absence of Townie power roles and two Mafia Lovers. The original idea was created by xyzzy.



  • Nightless
  • In the event of a Mafia Lover being eliminated, their partner will die immediately, giving victory to town.
  • Mafia win when they control 50% of the town.
  • Mafia have Daytalk in a private quicktopic for the duration of the game.

Role PM's

Mafia Lover

  • Welcome, [Player Name]. You are a Mafia Lover, along with your partner, [Player Name].


  • Factional communication: At any time during the game you may talk with your partner here [QuickTopic link].
  • Lover's Angst: If you or your partner is eliminated at any point in the game, the other will automatically die.

Win condition:

  • You win when you control 50% of the town.

Vanilla Townie

  • Welcome, [Player Name], you are a Vanilla Townie.


  • Your weapon is your vote, you have no other abilities.

Win condition:

  • You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.


  • Presuming that the Mafia aren't on a fellow Mafia member's elimination, it requires every member of the Town to eliminate the Mafia. Thus, the 60% expected Town win rate is deceiving.
  • The game can end on Day 1.

Completed Games

  • Total Games: 16
  • Town Win: 31.25%
  • Scum Win: 68.75%
  • Draw: 0%
Open 97 - (Town Win)
Open 102 - (Mafia Win)
Open 109a - (Abandoned)
Open 113 - (Town Win)
Open 127 - (Town Win)
Open 133 - (Town Win)
Open 139 - (Mafia Win)
Open 154 - (Mafia Win)
Open 159 - (Mafia Win)
Open 166 - (Town Win)
Open 174 - (Mafia Win)
Open 214 - (Mafia Win)
Open 267 - (Mafia Win)
Open 346 - (Mafia Win)
Open 371 - (Mafia Win)
Open 386 - (Mafia Win)
Open 436 - (Mafia Win)
Open 689 - (Town Win)
Open 787 - (Mafia Win)