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Games Played

Road to Rome

Little Italy

  • Mini 424: Basically Basic Mafia II, modded by LyingBrian
    • Role: Townie, Endgamed Day Five.
    • Result: Loss.
  • Mini 527: Doom in Valencia, modded by Jenter Brolincani
    • Role: Replaced Archaist Night One, Mafia Goon, Survived.
    • Result: Win.
  • Mini 1114: Jim's Mafia, modded by jimfinn
    • Role: Townie, Survived.
    • Result: Win.
  • Mini 1147: Royal Mafia at the Round Table, modded by neil1113
    • Role: One-Shot Day-Vig, Killed Night Two.
    • Result: Loss.

Coney Island

  • Mini 491: Porly Ritten Flayver, modded by Seol
    • Role: Cityie (Townie), Survived.
    • Result: Win.

New York / Central Park

Theme Park