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Alias: none
Alignment: any
Role type: not defined
  • Night

Some roles and role modifiers are passive, meaning that the player with the role has no control over when or how to use it; it triggers automatically. A role or role modifier that is normally passive can be made into an Activated role; this gives the player a night choice as to whether they wish to use their passive effect or not. If the player chooses not to use it, it will be as though the role did not exist for that night. As such, an Activated role can be seen as an active version of a normally passive role.

Activated roles are very commonly X-Shot, especially if they would normally be purely beneficial to their owners. In this circumstance, activating the role uses a shot whether or not the role actually accomplishes anything. For example, a 1-shot Bulletproof player normally survives the first attempt to kill them; barring things like Juggernaut, a second attempt to kill the player can only be successful after a first attempt has failed. A 1-shot Activated Bulletproof player, on the other hand, can only choose one night on which to be immune to kills; they have no protection before then, and they have no protection after then even if nobody tried to kill them that night.

Commonly seen Activated combinations include:

Normal version

This role is allowed in Regular Normal games.

This modifier is considered Normal on

Activated is a role modifier that modifies a passive role into an active role. An Activated role may choose whether to not to have the role function each Night. For example, an Activated Bulletproof player may choose whether or not to be immune to kills each night.

Activated roles count as their base role. For example, an Activated Bulletproof player is considered to be Bulletproof to a Bulletproof-Finder.

Play Advice

It is generally best to keep other players in the dark as to which nights you activate your role on; if you're public about activating a Paranoid Gun Owner or Bulletproof shot, then your opponents are unlikely to target you (and if they know or suspect that you're out of shots, will be more likely to target you once the shields are down). In general, your role is more powerful if you can maintain the threat of potentially activating it every night (even if it's turned off on most of those nights). Along similar lines, an activated Innocent Child role should typically be kept hidden for as long as possible (i.e. just before you get eliminated), as once your role is known you'll become a major target.

Sample Role PMs

The standardized Role PM for "Activated" describes the action as follows:

  • As an ability: you may choose to gain the following ability for that night: "ability" (edit)


Welcome to game! You are a Town Activated Ascetic.

You have the following active ability:

  • Each night, you may choose to gain the following ability for that night: "actions that target you, other than kills, will fail as if roleblocked."

You win if all threats to the town are eliminated and at least one town-aligned player is alive.

Confirm by replying to this PM with a summary of your role.